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Printed by James Holmes, No 4, Took's Court, Chancery Lane.








Date of Fiat.
Gazette, Tuesday, January 2, 1844.

1843, POW James Brough, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, ship and in

surance broker; div. BANKRUPTS.

1831, RICKETTS John Bourke, of No. 147, Leadenhall-street, Lon

don, merchant; div. TOWN AND COUNTRY FIATS.

1841, THOMPSON William, of Monkwearmouth Shore, Durham, BAYLIS Joseph, of High-street, Deritend, in the parish of Aston ship-builder, ship owner, and merchant; final div. juxta Birmingham, in the county of Warwick, victualler, d.c. - 1841, WARBURTON Jolin, of Clayton-square, Liverpool, LancaOfficial assignee, Bittleston.-Sols. Chilton & Co. Chancery-lane, shire, tailor and draper, lately carrying on business with John

Watson, now deceased; div. and Benson, Birmingham. Fiat, Dec. 27. Pet. Cr. Richard Miles,

of Aston juxta Birmingham, maltster. HOLDSWORTH George, of Salterly Mill, in the township of North

Gazette, Friday, January 5, owram, in the parish of Halifax, in the county of York, worstedspinner and manufacturer. - Official assignee, Freeman. - Sols, Emmett & Allen, Bloomsbury-square, Messrs. Alexander, Halifax,

BANKRUPTS. and Courtenay, Leeds. Fiat, Dec. 23. Pet. Crs. Samuel Fawcett,

TOWN AND COUNTRY FIATS. of Halifax, and Samuel Thwaite, of the same place, gents. NICHOLSON Donald, of Castle-street, Liverpool

, in the county of COOKE Michael, of Evesham, in the county of Worcester, hotelLancaster, hatter. - Official assignee, Turner. - Sols. Pritchard,

keeper, d. c. – Official assignee, Valpy.- Sol. Cheek, Evesham.

Fiat, Dec. 28. Staple Inn, and Hume, Liverpool. Fiat, Dec. 20. Pet. Cr. Henry

Pet. Cr. Nathaniel Hartland, of Oaklands, near

Cheltenham, esq. on behalf of the Gloucestershire Banking Com. Pritchard, of No. 31, Stamford-street, Blackfriars-road, hat-manu

pany. SMITH Benjamin, of Tipton, in the county of Stafford, grocer, baker, CROFT William Philip Masters, of the Bull's Head, Great Windd. c.-Official assignee, Christie.-Sols. Motteram & Giddey, Bir

mill-street, in the county of Middlesex, victualler, d. c.-Official

assignee, Follett.-Sol. Helder, Clement's Inn. Fiat, Jan. 4. Pet. mingham. Fiat, Dec. 28. Pet. Cr. Thomas Shorthouse, of Tipton,

Crs. Henry Larchin, Samuel Strong, and Henry Smith, of Ratcliff

cross, brewers. STEVENS Robert, of Nos. 32 and 33, New-cut, Lambeth, in the FULLER Willian, of Cotton-street, Poplar, in the county of Midcounty of Surrey, dealer in china, glass, and earthenware, d. c.

dlesex, coal-merchant.- Official assignee, Whitmore.-Sol. Turner, Official assignee, Belcher.—Sols. Turner & Hensman, Basing-lane. Fiat, Dec. 22. Pet. Cr. Charles Floyd, of Thornhill-place, Penton

Mount-place, Whitechapel-road. Fiat, Jan. 2. Per, Cr. Thomas

Miers, of whitechapel-road, ironmonger. ville, dealer in earthenware. TURNER Hewitt Fysh, of Myddleton-street, in the county of Mid- NEWTON George, of Seaham Harbour, in the county of Durham,

hosier and potter, d. c.--Official assignee, Baker.- Sols. Messrs. dlesex, painted baize-manufacturer, d. c.-Official assignee, Gra- Chater, Newcastle, and Forster, Newcastle. Fiat, Dec. 19. Pet. ham.-Sols . Taylor & Co. Great James-street. Fiat, Dec. 29. Pet.

