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the time who were strongly acted on by a above his strength, and his comfortable berth desire to pierce deeper into the secrets of na- by door or hob of Penetralia, would have ture, so as to procure a long enjoyment of known him no more. this world's goods, as they looked but to a The spirit of prophecy made the soul of the joyless after-life. These became incessant in chaste priestess of Delphi his favorite restsacrificing to, and otherwise propitiating, the ing-place; but, when the oracle became dumb, mysterious Hecate, the powers that ruled the genius, now a lying, and perverse, and Hades, and the elements of the earth, the ill-informed one, selected for abode the breast fire, and the air, that they might be admitted of a woman, young or old, who, for the gift, to communication with those subtle and had bartered her salvation with the Evil One. powerful beings from whom they were sep. It fared somewhat better with the fauns and arated by their envelope of earth. The means the female genii of the hills, the forests, the used were travesties of the forms in which lakes, and the rivers. These became fairies, adoration had been paid from the beginning more or less kindly disposed to man; and the to the Supreme Being—incantations in mys- worst that happened to the fauns was their tic numbers instead of prayers, and sacrifices transformation to pookas, fir-darrigs, and chiefly of unclean animals, and offerings of lurikeens. various substances always looked on with dis In the heathen dispensation, Zens, Ares, gust as connected with the decay of our mortal Poseidon, and Orcus, contract morganatic frames.

marriages with mortal women ; and some All that may be fairly looked on as super- favored mortals, such as Anchises, Endymstitious practices among Christians, all belief ion, Tithonus, and Numa Pompilius, found in fairies and ghosts, are relics of paganism, favor in eyes of goddess, nymph of stream which, despite the zeal and teaching of the or sea, Oread of the hill, or Hamadryad of early missionaries, remained fixed in the the wood. Those good times having come to minds and hearts of the partly converted. an end, Michael Scott is found dwelling with Some pagan ideas remained the objects of lin- the fairy queen in her kingdom; the handgering attachment and reverence, others of some fisherman sitting by the side of the fear and dislike. The great shaggy satyr, northern fiord, is enticed by the mermaid to Pan, concerning whom the awful voice was descend to the meads and bowers at the botheard by the coast-dwellers of the central sea tom of the green waves ; Ossian follows a

-" The great god Pan is dead,” lost his golden-haired maiden through the sun-lighted prestige, and became the hoofed and horned waves till they reach Tir-na-n-Oge, land of devil of mediæval story and legend. The youthful delight, at the bottom of the AtlanLares and Lemures began to feel their iden- tic; and the founder of the house of O'Sullitities and dispositions blending and getting van Mhor is equally fortunate. Women, confused ; and at last the brownie or goblin, neglecting the sacred Christian rites, are cardrudging lubber-fiend, lurikawn or pooka, ried into fairy hills, and recognized after was the result-nearly as well disposed as the many years by old neighbors, who, belated Lar to the happiness of the family in which and slightly affected by “mountain dew,” he was domesticated, but retaining something have entered an enchanted rath, lighted up of the malignity of the Larva, and taking de- brighter than the day, and filled with beautilight in whimsical and ludicrous annoyance, ful men and women with rich dresses, such inflicted on lazy man or maid-servant. He as he never before saw, and probably will still was grateful for food, but his reason for never see again. decamping from any house where new clothes But the representatives of the Celtic or were laid in his way, has not, as far as we Gothic superstition have received damage know, been satisfactorily accounted for. Th from their re ancestors. The graceful old familiar was only provided with a dog- fairy, dressed in red and green, skimming skin dressing-gown, so that for want of a suit over a Kerry meadow by moonlight, or the of ceremony, he could not go out to evening Neck, sitting by Scandinavian lake, and playparties however wiling he might be. Per- ing on his harp, is equally doubtful of future haps. had the Latian or Veian, or Tuscan happiness, when their present home shall Lar, been gladdened with the sight of a good" wither like a parched scroll.” If priest or surtout, the temptation would have been peasant tell the anxiously inquiring Neck

that he will be saved through the Saviour's hypotheses as certain, deduces preposterous merits and goodness, then will he joyfully conclusions from them, but is not able to dance on the smooth lake to the sound of his shake the count's confidence in the soundness harp; but if a harsh answer is made, he ut- of his system, of which the following meagre ters a shriek, and dives to the water's deep-outline is presented :est recess. These parallels might be extended

