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those falsehoods to which our medium has “ delivered from his enemies." Four months given circulation. We are assured that none after this, the Count de P the brother, of the eminent savans in Paris patronized Mr. lost a considerable part of his fortune by the Home, or believed in his manifestations. On bankruptcy of M. Thurneyssen. the contrary, “ he always carefully avoided : Our medium performed the miracle of the scrutiny of the Parisian philosophers, and healing before he left Paris. The lady mother specially that of M. Babinet, the illustrious of a boy who had been deaf for four years member of the Institute, who would have was warned in a dream to seek Mr. Home. At looked about himself as sharply in the pres- the seance, when the boy's head was resting ence of the spirits, as his colleague Sir David on his shoulder, the medium “ passed his Brewster did in London. When Prince Na- hands caressingly over the boy's head, upon poleon proposed to invite Mr. Home to his which he suddenly exclaimed, · Mamma, I palace, and hold a seances with M. Serres, M. hear you.' The cure was complete and perBabinet, and M. de Quatrefages-an eminent manent!” physiologist, an eminent natural philosopher, Mr. Home's sixth chapter, entitled “In and an eminent naturalist, all members of the America—The Press-Gang,” is filled with reAcademy of Sciences-Mr. Home declined prints of what he calls the false and idle the invitation ! *

fabrications, respecting his doings, which It is impossible to read the preceding de- issued from the French and English Press. tails respecting Mr. Home's reception at His object in publishing them is " to show Rome and Paris, without the mortifying the reekless invention of those who assume to reflection that the Protestant's faith enters enlighten the public through the press." into a warmer and closer alliance with From America he returns to Paris in May, spiritualism than that of the Catholic; and 1857. His power was here very great, and that the clergy of the Church of Rome have hundreds of all classes” frequently saw a deeper horror than our Episcopalian friends spirit-hands “ writing the autograph of the at the mischievous art “ of raising the dead person whose spirit was present.” to amuse the living.” Without defending One day, when dining with the Baroness the latitudinarian theology now spreading in de M—, a murdered youth standing at the the Church of England, we scruple not to entrance to the drawing-room proposed to go assert that the bishops have as high a duty to with him to see his father. Mr. Home havperform in calling to account their spirit- ing declined to go, the same voice asked of rapping clergy, and their aristocratic help- him the same favor when he was seated at mates, as in prosecuting Bishop Colenso and table. After dinner the same youth, with the essayists.

blood on his face, induced Mr. Home to go to With the exception of the unpublished the father, who, from the description given manifestations exhibited at the Tuileries, Mr. bim, recognized the figure to be that of Home has referred to a small number of his his murdered son. The father sought Mr. performances in Paris. A French Countess Home, in order to “ have his own mediumS had imagined twelve years ago that her ship increased ; " and having obtained this brother, having temporarily the peculiar ex- boon, he was greatly comforted and relieved. pression of a fullen angel, was possessed with At this time « his guardian spirits ” ada demon. The infernal expression frequently vised our author to go to Turkey; but after occurred when he was calm and happy. he had packed his trunk, they changed their When Mr. Home was looking at a beautiful mind and sent him to Baden-Baden, where marble bust, his " visage changed," and he he exhibited before the King of Wurtemburg

violently agitated.” “ Madame," said and the present King of Prussia. From Bahe," the man whose bust this is, is possessed den-Baden he went to Biarritz, where the with a demon,” adding that this brother spirits told him that “ trouble was in store would “have a great misfortune,” and be for him," but that in the end “ this would


* Since the preceding paragraphs were written, prove to be a gain.” the principal facts which they contain have been At Biarritz new forms of necromancy were published by M. L'Abbe Moigno in his able Jour