Crs. John Wilkinson, warehouseman, Thomas Potts, draper, WilCr. John Hatchett, of Savage-gardens, ship-owner.

liam Newbury Potts, grocer, Robert Kidd, draper, and John FeaWEATLEY John, of Kennington-cross, Lambeth, in the county of therston, grocer, all of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Surrey, livery-stable keeper and coach-proprietor.- Official' as

PETERS Frederick, of Manchester, in the county of Lancaster, wine signee, Green.-Sol. liarpur, Kennington-cross. Fiat, Dec. 29.

and spirit merchant, d.c.---Official assignee, Hobson.-Sols. Messrs. Pet. Cr. Cyrenius Herring, of Asylum-buildings, Westminster-road,

Bennett, Manchester. Fiat, Dec. 30. Pet. Cr. John Chapman

Green, of Manchester, spirit-merchant. WOOD William, and Henry Port, of Burton-upon-Trent, in the SANDERS Thomas, of Ramsgate, in the county of Kent, shoecounty of Stafford, screw-manufacturers, d. c. and copartners in

inaker, d. c.-Official assignee, Lackington.-Sols. Venning & Co. trade.-Official assignee, Whitmore.—Sols. Messrs. Richardson, Tokenhouse-yard. Fiat, Dec. 27. Pet. Crs. Samuel, William, Burton-upon-Trent. Fiat, Dec. 22. Pet. Cr. Mary Hendrick, of James, and George Hickson, of West Smithfield, cordwainers, Burton-upon-Trent, widow.

and Thomas Homan and Ebenezer Herne, of Skinner-street, cord

wainers. CERTIFICATES to be allowed January 23. Gordon Anthony, William Cartwright, and James Blackett

, of Man. STOKES John Marsh Edward, of St. Albon's, in the county of chester, machine-makers.

Herts, gas contractor, coal and coke merchant, d.c.-Official asHodgson Richard, of Sunderland, tea-dealer.

signee, Pennell.–Sols. Stevens & Co. Queen-street. Fiat, Dec. 29. Horder Thomas William, of Fenchurch-street, chemist.

Pet. Crs. William Cory, sen. and jun., of Old Barge House Wharf,

coal-merchants. DIVIDENDS.

WALKER James, of Wheaton Aston, in the county of Stafford,

machine - maker. - Official assignee, Whitmore. -- Sols. Turner, 1843, ALLISON George, of Darlington, Durham, scrivener and ship- Birmingham, and Smith, Birmingham, Fiat, Dec. 28. Pet. Cr. owner; fur, and final div.

William Tomlinson, of Wheaton Aston, Staffordshire, shoe-maker. 1843, COLPITTS Robert Sutton, of Newcastle-on-Tyne, grocer and tea-dealer ; first div.

CERTIFICATES to be allowed January 26. 1842, LOONEY William, late of Whitehaven, Cumberland, cooper Bates William, of Welbeck-street, auctioneer. and herring-curer; fur. and final div.

Brown William, of Liverpool, millwright, (partner with John

Murray). * d.c. dealer and chapman.

Dunein David, of Derby, engineer, 1. B1XKR. 1844.


Date of Fiat.



Emery William, of Halifax, corn-merchant.

EVANS Evan, of Langurdine, otherwise Llangerdeirne, near Care Farris Thomas, of Manchester-square, baker.

marthen, in the county of Carmarthen, draper, shopkeeper, d. c.Richardson Christopher, of Limehouse, timber-merchant.

Official assignee. Acraman.-Sols. Messrs. Clarke, Bristol. Fiat,

Dec. 12. Pet. Crs. John Hurle, William Plummer, and Jr. DIVIDÈNDS.

Cooke, of Bristol. linen-merchants, trading under the firm of ParDate of Fiat.

sons, Hurles, & Company. 1843, BACON Benjamin, of No. 1, Anchor-street, Shoreditch, Mid- ORBELL Henry, of Romford, in the county of Essex, victualler, dlesex, silk-manufacturer ; div.