At the creation, beings of a refined and to the utmost limit of a volume; so we give subtle essence were created to watch over the them up in despair.

four elements, and kept the machinery of In adverting to the successors of the magi- our terrestrial orb in the most pleasing and cians, white and black, of ancient times, we

useful order. They were not spirits in the must necessarily refer to that repository of the quintessence of the several elements, re

common acceptation of the word, but rather recondite knowledge, the Cabbala. The root fined and condensed, and differing from of the word is kibbel, to receive, which had each other much in the same proportion as reference to the supposed lofty learning ac- the grosser particles from which they were quired by Moses, while on the Mount, and sublimated. These were the nymphs, the which he afterwards communicated to Joshua. sylphs, the salamanders, and the gnomes, This was orally handed down to succeeding air, the fire, and the earth. There were male

their respective charges being the waters, the scholars, and passed in time to Christian and female spirits, even as the human race adepts, whom the later Jewish sages admit- consisted of men and women; and if our first ted to their confidence in the spirit of Free parents had consulted the well-being of themmasonry: By degrees, those secret commu- selves and their posterity, Eve would have nications, in which the hidden designs of wedded one of these pure and powerful beings, Providence, and all the mystic relations of and Adam another. Then, instead of the spirit and matter were revealed, were en- cumbers the earth, there would flourish,

sickly, weak, and wicked race that now intrusted to ink and parchment. The adepts during the time allotted for its endurance, a began to feel less interest in the vast scheme noble race of intellectual, powerful, and gloof creation than in their own supposed re- rious beings, exempt from the yoke of passion lations with the lower invisible beings among and appetite, and enriched with a profound whom they lived ; and at last the studies of knowledge of the operations of nature, the the sages seemed confined to the means for mystical relations of the other heavenly obliging the elementary spirits to appear and

bodies with ours, and the duties of all crea

tures to the Creator. reveal their knowledge.

6. This desirable state of things, however, Has any reader of the University not yet was not to be. Our first parents foolishly perused the “ Rape of the Lock,” that gem (and even wickedly according to the Cabbaof ethereal poesy? Without pausing for an- listic philosophy, of which Count Gabalis swer, we beg to remind him that the poet, was a high professor), preferred each other in dedicating the work to Mrs. Arabella Fer- for life companions, and, we their unhappy mor, the beautiful heroine of the piece, re

offspring, are enduring the bitter consequen

ces of their folly. fers her to certain memoirs of Le Comte de

“ Noah was wiser in his generation than Gabalis for illustration of the spiritual ma- Adam. Being actuated by the most lofty chinery of the fable. He tells her that many motives, he and his wife, Vesta, agreed to ladies had read the book on the supposition live apart, and select new partners from the of its being a romance, but says nothing as to elementary genii. She selected the Salamanthe author's name or station. The witty and der, Oromasis, for her new lord and master, learned writer was the Abbe de Villars, of and their children were the renowned Zorothe Montfaucon family, and near relative of beloved of Numa in aftertimes. Sambetbe,

aster (otherwise Japhet), and Egeria, the the learned Père de Montfaucon, Benedictin. a wise daughter of Noe, had the same goodHe was assassinated on the road from Paris fortune. It is scarcely necessary to explain to Lyons in 1675, by a relative of his own. that the sybils had the blood (ichor, we meant

The Count of Gabalis, a profound Rosicru- to say) of the sylphs in their arteries. Ham cian, pays a visit to the representative of the did not approve of this conduct of his parents,

nor of the similar one of his brothers and their author, a young gentleman with a penchant partners. He was a man of low propensities, for occult studies, and reveals the mysteries and preferred his earthly, wife to sylph, of his peculiar science to his half incredulous ondine, gnome, or salamander, and see the listener. The disciple taking the master's result in the inferior African race, their pos

terity. The vestal virgins were instituted in in principle with what has been explained, but honor of her mother by Egeria, and Zoroaster we are not to blame. shed his lights on Persia and other countries During the period from the days of Noe of Asia. The noble race (Ham's posterity to the commencement of the Christian era, excepted) that so rapidly peopled the world and in the rampant days of Paganism, thé after the flood, owed their personal greatness elemental spirits wished to furnish to man and the stupendous works they were able to these helps, which an outraged Providence execute (still an enigma to the little people seemed indisposed to afford. So fine weather of later times) to the wisdom of Noah and was sent and prophecies were uttered by variVesta's selection of partners. * It is not sur- ous oracles, the foreseeing power of each beprising that the grand feature of Manichæism, ing an individual of one of the four orders. the denouncing of matrimony as being of the " As in most cases the human Media of Evil Principle or Arimanes, should have old prophecies were of the gentle sex, they taken its rise in the favored country of the must have got their inspiration from spiritual son of the Salamander, Oromasis.

