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DECEMBER, 1915, TO MAY, 1916


Sweet and Maxwell, Limited, 3 Chancery Lane, W.C.




No. 1.

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THE CONVEYANCER is published monthly and is obtainable on the first Monday of each month through the Law Booksellers or Stationers, or direct from the Publishers. COMMUNICATIONS respecting matters of an Editorial nature should be addressed to The Editor of The Conveyancer," at 35, Surrey Street, Strand, W.C. CONTRIBUTIONS OF manuscript forwarded with a view to insertion in the publication must be sent at the risk of the sender, although every effort will be made to return drafts or unsuitable copy. SUBSCRIPTION RATES :-Annual Subscription (payable in advance), £1 10s., inclusive of Inland Postage; Single Copies, 2s. 6d. (postage 2d. extra). EDITORIAL AND PUBLISHING OFFICES :-35, Surrey Street, Strand, W.C.

Editorial Notes.

The Conveyancer is not issued with the intention of competing with or taking the place of any existing publication; it will be observed at a glance that it differs materially as regards appearance, scope and objects from all periodicals and collections of Precedents now available to the legal profession. The publication is issued in the belief that a demand exists amongst Conveyancers, and Lawyers concerned with the drafting of commercial and mercantile documents, for a work of the class; whether that belief is well founded or not is a question which can be decided only in the future.

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In view of the new Real Property and Conveyancing Bill introduced by Lord Haldane, it may be considered that the issue of The Conveyancer should have been postponed until that Bill becomes law. The general opinion is, however, that no drastic alterations in Conveyancing Law will be effected for a considerable period-that the Bill in question is not likely to become an Act of Parliament until the war has been concluded and numerous matters of a domestic or social character, and other subjects of a more pressing nature, have been dealt with.

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WITH these brief observations The Conveyancer is placed in the hands of the profession to be judged on its merits, the belief being held that it will be borne in mind that no first Number or Part of any publication has ever, probably, been perfect, or realised the standard aimed at by its producers. Every endeavour will be made to ensure that the next and subsequent Numbers of The Conveyancer will remedy any imperfections detected in the present issue, and that the ambitions of those responsible for its production may be realised at an early period.

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It will be observed that the Forms are printed on one side of the page only. This is an innovation which will doubtless be appreciated by those who are in the habit of keeping their Text Books up-to-date"; for it enables the other side of the page to be used for making notes or the addition of new or alternative clauses.

The aim will be to make the collection of Forms as complete and comprehensive as possible, and so soon as any new Act of Parliament is passed which bears upon any documents within the scope of The Conveyancer, to include, at the earliest opportunity, a Form framed in accordance with the provisions of the Act.

In order to ensure that the various Forms may be as reliable and practical as possible, the editorial arrangements involve every Precedent being submitted for criticism and suggestions to a member of each branch of the Profession specially conversant with the subjectmatter.

The supplement is divided into two Parts, the first containing Precedents relating to one particular subject, Miscellaneous Preand the second including (under cedents") Forms which are particularly applicable for the time being or which have been specially requested by Subscribers to be inserted at an early date.

The Precedents will be adapted for binding in Volume form at the end of each half-year, when a comprehensive and separate Index, as well as a Table of Contents, will be supplied.

The "Miscellaneous Precedents" are intended to be bound at the end of the Forms appearing in the First Part, and the pages are numbered accordingly.

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