At the chateau of Count de Bnal, Les Mondes, 18 June, 1813, Tom. I. pp; 506, the spirits wrote “ on paper placed before 507. He distinctly states, that, absolute faith may be placed in the statement of Father de Pontlevoy. them on the table in full view." Hands ap


pearing distinctly above a table, were seen mother come into the room, followed by his successively to take up a pencil and write. A wife's father. His wife exclaimed,“ Daniel

, large hand, in its peculiar autograph,“ wrote there is some one in the room with us. It several communications in their presence, is your mother, and near her stands my some for his wife, who was at the table, and father. She is very beautiful, and I am not some to other persons who were not present. afraid.” In an instant the Countess de Bex In furtherance of “ the great and holy claimed, “ Why are you sitting in the air ? ” mission entrusted to him, he “ did a great and the medium " was seen raised two or deal of good” when in the Crimea with his three inches above the chair with his feet not brother-in-law; and as a proof of this," he touching the floor.”

convinced a young officer of the truths of im- I was now impressed,” says the wizard, and this officer gave a supper to his friends to

mortality by what he saw in his presence,' " to leave the table, and was soon carried to the lofty ceiling. The Count de B left inaugurate his entrance upon a new life. his place at the table, and, coming under In January, 1859, when suffering from where I was, said, “ Now Young Home, come severe internal inflammation, “ beyond the and let me touch your feet. I told him I power of his physician,” and when sitting had no volition in the matter, but perhaps the with his wife and a friend, the following mirspirits would kindly allow me to come down acle was performed :to him. They did so, by floating me down, and my feet were soon in his outstretched “My hands," says he, “ were suddenly hands. He seized my boots, and now I was seized by spirit influence, and I was made to again elevated, he holding tightly, and pull- beat them with extreme violence upon the ing at my feet till the boots I wore, which part which was so extremely sensitive and had elastic sides, came off and remained in his tender. My wife was frightened, and would hands"

have endeavored to hold my hands ; but


friend, who had sufficient knowledge of spirit An aristocratic boot-jack !

manifestations, prevented her. I felt no pain, In Holland and Italy, which our author though the violence of the blows which I visited in succession, nothing very new char- continued giving to myself made the bed and acterized his manifestations. An event, how the whole room shake. In five minutes' time ever, now occurred of great significance in the swelling had visibly decreased, and the the life of a magician. Accidentally intro- movements of the hand began to be more duced to the Countess de Koucheleff, he was and on awaking the next morning I found the

gentle. In an hour I was in a quiet sleep, asked to an evening party at her house. disease had left me, and only a weakness reWhen entering the supper-room he was in- mained.” troduced to the countess's sister, a young lady whom he saw for the first time.

Next in importance to Mr. Home's mar

riage is the birth of a son at Petersburg on “ A strange impression came over me at the 8th May 1859. This event was preceded once, and I knew she was to be my wise. by strange phenomena, and heralded by alWhen we were seated at table, the young most celestial displays. A few hours after lady turned to me, and laughingly said, ' Mr. Home, you will be married before the year is his birth“ birds warbled for several hours, as ended?" I asked her why she said so; and if singing over him. A bright star appeared she replied that there was such a supersti- several times directly over his head, where it tion in Russia, when a person was at table remained for some moments, and then moved between two sisters. I made no reply. It slowly in the direction of the door, where it was true. In twelve days we were partially disappeared. The light was clearer and more engaged, and waiting only the consent of her distinctly globular than any other that Home mother.'

had seen; and he believes that the star came The family of his fiancée went in June to " through the mediumship of the child, who

burg, where Mr. Home was introduced had manifested on several occasions the pres-
mperor, who does not appear to have ence of the gift.”'
!c acquaintance of the spirits. Mr. We are unwilling to trench on the delicate
vas married on the 1st of August ground of his married life ; but our medium,
nd a short time after this event, when who pretends to have the same feeling, en-
was asleep, he saw the spirit of his courages us to follow him. In order to re-

cord some of the "several occasions”. on sions, he thinks, are produced by some" physwhich his child “ manifested the presence