beings of the ungentle ditto, who imparted " One little inconvenience attending the their knowledge of futurity to their mortal condition of our Rosicrucian essences, was spouses in return for the great boon of imtheir being subject to annihilation after longer mortality received through them. Gnome, or shorter periods of existence. However, nymph, salamander, or sylph, partaking in there was not wanting balm in Gilead. As no degree whatever of the malevolent nature soon as marriage rites were solemnized be- of the demons, thought-good easy spirits !tween mortal and sylph, that moment the that they were doing great good by imparting aerial bride or bridegroom became immortal. their knowledge of future and distant occurSo the tutelary spirits of fire, air, and water, rences to their favorites ; but see how the were well disposed to these profitable and best things may be abused by mortal folly pleasing alliances with the adepts of the Cab- and demon wickedness. The devils finding ħalistic science. The devils, notwithstanding man abandoned to his own devices, and no the prevalent belief concerning their state, powers looking after his lowly condition but were strictly confined within the glowing cen- the benevolent beings of the Cabbala, got it tre of the earth, and unable to look abroad circulated among the degenerate sons of men, on our fair world, or induce man or woman that the priestess who sat on the uncomfortto displease the Creator. The gnomes—the able tripod at Delphi, received inspiration, spirits of the earth produced by the selection not from an elemental sprite, but from a and etherization of its finest particles, resid- deity, who deserved and ought to receive diing in the regions next to the demons' habi- vine honors from the hands and lips of man. tation, had good opportunity of witnessing Moreover, the spirits the refined quintessentheir horrible condition, indefinitely aggra- ces and the guardians of the elements from vated by the idea of the eternity of their suf- which they had been formed, were not merely ferings. The demons, on their side, improved to be cherished and honored, but adoredthe occasion by representing to the simple- yes, adored ! * Oh,cunning and baleful fiends, minded gnomes, that if they formed earthly how like the bees of Trebizond,' you conconnections they would be damned, and their vert the finest juice extracted from the flowers torments lengthened out for an eternity of of creation into deadly poison, driving the eternities. This had the desired effect. souls of men into madness. Scarcely a gnome would consent to be united “ It might be naturally supposed that the to the finest man or woman born (bear in mind marriage of an ondine or a sylph with a son that there are male and female gnomes), wbile of Eve, would be attended with some joyful the only bar that prevented every nymph, ceremonial ; such, indeed, was the case. The sylph, and salamander from obtaining the sprites on these occasions would, as a preparboon of immortality, was the fewness of the atory exercise, listen to a Prone from a head large minded philosophers of the occult sci- doctor in Cabbalistic lore. If it were a reence, who alone were calculated to make them luctant gnome brought at last to see the er-happy. The following great fact jars a little ror of his ways, the professor would hold

forth on the great benefit conferred on him. * It may be reasonably supposed that the text “ The sons of God saw the daughters of men,” etc., * We are not ignorant of the jarring of this poretc., misunderstood and misinterpreted, led, to the tion of the Cabbalistic theory upon that already adoption of these absurdities and the Manichean enunciated concerning the innocuous and confined errors, among the professors of the Cabbala. A va- condition of the natives of Pandemonium. But if riety introduced by some sage makes Namah, wife of any theory-monger whose system is not based on Noah, to have been beloved by the spirit Azael, who God's Word finds fault, we will be at the trouble of for her sake voluntarily renounced his high privi- obliging him to produce his own. The vulgar theory: lege, and has continued an outcast to the present as to the necessity of a good memory to a liar is very: time.

applicable here.

by his union with a daughter of earth, all fay or genius, Melusina, is not the ancestress that his neighbors of the burning pit could of the noble house of Lusignan, in Poitiers. say against it, notwithstanding.