- Official assignee, Groom.—Sols. Flower, Romford, and Gadsden 1842, BOURNE John George, of Wellington-terrace, Clapham, Sur- & Flower, Furnival's Inn, Fiat, Jan. 6. Pet. Cr. Thomas burrei, rey, carpenter and builder; div.

of Leyton, Essex, cattle-salesman. 1812, BUSHELL William, of Evesham, Worcestershire, innkeeper ROE Charles Bassett, and Thomas John Blachford, both of Newport, and wine-merchant; final div.

Isle of Wight, in the county of Southampton, bankers and copar:1843, BUTTENSHAW Samuel, late of No. 79, Holborn-bridge, ners. – Official assignee, Follett. — Sols. Fosier & Evans, John

London, but now of No. 99, High Holborn, Middlesex, tea- street, Bedford-row, and Messrs. Sewell, Newport, Isle of Wighi. dealer and grocer; div.

Fiat, Dec. 18. Pet. Cr. William Woodward, of the ise of Wight, 1836, DOUGLAS Henry Alexander, of Winchester House, Old gent.

Broad-street, London, merchant, carrying on business with SCOTT Archibald, of No. 6, Cambridge-street, Golden-square, in Samuel Anderson and John Anderson, under the style or firm

the parish of St. James, Westminster, in the county of Middlesei, of Douglas, Anderson, & Co.; joint div.

auctioneer and appraiser, d. c.-Official assignee, Green. So's. 1843, GOLDSBURY Edmund, of Hastings, Sussex, draper ; div. Davies & Son, Warwick-street, Regent-street. Fiat, Jan. 3. Pet 1842, GOODING William, of High-street, Chatham, Kent, boot and Cr. Bartholomew Calway, of Tooley-street, draper. shoe maker; final div.

SHERWOOD John, of No. 99, Wood-street, Cheapside, in the city 1841, HALFORD Richard, William Henry Baldock, and Osborn

of London, stationer, d. c.- Official assignee, Edwards.- Sol Hare Snoulton, of Canterbury, bankers; sep. div. of Halford.

man, Earl-street. Fiat, Dec. 30. Pet. Crs. Thomas Huot and 1843, HAMMOND George, the elder, of Havant, Southampton, John Hunt, of Seacoal-lane, Skinner-street, stationers.

common brewer; div. 1843, HOLLOWAY Adam, of Basingstoke, and also of Stratfield SMITH George, of Northampton, in the county of Northampton, Turgis, Hanis, draper; div.

carpenter, builder, d 0.- Official assignee, Lackington. -- Sel.

Wright, New Inn. Fiat, Jan. 5. Pet. Cr. John Smith, of North1843, HUMPHREYS William, late of Brighton, Sussex, wine-mer

ampton, coal and timber merchant. chant; div. 1842, HUNTSMAN Charles, of High Holborn, Middlesex, chemist; TURNER James, of Honduras House, Grange-place, Hoxton, in final div.

the county of Middlesex, cabinet-maker and upholsterer.-Ofic al 1842, JACKSON Samuel, and Thomas Frederick Jackson, of Ber. assignee, Pennell.--Sols. Wire & Child, St. Swithin's-lane. Fiat, mondsey-street, St. Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, Surrey,

Jan. 5. Pet. Cr. Samuel Ridley, of Newgate-street, upholsterer's woolstaplers; sep. div. of Jackson.

warehouseman. 1842, KIRKPATRICK James, of Newport, Isle of Wight, South

CERTIFICATES to be allowed January 30. ampton, banker; div. 1842, LANE Joseph, the elder, of Stockport, Cheshire, cotton-manu. Bate William Smith, and Thomas Bate, of Rugeley, brewers, (partfacturer; fur. div.

ners with James Hellings). 1841, ROSSELLI Pellegrino, of Lime-street, London, merchant; Bourne Henry, of Wolsingham, scrivener. final div.

Millington John, and Thomas Salter, of Manchester, and Low Wies, 1842, STEPHENSON George, of Beverley, Yorkshire, grocer and

near Chorley, calico printers. seedsman; div.

