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fifter] and deliver him [or her] at the hour of death from all pains and fufferings, which he [or fhe] is apprchenfive of having deserved for his [or her] fins. Who with the fame Father, &c. R. Amen.

Let us pray. Domine Jefu.

ORD Jefus Chrift, who hast said by the mouth of thy Prophet: I have loved thee with an eternal love, therefore pitying thee, have I drawn thee to me: we beseech thee, that thou wouldst offer and fhew to God the Father almighty that fame charity of thine, that drew thee down from heaven to undergo the bitterness of thy fufferings, in behalf of the foul of thy fervant our brother [or fifter] N. and deliver him [or her] from all the fufferings and pains, which he [or the] is apprehenfive of having deferved for his [or her fins]: and fave his [or her foul] in eternal glory at this hour of it's departure. And thou moft merciful Lord Jefus Chrift, who haft redeemed us by thy moft precious blood, take pity on the foul of this thy fervant, and vouchsafe to bring him [or her] to the ever-flowering and pleafing meads of paradife, that he [or fhe] may live to thee by an invifible love, fo as never to be feparated from thee and thy elect. Who together with the fame Father and the Holy Ghoft liveft and reigneft in perfect unity for ever and ever. R. Amen.

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Let us pray. O fuaviffime.

Moft fweet Lord Jefus Chrift, by that love, which made thee the moft worthy, most innocent, and moft tender Son of the Father's love, become man for us, to be wounded and die for the falvation of mankind: pardon thy fervant, our brother [or fifter] N. every thing he [or fhe] hath offended in by thought, word, and deed, by his [or her] affections, motions, powers, and fenfes of foul and body; and for the true remiffion of his [or her] fins, moft facred Lord Jefus, grant him [or her] the

fpiritual light of thy moft ardent charity, by which thou didst wash away the fins of the whole world; and to make up for all his [or her] neglects, add the merits of thy moft facred paffion; and apply to him [or her] the fruit of all the good works of thy clect, who have been well pleafing to thee. R. Amen.

Let us pray. O gloriofiffime.

Moft glorious Lord Jefus Christ, in union of

that ardent love, which forced thee to become man, and die in anguifh of mind on the cross, we appeal to thy fweet charity, that thou wouldst pardon thy fervant our brother (or fifter] all the fins he [or the] hath any way committed, and by the great merits of thy paffion, fapply his [or her] omiffions, and let him [or her] experience the fuperabundant multitude of thy mercies, and difpofe of him or her] in a manner pleafing to thee, and advantageous to him [or her]: fill him [or her] with fweet patience, and true repentance; and grant him [or her] an entire pardon. Fill him [or her] with a right faith, a firm hope, and ardent charity, and with pious and holy difpofitions; that his [or her] foul may joyfully expire in thy fweet embraces and kifs of peace, O moft merciful Jefus, to know, praise and enjoy thy eternal glory for ever. R. Amen.

Let us pray. Sacratiffime.

Moft facred Lord Jefus Chrift, we recommend to thy infinite mercy the foul of this thy fervant our brother [or fifter] N. according to the greatnefs of that love, with which thy most holy foul recommended itfelf to thy glorious Father on the cross: humbly befeeching thee by that ineffable charity, with which thy divine Father received thy moft holy foul, that thou wouldst receive the foul of this thy fervant with the fame most ardent love. Come, maft fweet Lord Jefus Chrift, redeemer of VOL. II.


fouls, we beseech thee by that lamentable voice, by which, going to die for us in thy human nature, and spent with the labour and pains of thy fufferings, thou criedft out, thou waft abandoned by thy Father: keep not, O fweet Jefus, thy merciful help from thy fervant, in this hour of affliction, when now weak and fpent he [or fhe] cannot call on thee: but by the triumph of thy holy cross, and thy faving death, entertain thoughts of peace, mercy and comfort, and not of affliction: and deliver him for her] from all diftrefs: and according to thy accustomed goodness, O good Jefus and fweet Father, deliver him [or her] from the torments due to his [or her] fins, and bring him [or her] with joy to eternal reft. R. Amen.

