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ences. Be thankful for them, but put them not in
the place of Christ, or the word of his grace ; so
to make them the ground of your present confidence,
For the source of your future comfort. For so to do,
is not to rely on the promise of God, and to live
by faith in Jesus Christ ;. but to admire your own
accomplishments, by which you differ from other
men, and to live upon your own frames. The con-
sequences of which most commonly is, either Phari.
saical pride, imagining ourselves to be better than
others; or desponding fears, as if, when our frames
are flat and our spirits languid, there were no salva-
tion for us.. The peace and comfort of such pro-
fessors must be uncertain to the last degree. But as
a guilty, perịshing sinner; as having no recommen-
dation nor any encouragement, to believe in Jesus,
or to look for salvation by him, but what is contain-
ed in the word, of grace; depend upon him, live by
bim. The more you behold the glory of God in
the face of Jesus Christ, the more will you see of.
your own ņ vileness. The more you grow in real ho-
finess, the more sensible you will be of the power
of your own corruptions, and of the imperfections
attending all your duties. You will be more and
more convinced, that if the gospel did not warrant
your dependence on Christ, under the character of
a sinner; you could have no hope, even after ever
so long and zealous a profession of religion. You
should live under a continual remembrance, that
„you are still an unworthy, a guilty, a damnable crea-
iture, but accepted in Christ, and freed from every
curse, That will keep you truly humble, and pro-
voke to self-abhorrence; this will make you really
happy, and excite to praise and duty.

Watch against carnal security and spiritual sloth.
Forget not that you have many enemies. Be sober,

So &

duty and blessing to live in the prospect of the

therefore, be vigilant. Time is short and absolutely uncertain. Husband well your precious moments. Lay them out for God. Be careful that the fruits of gratitude to your infinite. Benefactor may adorn your whole behaviour. Make the holiness and use. fulness of the life of Jesus your fair example : copy after that brightest of patterns. Remember, that the eyes of God, of angels, of accursed spirits, and of men, are all upon you. Both friends and ene. mies inspect your conduct and mark your steps. How necessary then is watehfulness and circumspection ! Lest, falling into sin, your spiritual joys be impaired, your friends and allies be grieved, and your adversaries triumph.-Having received the earnest of your future inheritance; having had some joyful foretastes of that immense bliss, of which yougi O christian, are an heir; make it your constant business, as it is your indispensable duty, to live above the world, whether your temporal circumstances be affluent or penurious, prosperous or ad

Let your conversation be in heaven, a's becomes a citizen of the New-Jerusalem. It is your

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world to come, and as on the confines of it. Cone verse much with the Eternal Mind, in prayer and praise, and holy meditation :- so shall you contract a biessed intimacy with that sublime Being whose favour is better than life, whose frown is worse than destruction: By such an intercourse with God you will taste mure exquisite delights than all the pleasures of sin can boast; than all the riches of the world

can bestow. Yes, believer, by such converse, with God, you shall find your mercies sanctified, and your afflictions alleviated; your holy dispositions invigorated, and your corrupt affections weakened. Be it your constant endeavour that, whenever your fairy your

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glorious, your heavenly Bridegroom shall come, he may find you ready; having your loins girt, your lamp burning, and waiting for his glorious advent. So shall your soul be peaceful, your life useful, and your death triumphant.

While we soar on the wings of faith and holy me. ditation, in order to explore the wonders of reigning grace ; while we endeavour to sound its depths and to measure its heights, we are elevated, as it were, to the suburbs of heaven. We taste of joys divinely sweet, and savour the entertainments of angels. But, alas ! how soon the pinions of divine contemplation dag! How soon are we interrupted by the workings of indwelling sin, or by the impertinences of a noisy, busy, transcient world! Yet, for our comfort, we have to remember, that when a few more of our fleeting days are elapsed, we shall enter on a state unchangeable to enjoy those infinite delights which are included in the beatific vision; in the fruition of the eternal JEHOVAH.

To conclude: from this imperfect and brief survey of The reign of Grace; from this feeble attempt to illustrate its power and majesty, we may learn ; That the free favour of God, manifested in our salvation, is a theme so copious and sublime, that all which can be said by the most evangelical and eloquent preachers ; all that can be written by the most accurate and descriptive pens; all that can be conceived by the most excursive and sanctified imagination among the sons of men, must come infinitely short of a full display. Yes, after all that is imagined or can be sung, by angels or men, by seraphs or saints, in the church below or in the choirs above; the charming subject will remain hausted to eternity. For the riches of Christ are


unsearchable, and the grace of God is unbounded Who, then,

" Who shall fulfil the boundless song?

“What vain pretender dares ?
"T theme surmounts an angel's tongue,
* And Gabriel's harp despairs."


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CHAP. I. Concerning the Signification of the term

Chap. II. Of Grace, 'as it reigns in our Salva-

tion in general
CHAP. III. Of Grace, as it regns in our Elec-.

CHAP. IV. Of Grace, as it reigns in our Effec-

tual Calling
Chap. V. Of Grace, as it reigns in a full

, free,
and everlasting Pardon
Chap. VI. Of Grace, as it reigns in our Justifi-

CHAP. VII. Of Grace, as it reigns in our

Chap. VIII. of Grace, as it reigns in our sanc-

Chap. IX. Concerning the Necesssity and use-

fulness of Holiness and good Works 216
CHAP. X. Of Grace, as it reigns in the Perse-

verance of the Saints to eternal Glory : 230
CHAP. XI. Concerning the Person of Christ, by
whon Grace reigns

CHAP. XII. Concerning the work of Christ,
through which Grace reigns

Chap. XIII. Concerning the Consummation of
the glorious reign of Grace



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