Stevens Robert, of Stewkley, farmer. 1843, WARD John, of Nottingham, tailor and woollen-draper; div.

Taylor George, of Moreton in the Marsh, mercer.


Date of Fiat.
Gazette, Tuesday, January 9.

1842, ARNOLD Joseph Hayman. and William Henry Woollett, f

Clement's lane, London, ship-and insurance agents; fur jaint BANKRUPT'S.


1842, BEERBOHM Julius Ewald, and William Edmund Slaugher,

of Fenchurch-street, London, merchants, trading under the GORTON William, of Gutier-lane, fishmonger and provision mer- firm of Beerbohm, Slaughter & Co.; sep. div. of Slaughter. chant.

1841, BENSUSAN Abraham Levy, and Joshua Brandon, both of

No. 2, Walbrook-buildings, London, merchants ; sep. dis. ef BLAZDELL Alexander, of No. 34, Upper Charlotte-street, Fitzroy

Brandon. square, in the county of Middlesex, harp-dealer, d.c.-Official 1843, CASTLE William, of Wanborough, Wiltshire, sheep-dealer assignee, Green. - Sols. à Beckett & Co. Golden-square. Fiat,

and farmer : div. Dec. 26. Pet. Cr. William Byers, of No. 26, Skinner-street, ware: 1843, CHAPPELL Thomas, of the Swan Inn, Sudbury, Sufos, houseman.

licensed victualler and paper-hanger; div. BRIDGE George Cotton, of Maldon, in the county of Essex, grocer, 1843, COLLIER Richard, of Hythe, and of Folkstone, Sent, draper ; d. c.-Official assignee, Groom.--Sols. Stevens & Co. Queen-street.

diy. Fiat, Dec. 29. Pet. Crs. William Cory, Emanuel Cooper, S. Jervis,

CONIBEERE Robert, and Edward Butler, the younger, of and John Henry Warter, of Lombard-street, bankers.

Birmingham, Warwickshire, woollen-drapers, trading ander

the firm of Conibeere and Butler; div. CLARK Caleb, af Banbury, in the county of Oxford, linen-draper,

hosier, d. c. – Official assignee, Whitmore. - Sols. Sole & Co? 1842, GLADSTONE Samuel Palmer, of Crisp-street, East IndiaAldermanbury. Fiat, Dec. 30. Pet. Cr. James Dear, of Alderman- road, Poplar, Middlesex, shipwright; div. bury, warehouseman.

1842, HARGREAVES Benjamin, of Manchester, Lancashire, tailor DUNNETT William, of Manchester, in the county of Lancaster,

and draper; final div. commission-agent, auctioneer. d.c.-Official assignee, Stanway.-- 1841, HARWOOD Alexander Thomas, of Streatham, Surrey, las Sols. Gregory & Co. Bedford-row, and Cooper, Manchester. ing-house keeper; div. Fiat, Jan. 5. Pet. Cr. George Doveston, of Manchester, uphol- 1842, HOLLOWAY Charles, of the Queen's Head Inn, Stockbridge:

Hants, victualler; div. EASTHOPE Samuel, of Shrewsbury, in the county of Salop, white. 1843, JONES Henry, of Guildhall, Canterbury, victualler and widz


smith. d. c.-Official assignee, Christie.-Sols. Newman, Lincoln's and spirit merchant; div. Inn-fields, Garbett, Wellington, and Hodgson, Birmingham. Fiat, 1826, LEVETT John, of Rowley Regis, Staffordshire, farmer and Jan. 1. Pet. Cr. Samuel Home, of Shrewsbury, gent.

nail-ironmonger ; div.





Date of Fiat,
1842, LOW William Malcolm, and William Marcus Westerman, late

Gazette, Tuesday, January 16.
of Calcutta, and now residing at Chundernagore, heretofore
trading in copartnership with one Charles Augustus Cantor,

who is now residing in England, as merchants and agents,

under the style or firm of Cantor & Co.; joint div. of Low,
Westerman & Cantor.

