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spirit of prayer, the exercise of which gives the soul a foretaste of that blessedness to which, through the atoning merit of our Redeemer, it conducts us, where they shall be exchanged for hymns of praise to

Messiah, fairer than the sons of men,
And altogether lovely. Grace is poured
Into thy lips,-above all measure poured ;
And therefore God hath blessed thee evermore,
And crown'd thee Prince of endless peace.
Glory to God and to the Lamb !!

Father! whate'er of earthly bliss

Thy sovereign will denies,
Accepted at the throne of grace,

Let this petition rise:

Give me a calm, a thankful heart,

From every murmur free ;
The blessings of thy grace impart,

And make me live to thee.

Let the sweet hope that thou art mine,

My life and death attend ;
Thy presence through my journey shine,

And crown my journey's end.


Life, like an empty dream flits by,

And where are they?

O my God, heavenly Father, sanctify, I humbly beseech thee, this affliction to me, and give me grace to conform my will to a meek and calm submission to thine, that I may receive this stroke of thine almighty hand without murmuring and repining at the dispensations of thy providence. Temper my grief, O God, with the consolations of thy Holy Spirit, and make up to me in internal peace what I may wantof external comfort. Let this bereavement, which thou in wisdom hath appointed, bring me effectually home to thyself, and possess my mind with such a firm sense and conviction of the uncertainty of all worldly blessings that my heart, my hopes, and my whole desire may be fixed on that world whither those I have loved are gone before, where all tears shall be wiped off all faces. Suffer me not, O my Father and my Friend, suffer me not to grieve as those who have no hope! Remove far from me every impatient thought of thy providence, because thou hast taken from me the great comfort of my life. I know, heavenly Father, that thou canst make up this great loss to me, by giving me great and valuable blessings, even the sense of thy divine favour, and the assurance of eternal reunion !

O enable me to submit to thy will, not only in word, but in heart, and to repose myself under the care of thy righteous providence, assuredly believing that I can never be destitute while thou art my friend, nor miserable while thou deignest to be my preserver. I beseech thee, therefore, to grant me the comfort of thy love ; let it be my portion, and my inheritance, the support of my life and the relief of my sinking soul under all the

troubles and afflictions, thou in thy wisdom mayst appoint.

I humbly supplicate the acceptance of this prayer, which in anguish of spirit I pour forth unto thee, O my God, through thy beloved Son Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.


O thou, in whose sight all hearts are open, pour down upon me, I beseech thee, an abundant measure of thy grace, that I may with a confiding heart make my requests to thee. Look down, O merciful God, from the sanctuary of thy holiness, and behold my sorrow. Pity, O Lord, thy suffering servant, and strengthen with thy almighty power. Though troubled on every side, yet let me not feel desolate; though perplexed, O suffer me not to despond

Forsake me not, though thy righteous hand hath cast me down. Let this affliction under which I bow, heavy as it is to nature, work out for me what thou designest, namely, eternal glory, through thy beloved Son. 0

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