" ical substance which causes some secret of his “ mediumship,” he makes the follow- chord of the soul to vibrate and awaken a ing statement :

memory of the Future, or that a flower of the “I do not like to allude to such a matter, spring-time has been shadowed forth among but as there are more strange things in heaven the chill blasts of autumn as a token of the and earth than are dreamtof in my philosophy! never-ceasing care of God, our loving Father, I do not feel myself at liberty to omit stating, for his children, whether in the past, presthat, during the latter part of my wife's ent, or the future, all being alike known to pregnancy, we thought it better that we him.” During this embrace, should not join in seances, because it was found that whenever the rappings occurred in . "I distinctly saw, at the first moment of the room, a simultaneous movement of the touching my mother-in-law, that after I child was distinctly felt, perfectly in unison should leave Ostend we should meet no more with the sounds. When there were three on earth. This impressional prediction did, sounds, three movements were felt, and so as has ever been the case with those which on; and when five sounds were heard, which have come to me in tbis way, prove correct.' is generally the call for the alphabet, she felt She died at St. Petersburg, in the middle of the five internal movements, and she would May, 1860, when he was in England. frequently, when we were mistaken in the letter, correct us from what the child indi In November, 1859, when in Paris, and cated."

when Mr. Home was absent from his house, It is not likely that experiments of this class rappings were heard upon the ceiling of the

room in which was his wife with the child will be tolerated within the domestic circle and his nurse. The spirits having been asked of reputable life ; but it is probable that this who the medium was, replied “ that it was abdominal calculating machine will, in our the sleeping child ; ”

6. but that they maternity hospitals at least, be prolific of would not manifest through him, as the atspiritual results. The Trinity mediumsbip mosphere which they made use of was necessary, of Father, Wife, and Child gave birth to new

for his physical development in the natural and high spiritual manifestations a week after

world." For this kind reason" the christening, and when the parties were

never from this time but once had


exterliving in the vicinity of Petersburg. nal evidence of any spirit presence through

“ One evening,” says our author, “ I re- the child, though he has given up many indimember one of my friends was converted from cations of his being a seer.' his previous unbelief by seeing a female hand, When in England, between the end of Nowhich was visible to all of us in the room, vember, 1859, and the 24th of July, 1860, slowly forming in the air, a few inches above manifestations in Mr. Home's presence“ were the table, until it assumed all the apparent materiality of a real hand. The hand took seen and investigated by persons of all ranks up a pencil, which was upon the table, and and classes, from statesmen down to those in wrote with it a communication which deeply humble life ; ” but in place of giving his own affected my friend, who recognized it as being description of these, he has selected, from the from his mother. The general belief is that “Spiritual Magazine " and other journals, the spirit hands always appear from beneath portions of the descriptions published by the the table, and already formed; but this is incorrect, for on many occasions, in the pres- were Mr. Pears, Mr. J. G. Crawford, Mr.

parties who saw them. These gentlemen ence of several persons at a time, they are seen to be formed in the full sight of all, in Wason, and others, male and female. Many the manner I have just described, and to melt of the usual phenomena were exhibited at the away as it were in the same way. Often, seances thus described. Mr. Pears testifies tvo, they have been seen to form themselves that a table, aster undulating movements " as high above our heads, and from thence to de- if its top were flexible,” rose from eighteen scend upon the table, and then disappear.”

to twenty-four inches clear of the floor,-that, On the anniversary of his marriage day, the spirits of deceased children of Mrs. Coxand while Mr. Home was embracing his mother- himself deliberately rapped, -that his grandin-law, “ he had another of those singular father and he had a tough struggle with a impressions which so often come to him at the bell under the table,--and that the presence moment of external contact." Such impres- of the “old, Quaker-like man, though not a.

they had



Quaker," was assumed by Mr. IIome, who, Mrs. Home, who, joining hands, held them by handshaking, characteristic words, gest-up, sayingures, and allusions, intelligible only to Mr.

