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remember not against me mine iniquities ; let thy tender mercies raise me, for I am brought very low. Help me, O God of my salvation, for the glory of thy name, and for the sake of thy dear Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

" 'Tis thy God smites ! My soul, be strong,

And kiss the hand that deals the blow !"




It spreads beyond, it soars above

The instincts of an earthly love."

The God of love will sure indulge
The flowing tear, the heaving sigh;
When righteous persons fall around,
When tender friends and kindred die.

Yet not one anxious murmuring thought,
Should with our mournful passions blend ;
Nor should our bleeding hearts forget
Th’ Almighty, ever-living Friend!

Beneath a numerous train of ills,
Our feeble strength and heart may fail ;
Yet shall our hope in thee, our God,
O’er ev'ry gloomy fear prevail.

Parent and husband, guard and guide,
Thou art each tender name in one ;
On thee we cast our every care,
And comfort seek from thee alone,

Our Father, God! To thee we look, Our rock, our portion, and our friend ; And on thy boundless love and truth, Our sinking souls shall still depend.


“ O my God hearken unto the prayer

which thy servant prayeth before thee.”—2 Chron. vi. 19.

O ALMIGHTY GOD, mercifully attend to the supplication of me, a sinner, and through the mediation of my compassionate Redeemer, who himself, as a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief, is verily touched with a feeling of human infirmity. I am not indeed worthy of the least of thine abundant mercies, for I have sinned against thee in thought, word, and deed. O God be merciful to me a sinner!

But who is a God like unto thee, pardoning iniquity, transgression, and sin ?


eyes to thee

I know that thou delightest in mercy, or I should not dare to lift


mine in that place of purity where thou dwellest. How often hast thou called me and I refused to hear; yet thou still callest to my heart, Turn ye, turn ye, why will you die?

O my God pardon my base ingratitude, and say unto my awakened soul, “I am thy salvation."

Pour now upon me, O my gracious Redeemer, the spirit of grace and supplication; and, O incline my heart to answer to thy call. Thy face, Lord, I will seek, turn not thou away; I will seek thee with my whole heart, O visit me with thy salvation! make me to know and to feel thee ever near to support, to comfort, and to save





Let the Spirit of truth lead me into all truth, and so open the eyes of my understanding that I may perceive what thou requirest, and find that wisdom which may enable me to act according to thy pleasure. O let my trust be alone in the merits of my Redeemer.

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