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Let us pray. O intemerata.

art a help in anguish and diftrefs, mercifully come to the affistance of this our brother [or fifter], and, in the name of Jefus Chrift thy Son our Lord, put to flight all his [or her] enemies, and protect him [or her] from the power of the hellish dragon, and from the dreadful fight of him, and from the fnares of all the evil fpirits; and refcue him [or her] from all distress: to the end that he [or fhe] may, together with thee and all the bleffed fpirits, fing forth praises to our Lord God in heaven. R. Amen.

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Let us pray. Sandle Michael.

OLY Michael the Archangel, affist this foul before the tribunal of the fupreme judge. O invincible warrior, come to the aid of the foul of this our brother [or fifter] in his [or her] last moments, and defend him from the hellifh dragon, and from the fight and snares of the evil fpirits. Moreover we beseech thee, that thou wouldst mercifully receive at the laft gafp his [or her] foul, and take it into thy bofom, and carry it to a place of refresh

ment, light, and peace with our Lord Jefus Chrift, who liveth and reigneth with the Father and Holy Ghoft one God world without end. R. Amen.

When the foul is departed, is said:

Come to his [or her] affiftance, you faints of God; meet him for her] you angels of the Lord: To receive his [or her] foul: And to prefent it to the Most High. V. May Chrift, who called thee, receive thee, and may the angels lead thee into the bofom of Abraham: To receive, &c. V.Eternal reft grant him [or her], O Lord. R. And may a perpetual light fhine upon him [or her]. And to prefent, &c.

Lord have mercy on us. Chrift have mercy on us. Lord have mercy on us. Our Father. In Secret. V. And lead us not into temptation. R. But deliver us from evil. V. Eternal reft give to him, [orher]O Lord. R. And let a perpetual light fhine upon him [or her]. V. From the gates of hell. R. Deliver bis [or her] foul, O Lord. V. May he [or fhe] reft in

Subvenite fancti Dei, occurrite illi angeli Domini: Sufcipientes animam ejus : Offerentes in confpectu Altiffimi. V. Sufcipiat te Chriftus, qui vocavit te, & in finum Abraha angeli de ducant te. *Sufcipientes, &c. V. Requiem æternam dona ei, Domine. R. Et lux perpetua luceat ei. *Offerentes, &c.

Kyrie eleifon. Chrifte eleïfon. Kyrie eleïfon. Pater nofter. In Secret. V. Et ne nos inducas in tentationem. R. Sed libera nos à malo. V. Requiem æternam dona ei, Domine. R. Et lux petua luceat ei. V. A portâ inferi. R. Erue, Domine, animam ejus. V. Requiefcat in pace. R. Amen. V. Domine, exaudi orationem meam. R. Et clamor meus ad


peace. R. Amen. V. O
Lord, hear my prayer.
R. And let my cry come
unto thee. V. May the
Lord be with you.
And with thy fpirit.


te veniat. V. Dominus vobifcum. R. Et cum fpiritu tuo.

Let us pray. Tibi Domine.

E recommend to thee, O Lord, the foul of

W the fervant N. that being dead to this

world, he [or the] may live to thee: and whatever fins he [or the] hath committed through human frailty, we beseech thee, in thy goodness, mercifully to pardon. Thro' Cbrift our Lord. R. Amen.

The OFFICE of the DEA D.

to the an

"we are not to doubt but that the faithful depart ed are affifted by the prayers of the holy Church, the "facrifice of our falvation, and alms, fo as to be treated "by almighty God with more mercy than their fins de"ferve. For the univerfal Church of Chrift hath always "taken care, according to a tradition received from her "fathers, to pray for those who died in the communion "of the body and blood of Chrift, when she mentions "them in offering the facrifice, and exprefly takes notice “ that it is offered for them.————It is therefore out of all “doubt that these practices of the Church are beneficial "to the dead: but they are so only to thofe, whofe lives “have been fuch as to deserve to be able to receive aid "therefrom. For as to thofe, who have left their bodies “without that faith that acts by love, and without the "defence of the facrament of faith; it would be to no " purpose for them to receive thefe duties of piety from "their relations, as they had not the pledge or token there"of during their life: either because they never had recei“ved, or had received in vain, the grace of God; as having "amaffed to themselves treasures, not of mercy, but of "wrath."

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