" • Dear spirit, will you be one of my Pears, acted the grandfather whom he never guardian angels-watch over me with my Fasaw, so admirably as to astonish the grand-ther? Teach me what you would have me

do, and make me thankful to God for all his At the seance described by Mr. J. G. Craw- mercies.'. Our hands were clasped by a hand, ford, in a room “ 80 dark that they could not and her left hand was gently separated from see each other,” Mr. Home rose in the air, mine, and a ring, which was the signet ring and Mr. C. “ indubitably felt the soles of both finger. This ring was previously in the room,

father-in-law, was placed on her third his boots some three feet above the level of the but at a distance of at least twelve feet from floor." • Touch me not, or I shall come where the bed stood. Good-night, dear down,” cried the man-balloon ; but though not ones, and God bless you,' was then audibly touched, he came down.

spoken, and simultaneously with the sound " In less than five minutes after this, he

came three wafts of perfume, so delicious that

we both exclaimed, *How truly wonderremarked, I am again ascending; and from ful!'" the sound of his voice we could not but infer that he was actually rising towards the ceil- The spirit of Cagliostro vouchsafed its presing of the ante-room. He then appeared to ence for several days afterwards, and remained float under the archway, then to rise to the with Mrs. Homes up to the time of her passcornice of the room we were sitting in; and ing from earth.” we heard him quite distinctly make three cross marks on the ceiling, beside doing some

The predicted death of Mr. Home's mothother writing. Then he came softly down, er-in-law, which took place in the middle of and lay stretched out with his back on the May, 1860, was indicated to Mr. Home, most table ; in which position we found him when curiously, when he was visiting with a friend the gas was lighted, and when we distinctly Barclay and Perkins' Brewery. A pot of saw the marks on the ceiling which we had porter having been handed to him, he pat heard him make."

out his hand to take it, and “ as his fingers In his comment on this grand ascent, Mr. came in contact with the metal, a deep shudHome tells us that if his feet are touched, or der convulsed his frame,” and he suddenly if he is anxiously gazed at, till he has risen knew that his mother-in-law was dead. At above the heads in the room, he invariably a seance two nights later, her spirit placed comes down; but when he is fairly above its hands on the heads of her children, and heads, looking or touching has no effect. It wrote in her own handwriting, “ You will is, he conjectures, from some break in the love her always, wont you ?” and she signed magnetism in the former case, and not in the it Nathalie. Count T who was present latter.

at the seance,

came an atheist, and was one On the 3d April, 1860, Mr. Home attended no longer.”' a lecture by M. Louis Blanc, in which a good At a seance on the 1st of May, a most podeal was said about Cagliostro. On return-etical scene was represented by the spirits

. ing home he found his wife in bed with a A beautiful, transparent, unearthly female severe headache. After he had put out the band was raised aloft. When it vanished, light and was in bed, the room became as another hand appeared, which was followed luminous as under sunshine. Mrs. H. asked by a more earthly male hand placed on the if this was the spirit of Cagliostro. Three table.

Then came

a dear baby hand;" flashes of light, almost blinding, indicated then the baby itself showed its head, and a the presence of the great magician. He ap- spirit hand held up the little child with, what proached the bed “ till they felt a form lean- was unusual, a full display of her shoulders ing over it,” as if it were an actual material and waist. Courteous and graceful gestures presence. The magician at last articulately were then made to the party by a luminous spoke. My power was that of a mesmer- hand and arm, covered with a white, transist ; but all misunderstood by those about me, parent drapery. Spirit hands then held up my biographers have even done me injustice, an exquisite wreath of white flowers. The but I care not for the untruths of earth.A emblem of superstition was shown them by a hand was now placed on the heads of Mr. and black, shrivelled hand, and the emblem of



truth “by a fairy-like fountain of clear, | of mignionette and geranium flowers were sparkling water,

