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No wilful crime this heavy vengeance bred; In mutual Innocence our lives we led: If this be falfe, let these new greens decay, Let founding axes lop my limbs away, And crackling flames on all my honours prey. 75 But from my branching arms this infant bear, Let fome kind nurse supply a mother's care: And to his mother let him oft be led, Sport in her fhades, and in her fhades be fed; Teach him, when his first infant voice fhall frame 80 Imperfect words, and lifp his mother's name, To hail this tree; and fay with weeping eyes, Within this plant my hapless parent lies: And when in youth he feeks the fhady woods, Oh, let him fly the cryftal lakes and floods, Nor touch the fatal flow'rs; but, warn'd by me, Believe a Goddess shrin'd in ev'ry tree. My fire, my fifler, and my fpoufe farewell! If in your breafts or love, or pity dwell, Protect your plant, nor let my branches feel The browzing cattle or the piercing fteel. Farewell! and fince I cannot bend to join My lips to yours, advance at leaft to mine. My fon, thy mother's parting kifs receive, While yet thy mother has a kifs to give. I can no more; the creeping rind invades My clofing lips, and hides my head in shades:





Colla liber ferpit; fummoque cacumine condor.
Ex oculis removete manus: fine munere veftro
Contegat inductus morientia lumina cortex.
Defierant fimul ora loqui, fimul effe: diuque
Corpore mutato rami caluere recentes.


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hands: the bark fhall foon fuffice

Remove your
Without their aid to feal these dying eyes.

She ceas'd at once to speak, and ceas'd to be ;100
And all the nymph was loft within the tree;
Yet latent life thro' her new branches reign'd,
And long the plant a human heat retain'd.





From the FOURTEENTH Book of


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