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But fav'd from death, our Argives yearly pay

Thefe grateful honours to the God of Day.

When by a thousand darts the Python flain
With orbs unroll'd lay cov'ring all the plain,
(Transfix'd as o'er Caftalia's streams he hung,
And fuck'd new poisons with his triple tongue)
To Argos' realms the victor god reforts,
And enters old Crotopus' humble courts.
This rural prince one only daughter bleft,



That all the charms of blooming youth poffefs'd;

Fair was her face, and spotlefs was her mind,
Where filial love with virgins sweetness join'd.
Happy! and happy still she might have prov'd,
Were the lefs beautiful, or lefs belov'd!

But Phoebus loy'd, and on the flow'ry fide
Of Nemea's stream, the yielding fair enjoy'd:
Now, ere ten moons their orb with light adorn,
Th'illuftrious offspring of the God was born,
The Nymph, her father's anger to evade,
Retires from Argos to the fylvan fhade;
To woods and wilds the pleasing burden bears,
And trufts her infant to a shepherd's cares.

How mean a fate, unhappy child! is thine?
Ah how unworthy thofe of race divine?
On flow'ry herbs in fome green covert laid,
His bed the ground, his canopy the fhade,






Texta domus: claufa arbutei fub cortice libri
Membra tepent, fuadetque leves cava fiftula fomnos,
Et pecori commune folum. fed fata nec illum
Conceffere larem: viridi nam cefpite terrae
Projectum temere, et patulo coelum ore trahentem
Dira canum rabies morfu depafta cruento
Disjicit. hic vero attonitas ut nuntius aures
Matris adit, pulfi ex animo genitorque, pudorque,
Et metus. ipfa ultro faevis plangoribus amens
Tecta replet, vacuumque ferens velamine pectus 700
Occurrit confefla patri. nec motus, at atro
Imperat, infandum! cupientem occumbere leto.
Sero memor thalami, moeftae folatia morti,

Phoebe, paras. monftrum infandis Acheronte fub imo
Conceptum Eumenidum thalamis: cui virginis ora,
Pectoraque, aeternum ftridens a vertice furgit
Et ferrugineam frontem discriminat anguis.
Haec tam dira lues nocturno fquallida paffu
Illabi thalamis, animasque a ftirpe recentes
Abripere altricum gremiis, morfuque cruento
Devefci et multum patrio pinguefcere luctu.


He mixes with the bleating lambs his cries,

While the rude fwain his rural mufic tries

To call foft flumbers on his infant


Yet ev'n in thofe obfcure abodes to live,

Was more, alas! than cruel fate would give,
For on the graffy verdure as he lay,·


And breath'd the freshness of the early day,
Devouring dogs the helpless infant tore,


Fed on his trembling limbs, and lapp'd the gore.
Th'aftonish'd mother, when the rumour came,
Forgets her father, and neglects her fame,
With loud complaints fhe fills the yielding air,
And beats her breaft, and rends her flowing hair; 700
Then wild with anguish to her fire fhe flies:
Demands the fentence, and contented dies.

But touch'd with forrow for the dead too late,
The raging God prepares t'avenge her fate.
He fends a monster, horrible and fell,
Begot by furies in the depths of hell.


The peft a virgin's face and bofom bears;

High on a crown a rifing fnake appears,

Guards her black front, and hiffes in her hairs: About the realm fhe walks her dreadful round, 710 When night with fable wings o'erfpreads the ground, Devours young babes before their parents eyes,

And feeds and thrives on public miferies.

Haud tulit armorum praeftans animique Choroe

bus ;


Seque ultro lectis juvenum, qui robore primi

Famam pofthabita faciles extendere vita,
Obtulit. illa novos ibat populata penates

Portarum in bivio. lateri duo corpora parvûm



Dependent, et jam unca manus vitalibus haeret,
Ferratique ungues tenero fub corde tepefcunt.
Obvius huic latus omne virûm ftipante corona
It juvenis, ferrumque ingens fub pectore diro
Condidit: atque imas animae mucrone corufco
Scrutatus latebras, tandem fua monftra profundo
Reddit habere Jovi. juvat ire, et vifere juxta
Liventes in morte oculos, uterique nefandam
Proluviem, et crafso squallentia pectora tabo,
Qua noftrae cecidere animae. ftupet Inacha pubes,
Magnaque poft lachrymas etiamnum gaudia pallent.
Hi trabibus duris, folatia vana dolori,

Proterere exanimes artus, afprofque molares
Deculcare genis, nequit iram explere poteftas.
Illam et nocturno circum ftridore volantes
Impaftae fugiftis aves, rabidamque canum vim,
Oraque ficca ferunt trepidorum inhiâsse luporum.
Saevior in miferos fatis ultricis ademptae
Delius infurgit, fummaque biverticis umbra
Parnaffi refidens, arcu crudelis iniquo

Peftifera arma jacit, campofque, et celfa Cyclopum



But gen'rous rage the bold Chorobus warms,
Chorobus, fam'd for virtue, as for arms;

Some few like him, inspir'd with martial flame,
Thought a fhort life well loft for endless faine.
These, where two ways in equal parts divide,
The direful monfter from afar defcry'd;



Two bleeding babes depending at her fide;
Whose panting vitals, warm with life, fhe draws,

And in their hearts embrues her cruel claws.

The youths furround her with extended spears;
But brave Chorcebus in the front appears,
Deep in her breast he plung'd his fhining fword, 725
And hell's dire monfter back to hell reftor'd.
Th'Inachians view the flain with vaft furprize,
Her twisting volumes and her rolling eyes,
Her spotted breast, and gaping womb embru'd
With livid poifon, and our childrens blood.
The croud in ftupid wonder fix'd appear,

Pale ev'n in joy, nor yet forget to fear.
Some with vaft beams the fqualid corpfe engage,

And weary all the wild efforts of rage.


The birds obfcene, that nightly flock'd to tafte, 735
With hollow fcreeches fled the dire repaft;
And rav'nous dogs, allur❜d by scented blood,
And ftarving wolves, ran howling to the wood.

But fir'd with rage, from cleft Parnaffus' brow
Avenging Phoebus bent his deadly bow,
And hiffing flew the feather'd fates below;


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