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gaolers and keepers of such gaols and prisons shall have compensation in lieu of fees abolished by that act, as by such act is provided. s. 3.


By 56 Geo. III. c. 129, it is enacted that all enactments contained in any acts of parliament since the reign of Geo. I. whereby any poor persons other than such as shall actually apply for and receive parochial relief, are compelled to go or remain in any workhouse or house of industry, or where any poor person may be detained or kept therein at the discretion of the governors or directors thereof, or of the churchwardens or overseers of the poor, after such persons are capable of maintaining themselves; or whereby any poor person may be compelled to remain in such workhouse, &c. until the expenses of the parish, &c. for the maintenance of such poor person or his family shall be repaid or satisfied by the earnings of such poor person; or whereby any poor child is rendered liable to be apprenticed to any governor, &c. of any house of industry or workhouse, or whereby any parish, &c. at a greater distance than ten miles from such house of industry or workhouse shall hereafter be authorised to become contributors to or take the benefit of such house of industry or workhouse; or whereby any governors, &c. of such house of industry or workhouse are authorised to hire out

any poor person of full age, or to contract or agree with any person to have and take the profit of the labour of such person or persons, shall be and are by this act wholly repealed. s. 1.

No governor, &c. of any house of industry or workhouse to chain or confine any poor person of sound mind. s. 2.


By 56 Geo. III. c. 125, any person or persons riotously assembling and pulling down, destroying or damaging any engines or erections used in coal or other mines, or any bridge, waggon way or trunk erected for carrying coals or other minerals, shall be adjudged guilty of felony and shall suffer death. S. 1. and persons so injured may recover the value of their property destroyed, under 1 Geo. I. c. 5.— Owner or proprietor to give notice of such unlawful assemblies to the nearest magistrate, and to the constable and some resident housekeeper of such place where the assembly is held, within two days after the injury done, and within, four days shall give in his examination or that of his servants on oath before any justice of the peage where offence committed; and if the person is known who committed the offence, such owner or proprietor shall be bound to prosecute. s. 3.








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Of being prevented by illness
from attending the session in
order to move to continue the
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"Affidavit to ground a warrant
to apprehend affrayers
Warrant to apprehend affrayers 13



Precept to high constable to
issue warrants to petty con-
stables to summon alehouse
keepers to be liceused...... 19
High constable's warrant to
petty constable......
Certificate to enable justices to

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grant a new or transfer an old



The like at general licensing day 21

Allowance thereof

Victualler's recognizance

Ditto liceuse....

Certificate of one justice for
continuing license to a person
coming in after death or re-


Information for selling beer
without license...

Summons thereon......

The like to witness to give evi-


Notice thereof, and demand of


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penalty and costs.......... ib.
Warrant of distress on refusal

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