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Officers and Council elected January, 1884

Standing Committees, 1884

List of Members, January 25, 1884

Idditional List of Members, corrected to July 1, 1884


Proceedings, October 13, 1882, to May 31, 1884

Addresses and communications

The Principles of Zoogeography, Annual Address of the President, Theo-

dore Gill, January 19, 1883 ---

Certain phases in the geological history of the North American Continent,

biologically considered, Annual Address of the President, Charles A.

White, January 25, 1884---


Notes on North American Psyllida, C. V. Riley (April 10, 1884 *)


Remarks on the bag.worm, Thyridspteryx ephemeraformis, C. V. Riley

1 April 10, 1884)


List of plants added to the flora of Washington from April 1, 1882, to

April 1, 1884, Lester F. Ward (April 10, 1884).---

Description of a new genus and species of pediculate fishes (Ilalieutella

lappa), G. Brown Guode and Tarleton II. Bean....


Descriptions of some new North American birds, R. Ridgway (April 10,


De«cription of a new American kingfisher, R. Ridgway (April 10, 1884) 95

Note on Psaltriparus grindæ Belding, R. Ridgway (April 10, 1884) ----

Vote on the generic name, Calodromas, R. Ridgway (April 10, 1884) 97

Diagnoses of new species of bırds from Kamtschatha and the Commander

Wands, Leonhard Stejneger (April 10, 1884)----


I viagnoses of three new pecies of fishes from the Gulf of Mexico, T. H.

Pean and II. G. Dresel (April 10, 1884)


A review of the American cross-bills (Loxia) of the L. curvirostra type,

R. Ridgway (April 28, 1884)

Note on the Anas hyperboreus Pall., and Anser albatus Cass., R. Ridg.

way (April 28, 1884)


Remarks on the type specimens of Muscicapa fulrifrons Giraud, and

Jitrephorus pallestens Coues, R. Ridgway (April 28, 1884)


Vote regarding the earliest name for Carpodacus hemorrhous (Wagler),

R. Ridgway (April 28, 1884)
On some Hydrocorallinæ from Alaska and California, W. 11. Dall (April

28. 1884) --

Some results by massage et contre-coup, W. S. Barnard


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Author's extras of each of the special papers here ennmerated were published at
the dates given in parentheses following the author's name.

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