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spirit which is evoked by this act of faith and affiance; and the affections acquire an impulse which elevates them above the things of a perishable world, to the grand realities of eternity, and to that compassionate Redeemer, whom having not seen we love ; and he is the same to-day, yesterday, and for ever; and who endears himself to us by being our joy in sadness, our way, our truth, our life, our consolation, the fountain of blessedness, and the bread of life. Let us then be of good cheer; for though the tempests of sorrow may rage and swell, anchored on Christ, we shall escape the storm, and in God's good time shall reach the haven where we would be !

I could not fear.-A message from above
Reveal'd thy name, and told me it was love.
There were no words, but thoughts of peace divine
Breath'd from thy Spirit, and inhal'd by mine.
That hour I prov’d, ’mid sorrow, loss, and care,
The power of faith, the prevalence of prayer.
And since that hour, whatever ills assail'd,
I often prov'd it-and it never fail'd ;
And I have learn'd at length to know
The gain of grief, the blessedness of woe ;

To feel that heavenly peace vouchsaf'd alone
When all the blandishments of life are gone.
Yet long I struggled with the chastening rod,
Marvelling, and murmuring at the ways of God-
Who seem'd to shroud His smiles in wayward

And blight the hopes Himself had bade to bloom.
I know him now! And, ah! I know the heart
That thus in mercy he ordain'd to smart,
In mercy made each earthly prospect dim,
That it might centre all its love on Him !

My broken spirit, humbled in the dust,
Mourn'd o’er its chastisement, but own’d it just!
O God of mercy, while I deem'd thy wrath
Had swept the fairest blossoms from my path,
The angel of thy presence still was near,
Treasur'd each sigh, and number'd every tear ;-
He bade the fickle hopes of life depart,
And yield to God an undivided heart;
And prove his power, whatever lot befal,
To guide, to comfort, and to save through all.


The ways of the Most High, though often to us veiled in clouds and darkness, are, we know, all ordered by Infinite Wisdom; and while we acknowledge how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out, we should humbly regard the voice which speaks under every dispensation :“ Be still, and know that I am God!"


“ Long cloth'd with mortal coil the spirit pure,
Flies from those ills which mortals here endure.
If only born to ills, from ills to fly,
Why born at all, if only born to die?-
But hark! A trumpet sounds! A welcome guest
Is hail'd to regions of eternal rest.
The mortal yields ! resigns his earthly clod,
A Saviour's merit raises man to God.”

Yes, it is this conviction which renders the grave a grand spectacle, and divests the sepulchre of its darkness and terror. Our beloved ones are not dead, but sleep in the bosom of their Redeemer, who hath abolished death! There is no such thing as death to the real Christian, for is it not said, “ Those that sleep in Jesus will God bring with him?" “ Jesus having once died, dieth no more."

his power.

Death was permitted once to tyrannise, but all his authority closed in that single act; he hath no more dominion over him who bowed himself to the grave, that man might rise to heaven ; that the spirit might escape from its mortal coil, and return rejoicing to the God who gave it. This solitary triumph of death allowed, releases the followers of Jesus for ever from his dark dominion.

It is here that our blessed Redeemer leads indeed captivity captive; and destroys the last enemy, in permitting the last exertion of

He is dethroned in his own dominions ; he has accomplished all that he could achieve. “This is the Father's will which hath sent me,” says our blessed Lord, “that of all which he hath given me, I shall lose nothing, but shall raise it up again at the last day.”

O let us, for our supreme consolation, when bending over the cold forms of those we love, receive the fact simply upon the graciously revealed testimony of the holy record, that " that which is sown is that which shall be raised; and herein death is swallowed up in


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