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This list includes only those cases commented upon editorially or in our Notes of Important Decis-
ions, or in full annotated. The abbreviation Ed., indicates editorially-R. D., cases commented upon
in our Notes of Important Decisions; and ann. case, annotated case.

Allaire v. St. Luke's Hospital (Ill.) Action by Iofapt

for Injuries Sustained before its Birth, Ed. 507.

Angell v. Lewis (R. I.) Highways-Driving on Wrong

side-Collision-Verdict-Presumption, ann. case,


Atlantic Guano Co. v. Hunt (Tenn.) Bills and Notes-

Transfer as Security for Pre oxisting Debt, R. D. 43.

Bankers' Life Insurance Company v. Robbins (Neb.)

Injunction-Restraining Void Judgment-Equity-

Remedy at Law, R. D. 109.

Barman v. Spencer (Ind.) Negligence of Landlord-

Liability for Dangerous Premises, R. D. 298.
Barry v. Kirkland (Ariz.) Bills and Notes-Forged sig.

nature-Estoppel-Ratification, R. D. 491.
Bartlett v. City of Columbus (Ga.) False Imprison.

ment-Municipal Corporation-Liability of City, R.

D. 169,
Bates v. Duncan (Ark.) License – Assignment – Ter-

mination-Estoppel, R. D. 4.
Baxter v. Billings (U. 8. C. C. of App., Eighth Cir.) At-

torney and Client - Contract for Fees Personal

Services, R. D. 212.
Beath v. Chapoton (Mich.) Note-Execution under

Duress-Fraud on Surety, R. D. 233.

Beavan v. Citizens' Nat. Bank (Ky.) Guardian and

Ward-Investment by Guardian-Trusts-Rights of

Creditors, R. D. 167.

Bixby v. Omaha & C. B. Railway & Bridge Co. (Iowa)

Reading from Medical Works, ann. case, 515.
Blincoe v. Head (Ky.) Judges – Liability for Judicial

Acts, R. D. 300.

Bowers, in re (U. 8. C. C., Cal.) Attorney and Client-

Professional Relation-Employment – Disbarment

of Attorney, R. D. 252.

Brandfield v. Brandfield (Mich.) Husband and Wife-

Action against Husband for Tort upon the Wife, R.

Citizens' Bank v. Adams (U. S. O. C., III.) Equitable

Lien-Advances by Bank, R. D. 232.

City Council v. Orinond (8. Car.) Building Contract-

Alteration-Discharge of Sureties, R. D. 22.
City of Helena v. Dwyer (Ark.) Municipal Corpora.

tions-Ordinance Prohibiting Sale of Pork-Consti-

tutional Law, R. D. 166.
City of Maysville v. Melton (Ky.) Payment Recovery

of Money Paid for Void License, R. D. 63.
City of Oakland v. Oakland Water-front Co. (Cal.)

Judge-Disqualification, ann. case, 10.

Cleveland, 0. C. & St. L. Ry. Co. v. Ballentine (U. S.C.

0. App., Seventh Cir.) Negligence-Injuries to Minor

-Assumption of Risk, R. D. 336.

Cohen v. Manuel (Me.) Innkeepers-Negligence-Lla.

bility to Unlicensed Peddler, R. D. 509.
Colorado Fuel & Iron Co. v. Western Hardware Co.

(Utah) Corporations, Insolvency-Preferences, R.

D. 3.
Commercial Inv. Co. v. Peck (Neb.), Mortgage-Pay.

ment to Clerk of Court-Extinguishment of Mort-

gage, R. D. 167.
Considine, In re (U. S. C. C., Wash.) Constitutional Law

-Intoxicating Liquor-Employment of Women, R.

D. 192.

Orown v. Marion National Bank (U. S. S. C.) Usurious

Interest by National Banks, Ed. 317.

Dennis v. Moses (Wash.) Validity of Act Prohibiting

“Gold Clause" Contracts, Ed. 461.
Dixon v. People (III.) Power of Courts to Compel the

Giving of Expert Testimony without Extra Com-

pensation, Ed. 21.

Douglas v. The Commonwealth of Kentucky (U. S. S.

0.) Constitutional Law Contract Clause Federal

Constitution-Lottery-Power of State Legislature,

R. D, 62.

Drennan v. Mercantile Trust & Deposit Co. (Ala.) Re-

ceivers-Private Corporations Laborers' Lieng-

Priority-Assignees, R. D. 384.

Drudge v. Leiter (Ind.) Warehouseman Ballment-

Conversion-Loss by Fire-Damages, R. D. 337.
Duberstein v. Duberstein (III.) Divorce-Condonation

-Cruelty-Recrimination, ann. case, 86.
Eckwan v. Chicago, B. & Q. R. Co. (III.) Railroad Com-

pany-Relief Association for Employees Releas.

ing Liability-Estoppel, R. D. 80.
Education v. Purse (Ga.) Schools-Suspension of Chil.

dren for Offense of Parent, R. D. 298.

Ellerbe v. State (Miss.) Criminal Law-Trial-Absence

of Judge, R. D. 253.

D. 508.

Brown v. Weaver (M188.) Liability of Deputy Sheriff in

the Killing of an Arrested Criminal Trying to Es.

tape, Ed. 441.

Central Trust Co. v. Citizens' Street Railway Co. (Ind.)

Constitutionality of Indiana "Three Cent" Car Fare

Legislation, Ed. 41.
Chambers v. Gilbert (Tex.) Destruction of Animals

Afflicted with Dangerous or Infectious Diseases,
Chaney Park Land Co. v. Hart (Iowa) Gaming-Lot.

tery-Apportionment by Lot, R. D. 234.
Chicago, M. &st. P. Ry. Co. v.City of Milwaukee (Wis.)

Constitutional Law-Police Power-Rallway Cross-
ings-Highways-Cattle Guards, R. D. 128.

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