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and defend thofe from all dangers, for whom we celebrate these thy facred myfteries. Thro'.



BEing fanctified by these holy myfteries, we humbly befeech and entreat thy majefty, O Lord, that by the wood of the crofs thou wouldst withdraw from all fin, and mercifully deliver from all dangers, thofe for whom thou permitteft us to celebrate thefe heavenly myfteries. Thro'.

For the Living.

COLLECT. Prætende.

Protect thy fervants, O Lord, by the power of thy right hand and grant they may feek thee with all their heart, and obtain of thee what they afk as they ought. Thro'.


BE E appeafed, O Lord, by our humble prayers; and mercifully receive thefe offerings of thy faithful, which we offer thee for their fafety and grant that the prayers and vows of none may be in vain; but that what we ask with faith, we may effectually obtain. Thro'.

POSTCOMMUNION. Da fidelibus.


Rant, O Lord, thy faithful a conftancy in their faith and hope in thee; that, being grounded in thy love, they may, by no temptation, ever be drawn from their integrity. Thro'.


MASSES for the DE A D. On the Day of the Death or Burial. MASS. INTROIT. Pf. lxiv. GRant them, O Lord, REquiem æternam do

eternal reft; and let a perpetual light fhine on them. Pf. A hymn be

na eis, Domine; & lux perpetua luceat eis. Pf. Te decet hymnus,

cometh thee, O Lord, in Sion; and a vow fhall be paid to thee in Jerufalem: hear my prayer: all flefh fhall come to thee. Grant them &c. to Pf.

Deus, in Sion; & tibi reddetur votum in Jerufalem: exaudi orationem meam: ad te omnis caro Requiem &c.

to Pf.

COLLECT. Deus, cui.

God, whofe property it is always to have mercy and to fpare, we humbly prefent our prayers to thee in behalf of the foul of thy fervant N. which thou haft this day called out of this world; befeeching thee not to deliver it into the hands of the enemy, nor forget it for ever; but command it to be received by the holy angels, and to be carried into paradife; that, as it believed and hoped in thee, it may be delivered from the pains of hell, and inherit life everlafting. Thro'.

EPISTLE. 1 Theff. iv. 12.

Rethren: We would not have you ignorant concerning those that fleep, that you be not forrowful like others, who have no hope. For if we believe that fefus died, and rofe again; even fo them, who have flept in Jefus, will God bring with him. For this we declare unto you in the word of the the Lord, that we who are alive, who remain unto the coming of the Lord, fhall not prevent them who have flept. For the Lord himfelf fhall come down from heaven at the fignal and voice of an archangel, and at the found of the trumpet of God: and the dead, who are in Chrift, fhall rife firft. Then we, who are alive and remain, fhall be caught up with them in the clouds, to meet Chrift in the air; and fo fhall we for ever be with the Lord. Wherefore comfort one another with these words.


Eternal reft give to Requiem æternam dothem, O Lord, and may na eis, Domine, & lux

a perpetual light fhine on them. V. The memory of the righteous man fhall be for ever; he fhall not fear an evil report.

perpetua luceat eis. V. Pf. 111. In memoriâ eternâ erit juftus; ab auditione malâ non timebit.


Releafe, O Lord, the fouls of all the faithful departed from the bonds of their fins. V. And by the affiftance of thy grace may they escape the fentence of condemnation. V. And enjoy the blifs of eternal light.

Abfolve, Domine, animas omnium fidelium defunctorum ab omni vinculo delictorum. V. Et gratiâ tuâ illis fuccurente, mereantur eva.

dere judicium ultionis. V. Et lucis æternæ beatitudine perfrui.

The SEQUENCE. HE day of wrath, DIES ira, dies illa that dreadful day,


Shall the whole world in Solvet fæclum in favilla: afhes lay,

As David and the Sibyls Tefte David cum Sybillâ.


What horror will in

vade the mind,

When the ftrict Judge, who would be kind, Shall have few venial

faults to find! The laft loud trumpet's wond'rous found Muft thro' the rending

tombs rebound; And wake the nations

under ground. Nature and death fhall

with surprize,

Behold the pale offender rile!

Quantus tremor eft futurus,

Quando Judex eft ven


Cuncta ftricte difcuffu-
Tuba mirum fpargens

Per fepulchra regionum,

Coget omnes ante thro


Mors ftupebit, & na


Cum refurget creatura,

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And view the Judge with
conscious eyes.

Then fhall, with uni-
verfal dread,
The facred myftick book
be read,

To try the living and the

Liber fcriptus proferetur,

In quo totum continetur,

Unde mundus judicetur.

Judex ergo cum fedebit, Quidquid latet, apparebit:

be known,

And all with fhame con- Nil inultum remanebit.

fefs their own.

O then! what int'reft
fhall I make,

To fave my last impor-
tant ftate,
When the moft juft have
caufe to quake?
Thou mighty, formi-
dable King!
Thou mercy's unex-
haufted fpring!
Some comfortable pity

The Judge afcends his
awful throne,

He makes each fecret fin

Forget not what my
ranfom coft,

Nor let my dear-bought
foul be loft,
In ftorms of guilty terror

Thou, who for me
didft feel such pain,
Whofe precious blood
the cross did ftain;
Let not thofe agonies be

Thou, whom aven-
ging powers obey,

Judicanti responsura.

Quid fum, mifer, tum dicturus,

Quem patronum rogaturus?

Cum vix juftus fit fecu


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Rex tremendæ majeftatis,

Qui falvandos falvas gratis,

Salva me fons pietatis.

Recordare Jefu piè,

Quod fum causa tuæ viæ,

Ne me perdas illâ die.

Quærens me, fedifti laffus :

Redemifti, crucem paf

fus :

Tantus labor non fit

caffus. Jufte Judex ultionis,

Cancel my debt (too Donum fac remiffionis

Ante diem rationis.

great to pay) Before the fad accounting day. Surrounded with amazing fears; Whofe load my foul with anguish bears;

I figh, I weep, accept

my tears.

Thou, who waft mov'd with Mary's grief, And by abfolving of the thief,

Haft given me hope, now give relief. Reject not my unworthy prayer, Preferve me from the Sed tu bonus fac benigdangerous fnare, Which death and gaping

Preces meæ non funt dignæ :

nè, Ne perenni cremer igne.

hell prepare. Give my exalted foul a place

Among thy chofen righthand race,

The fons of God, and

heirs of grace. From that infatiate


Where flames devour, and ferpents hifs, Promote me to thy feat of blifs.

Ingemifco tanquam


Culpâ rubet vultus meus:

Supplicanti parce, Deus.

Qui Mariam abfolvifti,

Et latronem exaudifti,

Mihi quoque fpem dedifti.

Inter oves locum præfta,

Et ab hædis me feque-
Statuens in parte dextrâ.

Confutatis maledictis,

Flammis acribus addic

tis, Voca me cum benedic


Proftrate, my contrite heart I rend,

Oro fupplex & acclinis, Cor contritum quafi ci

My God, my Father, and my Friend,


Do not forfake me in Gere curam mei finis.

my end.

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