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IVE ear to us, O God our Saviour, that as we celebrate with joy the folemnity of bleffed N. fo we may improve in the affection of true piety. Thro'.



Prov. xxxi. 10.


HO fhall find a valiant woman? The value of her is as of things brought from afar off, and from the uttermoft coafts. The heart of her husband trufteth in her, and he fhall have no need of spoils. She will render him good, and not evil, all the days of her life. She fought wool and flax, and wrought it by the contrivance of her own hands. She was like the merchant's fhip, bringing her bread from afar off. And fhe rofe in the night, and gave food to her household, and victuals to her maidens. She confidered a field, and bought it; and of the fruit of the labour of her hands fhe planted a vineyard. She girded her loins with courage, and ftrengthened her arm. She tafted, and faw her management was good: her lamp fhall not go out by night. She put forth her hand to ftrong things, and her fingers managed the diftaff. She opened her hand to the needy one, and fretched out her hands to the poor. She thall not fear for her family in the cold of fnow: for all her household are doubly clothed. She made for herself a thick garment; her clothes are filk and purple. Her husband is honourable at the gates of the city, fitting with the fenators of the land. She made linen, and fold it, and delivered girdles to the Canaanite Merchant. Strength and beauty are her clothing, and fhe fhall rejoice in the laft day. She opened her mouth to wifdom, and the law of mercy is on her tongue. She looked well to the ways of her houfe, and eat not her bread in idleness. Her children rofe up, and called her bleffed; and her

i Or, She allotted to each maid her appointed work, So the Septuagint tranflate it from the Hebrew.

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husband also commended her. Many daughters have stored up riches: but thou haft outdone them all. Comeliness is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but the woman that fears the Lord shall be praised. Give her of the fruit of her hands: and let her own works commend her at the gate of the city.

GRADUAL. P. xliv.

Grace is fpread on thy lips; therefore hath God bleffed thee for ever. V. For thy truth, meeknefs, and righteoufnefs, fhall thy right hand alfo lead thee on wondefully.

Diffufa eft gratia in labiis tuis; propterea benedixit te Deus in æternum. V. Propter veritatem, & manfuetudinem, & juftitiam, & deducet te mirabiliter dextera tua.

TRACT. Come, fpoufe of Christ, receive the crown, which the Lord hath prepared for thee for ever. V. Thou lovedft righteoufnefs, and hatedft iniquity; therefore God, thy God hath anointed thee with an oil of gladness in a more excellent manner than thy companions. V. In thy comelinefs and beauty go on, proceed profperously, and reign.

P. xliv. Veni, fponfa Chrifti, accipe coronam, quam tibi Dominus præparavit in æternum. V. Dilexifti juftitiam, & odisti iniquitatem; propterea unxit te Deus, Deus tuus oleo lætitiæ præ confortibus tuis. V. Specie tuâ & pulchritudine tuâ intende, profperè procede, & regna.

GOSPEL. Matt. xiii. p. cxxxii.-OFFERTORY. Grace is fpread, p. cxxxii.-SECRET. May the offerings, p. cxxxvii.

Thou lovedft righteoufnefs, and hatedft iniVOL. II.


Dilexifti juftitiam, & odifti iniquitatem: prop


quity therefore God, thy God anointed thee with an oil of gladnefs in a more excellent manner than thy companions.

tereà unxit te Deus, Deus tuus oleo lætitiæ præ confortibus tuis.

POSTCOMMUNION. Satiafti, p. cxxxvii.

All as in the firft Vefpers, p. cxli. except

V. Grace is fpread on V. Diffufa eft gratia thy lips. R. Therefore in labiis tuis. R. Prophath God bleffed thee terea benedixit te Deus for ever. in æternum.

At the MAGNIFICAT. Anth. She opened her hand to the needy one, and ftretched forth both her hands to the poor, and eat not her bread in idleness.

Ant. Manum fuam aperuit inopi, & palmas fuas extendit ad pauperem, & panem otiofa non comedit.



The PSALMS as on Sundays, p. xli. Except the laft, which is: Pf. cxlvii. Lauda Jerufalem, p. Ixiv.


cometh thy houfe, O Lord, for ever.


TOlinefs be- Ant.


Anth. My houfe fhall be called the houfe of


Omum tuam,

D Domine, de

cet fanctitudo in longitudinem dierum.

Ant. Domus mea domus orationis vocabitur.

Anth. This the house

of the Lord is ftrongly built, it's foundation is on a folid rock.

Anth.. The house of the Lord hath a good foundation on a folid rock.

Anth. All thy walls are of precious ftones, and the towers of Jerufalem are built with jew


Ant. Hæc eft domus Domini firmiter ædificata, bene fundata eft fuprà firmam petram.

Ant. Bene fundata eft domus Domini fuprà firmam petram.

Erufalem, whofe name


That heav'nly peace, which in thee reigns; Thy living ftones raife thee fo high,

That ftars beneath thy pavement lie: Attended like a bride in


Millions of Angels on

thee wait.

O happy Bride, whofe dow'ry is

The glory of the Father's blifs! Thrice beautiful and - charming Queen, In whom the fpoufe's grace is feen!

Ant. Lapides pretiofi omnes muri tui, & turres Jerufalem gemmis ædificabuntur.

LITTLE CHAPTER. I faw, beginning of the LESSON to this mark, p. cxlix.


leftis urbs, Jerufalem, Beata pacis vifio,


Quæ celfa de viventibus

Saxis ad astra tolleris; Sponfæque ritu cingeris

Mille Angelorum milli


O forte nupta profperâ, Dotata Patris gloriâ,

Refperfa fponfi gratiâ;

Regina formofiffima,

[blocks in formation]

Govern'd by Christ, the prince of light. Thy gates with orient pearls array'd For all ftand open, and difplay'd,

Who follow clofe th' un

erring guide

Of virtue, and by torments try'd, Suffer with patience for their Lord, Find here a plentiful reward.

The wholefome chi

zel often went, Many a faving ftroke was spent; And th' architect dealt heavy blows The ftones to polifh, that compofe This pile, and join'd

with fit cement, Renders it's roof magnificent.

Let ev'ry tongue and place proclaim Of God moft high the holy name; Of God the Father and

the Son, And Holy Spirit, three

in one:

To whom be power,

glory, praife, For an eternal length of days. Amen.

Chrifto jugata principi,

Coeli corufca civitas.

Hic margaritis emi


Patentque cunctis oftia;

Virtute namque prævia

Mortalis illuc ducitur,

Amore Chrifti percitus

Tormenta quifquis fuf


Scalpi falubris ictibus,

Et tunfione plurimâ,

Fabri polita malleo

Hanc faxa molem conftruunt; Aptifque jun&ta nexibus,

Locantur in fastigio.

Decus Parenti debi


Sit ufquequaque altiffi


Natoque Patris unico

Et inclyto Paraclito,

Cui laus, poteftas, glo


Eterna fit per fæcula. Amen.

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