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“ Lord be thou my help.”

O my heavenly Father, upon whose almighty arm I now desire to lean, thou hast promised to hear the cry of the desolate. Hear me as I now lift up mine eyes to that place of purity where thou dwellest in light inaccessible, except by thy beloved Son, our gracious Redeemer.

Bestow on me, I humbly beseech thee, the riches of thy grace, enable me entirely to renounce myself, and raise in me a holy elevation of soul, a boundless hope in thee, an unswerving love and an unclouded faith in the merits of my Redeemer. Then will my afflictions appear to me what they really are, a passing dream, which shall make me more gladly to welcome the splendours of that rising morn which will display to my longing eyes the glories of heaven, and the felicity of those who have passed through great tribulation.

O mercifully grant that I may rank with those happy spirits through the merits of my blessed Saviour Jesus Christ. To whom be glory, &c. Amen.


“ Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for him.”

Psalm xxxvii. 7.

Cause me,

ENABLE me, O my God and my Redeemer, to wait patiently, and never to distrust thy willingness to comfort, nor thy love to succour the creatures of thy power. through the benign influences of thy Holy Spirit, unreservedly to commit my way to thee. Suffer not my feet to slide, nor my heart to faint.

Alas, I am poor, weak, and helpless; I have strong and subtle enemies without, and a corrupt heart within. Uphold me, gracious God, that I fall not. O Lord, be not thou far from me. Plead thou my cause and stand up for my help! Say unto my soul I am thy salvation ; fear not! In thee, O Lord, do I hope. Thou wilt hear me, O Lord my God, and my heart shall praise thee; and thought is praise to thee

Audible praise to thee, Omniscient Power,
From whom all gifts descend, all blessings flow.
O graciously accept what I now offer in the
name of thy beloved Son, Jesus Christ.



“ Do with me what seemeth good in thy sight.”

O my God, and merciful Father, I am thy creature, my entire dependence is upon thee; grant that it may continue firm and steadfast, for I know my hope, and my trust shall not be in vain. Thou hast promised, gracious Lord, thou wilt never leave or forsake those who depend upon thee; grant that I may never forfeit this inestimable privilege. Suffer me not to be dismayed at any calamity thou, in wisdom, may appoint: convince me that all things shall ultimately work together for good to those that love thee. Take from me all sorrow which the love of transitory

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