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Phillimore's Ecclesiastical Law.-The Ecclesiastical Law of the

Church of England. By SIR ROBERT PHILLIMORE, D.C.L.,
Official Principal of the Arches Court of Canterbury; Member of Her
Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council. 2 vols. 8vo. 1873. Price

31. 3s., cloth. Prideaux's Precedents in Conveyancing; with Dissertations

on its Law and Practice. Seventh Edition. By FREDERICK PRIDEAUX and JOHN WHITCOMBE, both of Lincoln's Inn, Esqrs.,

Barristers-at-Law. 2 vols. royal 8vo. 1873. Price 31. 3s. cloth. " We really can hardly imagine a conveyancer being required to prepare any instrument which he will not find sketched out in the work under notice.

We can cordially recommend the book to both branches of the Profession." — Law Journal, Jan. 1, 1870. See also, March 15, 1873.

“ This is a revised edition of a work, to which the most favourable criticism cannot add reputation."— Law Times, March 22, 1873. Addison on Wrongs and their Remedies ; being a Treatise

on the Law of Torts. Fourth Edition. By F. S. P. WOLFERSTAN,

Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Royal 8vo. 1873. Price 11. 18s. cloth. Fitzgerald's Ballot Act, 1872, with an Introduction. Forming

a Guide to the Procedure at Parliamentary and Municipal Elections. By GERALD A. R. FITZGERALD, M.A., of Lincoln's Inn, Barristerat-Law, Esq., and Fellow of St. John's College, Oxford. Foolscap 8vo.

1872. Price 3s. 6d. cloth. Wharton's Law Lexicon or Dictionary of Jurisprudence,

explaining the Technical Words and Phrases employed in the several departments of English Law, including the various Legal Terms used in Commercial Business ; together with an Explanatory as well as Literal Translation of the Latin Maxims contained in the Writings of the Ancient and Modern Commentators. Fifth Edition, Revised and Enlarged, by J. SHIRESS WILL, Esq., of the Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law.

Super-royal 8vo. 1872. Price 21. 2s. cloth. Daniell's Chancery Practice.—The Practice of the High Court

of Chancery, with some Observations on the Pleadings in that Court. By the late EDMUND: ROBERT DANIELL, Barrister-at-Law. Fifth Edition ; with References to a Companion Volume of Forms and Precedents. By LEONARD FIELD and EDWARD CLENNELL DUNN, Barristers-at-Law, with the assistance of JOHN BIDDLE, of the Master of the Rolls' Chambers. 2 vols. 8vo. 1871. Price 41. 43. cloth.

Supplemental volume to the above. The Practice of the High Court of Chancery and the Court

of Chancery (Funds) Act, 1872, together with Appendices containing the Act and the Rules and Orders thereunder, and a Collection of Forms. By LEONARD FIELD and EDWARD CLENNELL DUNN, Barristers-at-Law. 8vo. 1873. Price 8s. 6d. cloth.

A Companion Volume of Forms to the above. Chancery Court and Chamber Forms.-Forms and Precedents WORKS PUBLISHED BY STEVENS AND SONS.


of Pleadings and Proceedings in the High Court of Chancery; with practical Notes and Observations,

Braith waite's Record and Writ Pra


OHN BIDDLE, of the Master of the with References to the Fifth E

ctice. By JOHN BIDDLE. 8vo. 18


Browne's Probate Practice: a Treatise on the Principles and

Practice of the Court of Probate, in Contentious and Non-Contentious
Business, with the Statutes, Rules, Fees, and Forms relating thereto.
By GEORGE BROWNE, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. 8vo. 1873. Price

11. ls, cloth. Williams Notes to Saunders' Reports.-By the late Serjeant

WILLIAMS. Continued to the present time by the Right Hon. Sir
EDWARD VAUGHAN WILLIAMS. 2 vols. royal 8vo. 1871.

Price 21. 10s. cloth. If any man at the common law bar wishes to be well up in the knowledge necessary in that branch of the profession to which he has devoted himself, he can scarcely obtain elsewhere moret rustworthy instruction. Such cannot do better than read, mark, and inwardly digest these voluines.”—Law Magazine, Nov. 1871. Browne on Carriers.-A Treatise on the Law of Carriers of Goods

and Passengers by Land and Water. With References to the most recent American Decisions. By J. H. BALFOUR BROWNE, Esq., of the

Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law. 8vo. 1873. Price 18s. cloth. Lely and Foulkes' Licensing Acts, 1828, 1869 and 1872;

Containing The Law of the Sale of Liquors by Retail and the Management of Licensed Houses; with Notes to the Acts, a Summary of the Law, and an Appendix of Forms. By J. M. LELY and W. D. I.

FOULKES, Barristers-at-Law. Royal 12mo. 1872. Price 6s. cloth. Arnould on the Law of Marine Insurance.-Fourth Edition.

By DAVID MACLACHLAN, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. 2 vols.

royal 8vo. 1872. Price 21. 128. 6d. cloth. Goddard on Easements.-A Treatise on the Law of Easements.

By JOHN LEYBOURN GODDARD, of the Middle Temple, Bar

rister-at-Law. 8vo. 1871. Price 14s. cloth. ' Nowhere bas the subject been treated so exhaustively, and, we may add, so scientifically, as by Mr. Goddard. We recommend it to the most careful study of the law student, as well as to the library of the practitioner.”—Law Times, March 18, 1871. Tilsley's Stamp Laws.-A Treatise on the Stamp Laws, being

an Analytical Digest of all the Statutes and Cases relating to Stamp Duties, with Practical Remarks thereon; together also with Tables of all the Stamp Duties payable in the United Kingdom after the 1st January, 1871, and of Former Duties, &c., &c.; being a Revision of the Second Edition of the Original Work on the Stamp Laws, by the late HUGH TILSLEY, Assistant Solicitor of Intana Revenue, to agree with the Law under the 33 & 34 Vict. c. 97. By EDWARD HUGH

TILSLEY, of the Inland Revenue Office 8vo. 1871. Price 183. cloth. Smith's Mercantile Law.

Adium of Mercantile Law. By JOHN WILLIAM SMITH, late of the Inner Temple, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Eighth Edition. By GEORGE MORLEY DOWDESWELL, of the Inner Temple, Esq., one of her Majesty's Counsel.

Royal 8vo. 1871. Price 11. 16s. cloth. Woodfall's Law of Landlord and Tenant.-A Practical Treatise

on the Law of Landlord and Tenant, with a full Collection of Precedents and Forms of Procedure. Tenth Edition. By W. R. COLE,

Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Royal 8vo. 1871. Price 11. 18s. cloth. Russell on the Power and Duty of an Arbitrator, and the

Law of Submissions and Awards; with an Appendix of Forms, and of the Statutes relating to Arbitration. Fourth Edition. By FRANCIS RUSSELL, Esq., M.A., Barrister-at-Law. Royal 8vo. 1870. Price

11. 16s. cloth. Smith's Manual of Equity Jurisprudence.--A Manuel of

Equity Jurisprudence founded on the Works of Story, Spence, and other writers, and on the subsequent cases, comprising the Fundamental Principles and the Points of Equity usually occurring in General Practice. Eleventh Edition. By JOSIAH W. SMITH, B.C.L., one of Her Majesty's Counsel, Judge of County Courts. 12mo. 1873. Price 12s. 6d, cloth.

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