," which threw up showers placed in his hands by spirit hands, and inof silvery rays,

" and dwelling on the memory side Mr. W.'s waistcoat." The seance terin perfection!"

minated by Mr. Home floating in the air, and On the 9th of May, in a seance with nine indicating his place by ringing the small handfriends, the table, without the touch of hands, bell. " This scance,” says Mr. Wason, lifted itself four feet of the floor; and in a commenced with prayer, which I understood room made dark at the bidding of the spirits, was the usual course. the window-blinds moved up and down to Passing over Chapter IX., entitled “ The tone the light, and the leaves and sprigs of a • Cornhill’ and other Narratives,” and Dr. geranium broke from their moorings with a Gully of Malvern's account of what he bas snap, and fell on the right and left of the seen, as they contain no new phenomena, we party, “ though the plant was several feet come to Chapter X., entitled “ Miraculous from any of them.' Mr. Home then rose Preservation - France and England.” and floated in the air like a feather, about six On the 24th of July, 1860, when standing feet from the ground, the spirits moving an beneath a large poplar in the park of a chatottoman to receive him on his descent. He eau near Paris, a spirit voice called out, rose again, and, descending from near the “ Here, here!” and Mr. Home - was sudceiling, he was accomodated with a cushion denly seized by the collar of his coat, listed to sit upon, spirit-wafted from another otto- off the ground, and sw drawn aside a distance man !

of six or seven feet.” At the same instant a A lady witness, who for good reasons,” crashing sound was heard, and the medium withholds her name, saw on the 3d May new was thus miraculously saved from being varieties of manifestations. Her darling crushed to death by the fall of a limb of the spirit-child enfolded her in the heavy silk cur- poplar, which was nearly fifty feet long and tains of a bow-window, took the comb out of one foot in diameter, and which fell from a her hair, pulled down the blind with a visi- height of forty-five feet. ble hand, and disappeared, followed by other A day or two after this Dr. Hoefer came two hands. The table then floated above to the chateau for a scance.

The spirits sofas and chairs, four ottoman cushions were rapped “ Go see the branch." The branch hurled in the air to the other side of the was so firmly fixed in its fallen position, that room, nine or ten chairs flew up like lightning, it was believed “ that several horses would and the scene closed by the sign of the cross be required to move it. being made on the foreheads of two of the

“ Our surprise then,” says Mr. H.," may parties !

be imagined, when we now found that it had The next testimony to spiritual manifesta- been moved three or four inches laterally from tions is that of Mr. James Wason, solicitor its original point of support. Dr. Hoefer in Liverpool, who describes, with his name, said, 'I mly believe that the branch will what he saw in the company of “ two baro- be pushed down before us.'

I replied, • That nets, one an M.P., and the other the beir and time, I took in my hand one of the smaller

seems almost an impossibility.' At the same representative of a deceased M.P. of eminent twigs, and mentally said, “ Dear spirits, will ability,—the wife of a distinguished living you push this branch down!' I then disM.P., and others ; " and on another occasion tinctly felt as if some one gently touched the in a company of equal celebrities. The floors twig which I held. This was repeated, and and walls of the apartment shook like a steam- at the third touch, as it felt to me.” er's deck with the paddles at full work. A A piece of the thickest part of this fallen large, heavy table rose three or four feet from tree was sent to London, and on many occathe floor, “ suspended, Mohammed's coffin sions some very marvellous manifestations took fashion, for about a minute," and descended place with it! A block of this wood, so heavy like a snow-flake. The spirit-hand of the that two strong men could hardly move it, child of a lady, one of the party, placed in “ became as if it were a straw” in the hands Mr. Wason's hand a small bell, and after do- of Mr. Ilome, who “ carried it round the ing the same service to others, the bell rose room under his arm. The same block, and rung in mid-air, visibly revolving round, three feet eight inches long, and three feet and touching the heads of the party. “ Pieces round, seems on another occasion to have:




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