"If any ambitious and inquisitive reader « Orpheus was the first of mortal mould is induced to seek the acquaintance of these who held forth to these subtilized beings; wise, beautiful, and benevolent beings, and and on his opening speech the great gnome, is anxious to know the mode of opening a Sabatius, abjūred annihilation and celibacy, communication with them, let him restrain and took a mortal bride. These meetings his impatience a little. The learned Comte have since borne the name of the wise con- de Gabalis offered to introduce his disciple to vert, and a new trait of the malice of the an assembly whom he was going to address in devil has manifested itself thereby: We do public; this was to be on the next interview not hear much of Witches' Sabats,' so called, between disciple and sage; but if it took till the middle of the fifteenth century, but place, the Abbé has left presentation and acthey existed long before, and the Satanic quaintance unrecorded. There is a supposiagents took care to spread abroad that instead tion that the Teraphim carried off from Laban of intellectual and mildly joyful reunions, were used by him for obtaining interviews they were meetings held by repulsive old with the sprites, and therefore his concern hags, and shameless young women, and the at being robbed of them was so great. Mireprobate men, all presided over by the great cheas, in the Book of Judges, also bitterly goatish-looking wretch himself, who made lamented his idols, probably for the same villanous music for them, exhorted them to reason. The only hope we can hold out to do all the mischief practicable between that our presumptuous friend lies in a search after and the next meeting; and instead of allow- these idols or Teraphim. ing them to kiss his hand or mouth, obliged “The mystics of the Middle Ages chereach man or woman to bestow his or her ac- ished tutelar genii, as well as these beings colade upon a less honorable portion of his just enlarged on. These undertook to warn person. Another palpable instance of the the mortals to whom they were attached of devil's vain-glory, and his spite against impending danger, to point out the right line gnomes and men Knowing the noble and of conduct in doubtful concerns, and to be of lofty position to be attained by man when as much use to him in worldly matters as united in brotherhood to the elemental genii, his guardian angel in the affairs of his spirithe gets his fauterers on earth to throw an air ual ones. Hence the warnings sent in dreams of sordid indecency, impiety, and horror over the sudden thoughts that enter the mind, these reunions, Goethe and other poets giv- as by inspiration, pointing to this or that line ing their aid, and thus deterred men from an of conduct or action, sure to lead to a good acquaintance so beneficial to themselves and result. Those who appear born to disaptheir posterity

pointments and misfortunes are naturally “We must give another instance or two wayward and negligent and indocile to good of the malicious aspersions thrown upon the instruction : hence their genii ‘at last get descendants of the gnomes and sylphs. The tired of their charge, and leave them to the great (impostor according to some) Appolo-ordinary adverse course of events. What nius of Tyana understood the language of earthly chance would all the non-beautiful birds ; could vanish into thin air when Domi- women have of winning desirable partners in tian wished to lay hands on him; raised a life were they not aided by their genii, who dead girl to life; announced in an assembly communicate a charm to their tones and gesin Asia, that at the same moment they were tures, infuse an agreeability of manner into putting a týrant to death in Rome ; * but all them, and cause their homely features to be these great deeds of his are imputed to the seen through an enchanted medium? An exdevil instead of the ondine or salamander, to ample will exhibit the proceedings of these whom he was tied in Hymen's chain. An good genii better than whole pages of essay. English princess bears the sage Merlin to a " Å savant of Dijon, contemporary with spirit-husband, and the world, instigated by Christina of Sweden and Descartes, was anthe evil one, denounces her as an unchaste noyed by a passage in one of the Greek poets woman. Yea, many will contend that the for days. He was unable to penetrate the

sense; and, at last, despairingly be ok him* This Cagliostro of the ancients was born in Cap- self to sleep. In a dream his genius conpadocia, a few years before the Christian era. Te ducted him to the royal library of Stockholm. was a Pythagorean, and renounced wine, women, He accurately observed the arrangement of meat, and fish, at least in appearance. He died the shelves, busts, etc., and at the end, opened towards the end of the first century, making sure to conceal the manner of it, even from his confident,

a volume, and found, about the twenty-fourth Damis. This honest man wrote his life, which was page, a passage in Greek which completely afterwards enlarged and polished into a romance by solved his difficulty. Awaking, he struck å Philostratus.

