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S. A. Sampson of Lincoln's Inn, and Mr. F. J. Lewis of the Inner Temple, for their valuable help, in the revising of the sheets and otherwise, and to Mr. Lewis for the Index; also to several gentlemen in both branches of the profession for useful suggestions and forms.

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III. Contract between a Firm of Shipbuilders and a Steamship Com-

pany for building Steamers. Variations where the contract

is under Seal

IV. Agreement engaging a Manager of a Business or other Officer,

to be paid a Salary, and a Per-Centage on the Gross Returns

and Profit. Variations where he is to go Abroad .

V. Agreement between a Banking Company and a Managing

Director of a Branch Abroad

VI. Agreement to serve as an Assistant to two Persons in Partner-

ship as Medical Practitioners, and not to practise in the

District for Years afterwards

VII. Agreement between a Manufacturer and a Traveller, with Provi.

sion for an Ultimate Partnership

VIII. Agreement under Seal between a Firm of Traders and an Agent

for the Sale of Goods. Provisions for Payment of Com.

mission, for determining Agency, and for restraining Agent

from carrying on a similar Business, and other Clauses

IX. Guarantec to Bankers

X. Guarantee by Directors of a ('ompany to Bankers for limited


XI. Agreement between Directors of a Company in respect of a

Guarantee given by them for the Company

XII. Agreement between an Author and a Publisher for Sale of Copy-

right and Publication of a Book

XIII. Agreement between Owners and Lessces of Two Adjoining

Properties respecting the interference of New Buildings with

Ancient Lights.

XIV. Agreement for Preventing the acquisition of an Easement in

respect of New Windows overlooking a neighbour's land

XV, Agreement between Adjoining House-Owners as to the Con.

tinuance of Encroachments

XVI. Agreement for Apportionment of Rent under Lease where thic

Reversion of Part of the Premises has been sold to a Public

Undertaking under the Lands Clauses Act, 1815 .

XVII. Deed of Covenant by the Owner of a Perpetual Rent-Charge for

Apportioning the same. Endorsed on a Conveyance of the

lands subject to the rent-charge

XVIII. Agreement between a Firm of Traders and their Workpeople,

granting to the latter a Share in the Net Profits of the Firm

XIX, Agreement between a Railway Company and a Landowner for

withdrawal of the Opposition of the latter to a Bill for the

Extension of the Railway through his settled estates

XX. Agreement betwcen the Promoters of a Railway Company and

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a Landowner for withdrawing Opposition to the Company's


XXI, Agreement for Working a Quarry. A Short Form




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