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every 1000 pantiles. All contracts for engrossing bricks and tiles, or for hindering a free sale, to be void, and the maker shall forfeit £20. and his clerk or agent ₤10.

. Penalties under this act to be recovered before one justice, on proof by confession, or oath of one witness, to be levied by distress, half to the informer and half to the poor, and if no distress, commitment for any time not exceeding two calendar months, or till penalty and costs are paid. Information to be laid within one calendar month after sale and delivery of bricks or tiles, s. 7; appeal allowed to session within four calendar months, on giving twenty-one days notice in writing to the party complained of, and within eight days after such notice entering into recognizance before a justice, to try the appeal. The decision of the session is conclusive, and not removable by eertiorari or otherwise. s. 8.

A person selling bricks less than the statutable dimensions, cannot recover their value. 11 E Rep. 300.

Form of Conviction.

Be it remembered, that on the → day of ---in the year of our Lord 1817, A. B. of - - is convicted before me S. P. Esq. one of His Majesty's justices of the peace for the county of, for that [state the particulars of the offence, the time and place when and where committed, and the penalty incurred].

Given under my hand and seal, the day and year aforesaid,


Householders dwelling in any county or town, whether occupiers of lands or not, and all persons having lands in their possession, whether they dwell in the same county or not, are liable to be rated as inhabitants towards the repairs of a públic bridge. 22 H. VIII. c. 5.

By 1 Ann, c. 18, the justices at their quarter sessions, on presentment made of want of repairs, are to assess every town, parish, &c. in proportion, towards the repairs of a bridge; the money to be levied by the constables, and paid by the high constables, who are to remit it to the treasurer appointed by the justices, to be expended, according to their order, in the repairs.

All matters relating to repairing bridges to be determined in the county where they lie, and no indictment or presentment to be removed by certiorari,but in the case of the King v. the Inhabitants of Cumberland, 6 T. R. 194, it was determined that the prosecutor might remove by certiorari, upon the principle that if not allowed the defendants would try their own cause. See the judgment of the House of Lords, Bos. and Pull. 354.-The evidence of inhabitants of places where bridges are in decay is admitted.

Justices at quarter sessions, may purchase an acre of land for building or enlarging county bridges, 14 Geo. II. c. 33, and ground to be paid

for out of the money to be raised by stat. 12 Geo. II. c. 29, s. 14, for better levying county rates; and, by this statute, justices at their quarter sessions, may, on presentment by grand jury (but not without) contract for re-building and repairing public bridges.

Surveyors of county bridges are empowered to get materials for repair of bridges in like manner as surveyors of highways, under 13 Geo. III. c. 78, and the quarter sessions may improve, widen, or alter the situation of county bridges, 43 Geo. III. c. 59. Inhabitants of counties may sue for damage done to bridges in the name of the surveyor. s. 3.

No bridge erected by private persons, after passing this act, to be deemed a county bridge, unless built in a substantial manner, under the direction of the county surveyor and the quarter sessions. s, 5. Act not to extend to bridges repaired by tenure.

By 52 Geo. III. c. 110, no part of the money to be raised and collected in pursuance of the act 12 Geo. II. c. 29, shall be applied to the repair of bridges, &c. until presentment made by the grand jury's great sessions, general gaol delivery, or general or quarter sessions of the peace, of their insufficiency or want of repair; and when any bridges are to be repaired at the expense of the county, the justices at their general or quarter sessions, after presentment may contract with any person for re-building or repairing, or amending the same; and any sudden injury or defect may be repaired by order of the justices, at their general or quarter sessions aforesaid, without such presentment: the justices may appoint

annually two or more justices to superintend and order any immediate repairs to be done, provided they do not expend more than £20. in such repairs,

Justices at their general or quarter sessions may contract and agree with a commissioner or trustee of the turnpike-road, their surveyor or clerk, or with surveyor of the highways of any parish, &e. within the county, for repairing roads over county bridges, or so much thereof as is required to be repaired at the expense of the county, for any terin not exceeding seven years, nor less than one, without any presentment, as directed by 12 Geo. II. aforesaid.

The act 54 Geo. III. c. 90, extends the provisions of the act 43 Geo. III. c. 59, to bridges repaired by the inhabitants of hundreds and other divisions of counties.

By 55 Geo. 111. c. 143, surveyors of county bridges employed under contract, are empowered by order of two justices of the peace for the county in which such bridge is intended to be built, to search for, dig, get, and carry away stone from any quarry, from any county to which bridge may belong, (except quarries situate in gardens and pleasure grounds) without consent of the owner, satisfaction being made to such owner; and in case of a refusal to treat, the justices at general or quarter sessions to cause the value of the stones, and amount of damage done by the getting and taking away the same, to be ascertained by a jury: justices may issue their warrants to the sheriff to empannel such

jury, to consist of twelve men chosen by ballot out of twenty-four men required to be summoned; and they have power to fine such sheriff for making default; any juryman not attending, or refusing to be sworn, or being sworn, shall refuse to give, or shall not give a verdict; and also on any person who being summoned and required to give evidence before the said jury, shall refuse or neglect to appear, or appearing shall refuse to be sworn or give evidence, shall forfeit not more than £10. nor less than 20s. on any one person for one offence. If jury shall deliver a verdict for more money than hath been offered for the purchase by such surveyor, the costs and expenses of witnesses and jury to be paid out of the county rate; but if the jury deliver a verdict for no more or less money than the costs and expenses to be paid by the person with whom such controversy shall arise, to be levied by warrant of one of the said justices, by distress and sale of the goods of the person made liable to the payment thereof. s.3.

Persons aggrieved may appeal to the quarter sessions within three weeks after the complaint shall arise, appellant giving 14 days notice of his intention, and within three days after such notice, entering into recognizance with two sureties, to try such appeal, and abide the order of the sessions; the determination of such justices to be final.

Justices at their general quarter sessions may contract and agree for the keeping in repair any county or hundred bridge, and the road over the

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