light, wrote down the lines while they were

fresh in his memory, and on rising next morn- of the genius -- the brimless hat, the winding, he found the solution of his perplexity ing-sheet, and the inscriptions, and fumigaon the table. He questioned by letter the tions, and lustrations, were not omitted. philosopher, Descartes, who had charge of The tyro went on his knees, and recited a the library at Stockholm at the time, and certain formula, with his face to the east, his found the description given of its local fea-eyes having previously been rubbed with a tures to correspond exactly with the picture collyrium used by Psellus * when invoking presented to him in his sleep. A duplicate spirits. He had also swallowed some drops of the very scarce volume, which he had up of a concentrated essence of pure earth. The to the date of his dream, never seen, was sent gnome prince appeared, small of size, but to him, and his wonder and perplexity were finely proportioned, and in his reply to the great. Let no professional mountebank as- great Magnamara, he was as little complicribe this wonderful circumstance to his dar- inentary to the human family as the King of ling clairvoyance; the savant had no profes- Brobdingnag to Lemuel Gulliver's fellowsor by to throw him into the mesmeric trance, men, after the little man had endeavored to and bid him cherche.

impress his gigantic majesty with the good“ This case was nearly matched by what ness and power and ability of European huhappened to a councillor of the French Par- man nature in the reign of the First George." liament, to whom a young man appeared in his sleep, and uttered a few words in a for

Such sages as the imaginary Count of Gabeign and (to him) unknown tongue. He alis and Mr. Magnamara would, of course, wrote down the sounds as well as he could, shudder at being obliged to seek aid from and showed the paper to the learned Mons. genius or elementary sprite in obtaining any de Sommaise, who pronounced the piece to gift less than the Universal Menstruum or be a Syriac passage written in Roman char- the philosopher's stone, and this chiefly for acter, and the purport this : “Go out of thy the advantage of their fellow men. They rehouse ; for it will be a heap of ruins to

nounced the agency

of the devil and his imps morrow evening. The councillor showed himself a man of sense. He removed his fam- (in theory) as earnestly as ever did Miss ily and his furniture ; and the house, when Miggs prenounce the Pope of Babylon and it fell, caused no 1988 of life nor valuable fur- all his works which is Pagan.” The contrast niture.

between the knowledge-seeking, disinterested “ These and other wonderful interferences spirit of Rosicrucianism f evident in the of genii for good are given on the authority dreamy theories of Cardan, Agrippa, Paracalled Magnamara. He made no dificulty celsus, Albertus Magnus, and others, and the of bringing a young aspirant face to face malignant, disgusting, and horrible practices with his guardian genius. In an obscure of sorcery, from its rise among the earliest apartment he drew a circle on the floor, and idolators, is very striking. It is not surprisa square within the circle (Sir E. Bulwer ing, that those who believed every portion of Lytton would have preferred a pentagon), the earth and its products, and all the powers placed a mysterious name of the Deity at of nature, to be represented by some numen each angle of the figure, ard the powerful name, Agla, in the centre. He then stripped

or spiritual influence, should endeavor to the postulant, clapped a brimless hat on his propitiate the superior essences, and subjuhead, and a winding-sheet round his shoul- gate the inferior ones to their will. The ders, made him so stand inside the square moon, so mystical in its motions and changes, that the powerful Agla would lie between his its apparent waning and extinction, and refeet, punctured some characters on his fore- newal of being, could not fail to attract the head, and wrote certain words in two small deepest attention from every tyro in the circles in his right hand. This was all, except some very vigorous prayers said on his study of occult sciences. The priests boasted knees, with his face to the rising sun.

* A Greek writer who flourished in the reign of " It will be recollected that the Comte de Constantine Ducas.

+ Ros, dew ; and crux, cross.

The dew was supGabalis forgot to summon, or was prevented posed one of the most effective dissolvents for all from summoning, one of the elementary stubborn substances. Crucibles were marked with sprites for the edification of his disciple; but the cross, and the compound word was deemed a fit the Irish sage, after gratifying his pupil with title for

sages in search of the Universal

Menstruum the sight of his genius, called up a refractory and the philosopher's stone. John Valentine Angnome, to whom he read an unavailing lec- drews, born in the end of the fifteenth century, ture on the stiff-neckedness of his tribe re- their secrets as carefully as the Druids. They seem garding intermarriages with mortals. The to have dwindled into the Illuminati of the eighdress of ceremony was the same as on the visit teenth century.

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