Space Science: New Research

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Nova Publishers, 2006 - 363 pages
Geology of the terrestrial planets with implications to astrobiology and mission design /Dirk Schulze-Makuch [und weitere] --Solar dynamics and solar-terrestrial influences /Katya Georgieva --Thedynamics of the plasmasphere /Viviane Pierrard --Flute and balloning modes in the inner magnetosphere of the earth : stability and influence of the ionospheric conductivity /O. K. Cheremnykh, A.S. Parnowski --Paleoshorelines and the evolution of the lithosphere of Mars /Javier Ruiz [und weitere] --Thermal properties and temperature variations in Martian soil analogues /F. Gori, S. Corasaniti --Dealing with potentially hazardous asteroids /Eric W. Elst --Effect of electromagnetic radiation on dynamics of cosmic dust particles /J. Klac̆ka, M. Kocifaj --Magnetic reconnection in the earth's magnetotail : reconstruction method and data analysis /T. Penz [und weitere] --Research on aerodynamics of large bolides /V. P. Stulov --Space weather /Juhani Huovelin.

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Geology of the Terrestrial Planets with Implications to Astrobiology and Mission Design
Solar Dynamics and SolarTerrestrial Influences
The Dynamics of the Plasmasphere
Flute and Ballooning Modes in the Inner Magnetosphere of the Earth Stability and Influence of the Ionospheric Conductivity
Paleoshorelines and the Evolution of the Lithosphere of Mars
Thermal Properties and Temperature Variations in Martian Soil Analogues
Dealing with Potentially Hazardous Asteroids
Effect of Electromagnetic Radiation on Dynamics of Cosmic Dust Particles
Magnetic Reconnection in the Earths Magnetotail Reconstruction Method and Data Analysis
Research on Aerodynamics of Large Bolides
Space Weather

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