Poems from the Inner Life

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W. White, 1873 - 171 pages

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Page 11 - And the time being come that they must depart, they were accompanied with most of their brethren out of the city unto a town sundry miles off, called Delft Haven, where the ship lay ready to receive them. So they left that goodly and pleasant city which had been their resting-place near twelve years ; but they knew they were pilgrims and looked not much on those things, but lift up their eyes to the heavens, their dearest country, and quieted their spirits.
Page 50 - God of the Granite and the Rose ! Soul of the Sparrow and the Bee ! The mighty tide of Being flows Through countless channels, Lord, from Thee. It leaps to life in grass and flowers, Through every grade of being runs, While from Creation's radiant towers Its glory flames in Stars and Suns.
Page 145 - According to Fichte, there is a ' Divine Idea' pervading the visible Universe ; which visible Universe is indeed but its symbol and sensible manifestation, having in itself no meaning, or even true existence independent of it. To the mass of men this Divine Idea of the world lies hidden : yet to discern it, to seize it, and live wholly in it, is the condition of all genuine virtue, knowledge, freedom ; and the end therefore of all spiritual effort in every age.
Page 137 - God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, and received up into glory - - - - - - _ _ _ p.
Page 107 - Once before I found a mortal Waiting at the heavenly portal, Waiting but to catch some echo from that ever.opening door; Then I seized his quickened being, And through all his inward seeing Caused my burning inspiration in a fiery flood to pour. Now I come more meekly human, And the weak lips of a woman Touch with fire from off the altar, not with burnings as of...
Page 24 - Esquimau, in his strange canoe, Was the only living soul ! Along the coast, like a giant host, The glittering icebergs frowned, Or they met on the main, like a battle plain And crashed with a fearful sound ; The seal and the bear, with a curious stare, Looked down from the frozen heights, And the stars in the skies, with their great wild eyes, Peered out from the Northern Lights. The gallant Crozier and brave Fitz James And even the stout Sir John Felt a doubt, like a chill thro' their warm hearts...
Page 125 - Then out from the mystical splendour, The swift-changing, crystalline light, The rainbow-hued, scintillant light, Gleamed faces more touching and tender Than ever had greeted our sight Our sun-blinded, death-darkened sight ; And they sang : ' Welcome home to the kingdom, Ye earth-born and serpent-beguiled ! The Lord is the light of this kingdom, And His temple the heart of a child Of a trustful and teachable child ; Ye are born to the life of the kingdom Receive and believe as a child.
Page 132 - Swift I fled from death and darkness, Through the streets of Baltimore ! No one near to save or love me! No kind face to watch above me ! Though I heard the sound of footsteps, Like the waves upon the shore, Beating, beating, beating, beating! Now advancing, now retreating With a dull and dreamy rhythm With a long, continuous roar Heard the sound of human footsteps, In the streets of Baltimore...
Page 24 - While the blossoms are on the trees ; For the summer is short, and the time speeds on, As we sail for the Northern Seas. Ho, gallant Crozier, and brave...
Page 25 - They sped them away, beyond cajro and bay, And they sought, but they sought in vain, For no way was found, through the ice around, To return to their homes again.

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