New Method of Learning to Read ... the French Language ...

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D. Appleton & Company, 1850

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Page 284 - What is the matter with you?— Nothing is the matter with me. — Why does your sister complain? — Because she has a pain in her cheek. — Has your brother a sore hand?— No, but he feels a pain in his side.— Do you open the window?— I open it, because it is ton warm.
Page 547 - Que je veuille. que tu veuilles. qu'il veuille. que nous voulions. que vous vouliez, qu'ils veuillent.
Page 538 - Que je sois. Que tu sois. Qu'il soit. Que nous soyons. Que vous soyez. Qu'ils soient.
Page 547 - Que je vaille, que tu vailles, qu'il vaille, que nous valions, que vous valiez, qu'ils vaillent.
Page 442 - Accordingly he learnt them by the next day ; and as soon as he appeared in the ranks Frederick came up to interrogate him : but he happened to begin upon him by the second question, and asked him, ' How long have you been in my service ?' ! Twenty-one years,
Page 442 - It was customary with Frederick tho Great, whenever a new soldier appeared in his guards, to ask him three questions ; viz. : " How old are you ? How long have you been in my service ? Are you satisfied with your pay and treatment ?" It happened that a young soldier, born in France, who had served in his own country, desired to enlist in the Prussian service. His figure caused...
Page 549 - C'est une conversation par écrit : aussi le ton des lettres ne doit différer de celui de la conversation ordinaire que par un peu plus de choix dans les objets et de correction dans le style.
Page 545 - The letter n is douhled w len it is followed hy e silent. hdic, pres. : je tiens, tu tiens, il tient ; nous tenons, vous tenez, ils tiennent.
Page 588 - With an Appendix, containing the Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers, and full Paradigms of the Regular and Irregular, Auxiliary, Reflective, and Impersonal Verbs, by JL Jewett.

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