HARWOOD John, and Frederick Harwood, of Fenchurch-street, 1843, PARKER Richard, of Deptford-row, Rotherhithe, Surrey,

stationers. linen-draper; div.

KIDD John, of Kendal, grocer and porter-dealer. 1841, POTER Richard, late of Gisborne Park, Yorkshire, but now

of Birkacre, near Chorley, and of Manchester, both in Lanca-
shire, John Potter, of Manchester, and James Potter, of Man- BAKER William, of Lower Grosvenor-street, Bond-street, in the
chester, cotton-spinners and manufacturers, trading at Man- county of Middlesex, surgeon and apothecary.- Official assignee,
chester, under the firm of J. & J. Potter; first div.

Johnson.-Sol. Lloyd, Great James street. Fiat, Jan. 9. Pet. Cr, 1842, SCOTT William, of Earl's Heaton, in Dewsbury, Yorkshire,

William Case, of Lower Brook-street, Grosvenor-square, wineblanket-manufacturer; div.

merchant. 1843, SENIOR James, of Lascelles Hall and Waterloo, both in Kirk- BROMLEY William, of Gray's Inn-square, Gray's Inn, in the county heaton, Yorkshire, manufacturer of fancy clothes and common

of Middlesex, scrivener, d. c.-Official assignee, Turquand.Sols. brewer; div.

Wild & Co, College-hill. Fiat, Jan. 8. Pet. Cr. Thomas Pickard, 1842, WILLIAMS Charles James, and Edward Nevill, of Birming

of Highbury-house, Islington, esquire. ham, Warwickshire, factors and coffin-furniture makers, trading DYKE Moses James, of Romsey, in the county of Hants, innkeeper, under the firm of Williams & Nevill ; joint and sep. div. d. c.-Official assignee, Graham.-Sols. Curties. Romsey, and of Williams.

Bower & Co., Chancery-lane. Fiat, Jan. 9. -Pet. Cr. Samuel 1841, WILLIAMS John Baynton, of Bristol, wholesale and retail Gardner, Romsey, Hants, coach-builder. ironmonger; div.

HODSON Edward, of Thrapston, in the county of Northampton,

linen-draper, d. c.-Official assignee, Johnson.-Suls. Messrs. Sole,

Aldermanbury. Fiat, Jan. 2. Pet Crs. James Carter Sharp and Gazette, Friday, January 18.

Henry Sturt, of Wood-street, warehousemen.

KNILL John Chamberlain, of the city of Gloucester, tailor, baker, BANKRUPTS.

and confectioner. Official assignee, Hutton. — Sol. Smallridge,

Gloucester. Fiat, Dec. 30. Pet. Cr. John Barrell, of Gloucester, TOWN AND COUNTRY FIATS.

woollen-draper. ARMFIELD William, of the town of Northampton, in the county of PHILLIPS George, of the town of Leicester, in the county of LeicesNorthampton, draper, d.c.-Official assignee, Belcher.-Sol. Smith,

ter, d. c., lately an innkeeper.-Official assignee. Bittleston.-Sol. Bedford-row. Fiat, Jan. 6. Pet. Cr. John Jeffrey, of Northamp

Henderson, Mansell-street, Goodman's fields. Fiat, Dec. 29. Pet. ton, gent.

Cr. William Potter, of Aldgate, wine and brandy merchant. ASHTCN James, of Liverpool, in the county of Lancaster, mannfac. PIGGOTT James, the younger, of Richmond, in the county of Surrey, turing chemist, painter, d. c.:-Official assignee, Morgan.-Sols.

cabinet-maker and upholsterer, d. c.- Official assignee, Alsager.Dodge, Liverpool, and Bridger & Blake, Finsbury-circus. Fiat,

Sols. Brown & Co., Mincing lane. Fiat, Jan. 6. Pet. Crs. John Jan. 8. Pet. Cr. John Webb, of Edge-hill, near Liverpool, gent.

Procter, David Curling, I homas Procter, and Joseph Curling, of ROBOTHAM Thomas, of the Owen Glendower public- house, Cheapside, furniture-printers.

situate in Aldersgate-street, in the city of London, licensed victualler, SLESINGER Henry and Joseph Slesinger, of Cateaton-street, in the d. C.–Official assignee, Alsager.-Sol. Buchanan, Basinghall-street.

city of London, warehousemen, importers of toys, d. c., and copartFiat, Jan. 6. Pet. Cr. Henry William Slater, of Birmingham,

ners.-Official assignee, Edwards.-Sol. Spyer, Broad-street-buildporter-merchant.

ings. Fiat, Jan. 11. Pet. Cr. Charles Hastelowe, of Queen-street, SOUTHGATE Henry and William Miller Robertson, of No. 22, Worship-street, ivory-turner. Fleet-street, in the city of London, auctioneers, d. c.-Official as

SWENY Charles Stewart, of No. 1, Albion place, Hyde-park-square, signee,Turquand.-Sol. Goddard, Wood-street. Fiat, Jan. 4. Pet.

in the county of Middlesex, apothecary and dealer in medicine, Crs. the Rev. James Dallin, of Shooter's-hill, clerk, and Thomas

d. c.- - Official assignee, Folleit.- Sol. Mawe, New Bridge-street. Hancock, of Lindsey-place, Chelsea, gent., executors of the Rev.

Fiat, Jan. 15. Pet. Cr. Edward Ives l'uller, 78, Margaret-street, Robert Dallin, deceased.

Cavendish-square, coach-builder. SPROULE James, of Liverpool, in the county of Lancaster, winemerchant.--Ufficial assignee, Bird.–Sols. Gregory & Co. Bedford

CERTIFICATES to be allowed Februury 6. row, and Rogerson and Radcliffe, Liverpool. Fiat, Jan. 8. Pet. Bumby John, of Malton, hatter. Cr. Dorothy Jackson, of Liverpool, spinsier.

Jackson Thomas Hewitt, of Sheffield, glass-cuiter. TOOTELL Frederick, of Edgeware, in the county of Middlesex, Morgan Williain, of Lichfield, bookseller. dealer in bay and corn.- Official assignee, Groom.-Sol Robinson, Tebbitt Alfred Thwaytes, of Birmingham, tea-dealer, (partner with Orchard-street, Portman-square. Fiat, Jan. 6. Pet. Cr. Edward Robert Tebbitt). Oldfield, of Hyde, near Edgeware, corn-merchant.

Waters Thomas, of Christchurch, Monmouthshire, catile-salesman.

Whitmore Joseph, of Stockport, pawnbroker.
CERTIFICATES to be allowed February 2.

Brooker john, of Southampton-row, carver and gilder.

Date of Fiat. Frazer David, of Little Tower-street, ship-owner. Harford John, and William Weaver Davies, of Bristol, and of Ebbw 1843, BRINSMEAD George, of Bideford, Devonshire, retailer of Vale, and Sirhowy, iron-masters.

flour and ship-owner; div. Ivory John, of Meppershall, farmer.

1842, BUTLER Samuel, William Butler, and James Butler, all of Lawes George, of Southampton, tailor.

Birmingham, Warwickshire, iron-founders; divs. Marsden Richard, of Llanelly, linen-draper.

1843, CREEKE Thomas, of Cambridge, tailor and robe-maker; Murray John, of Liverpool, millwright, (partner with William

div. Brown).

1943, DYER John William, of Colchester, Essex, plumber, glazier, Pickard Ábraham, of Dewsbury, cloth-manufacturer.

and painter; div. Prior John, of Bedforu, statuary and builder.

1813, JACKSON Thomas Hewitt, of Sheffield, Yorkshire, glass

cutter; div. DIVIDEND.

1842, JOHNSON Thomas, of Liverpool, Lancashire, printer, staDate of Fiat.

lioner, and publisher; div. 840, HORDER Thomas William, of No. 20, Fenchurch-street, 1843, LOWMAN Adam Warren, and Thomas Stone Lowman, of London, chemist and druggist ; div.

Eastcheap, London, cheesemongers; div.

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