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“O gently falls the chastening rod,
On those whose hope is in their God.”


ALMIGHTY God, who alone seest the end from the beginning, give me entire resignation to thy will.

Overrule all things, I humbly beseech thee, even circumstances the most apparently adverse, to thy own glory and the present and immortal interests of me, thy frail and sinful creature, who now prostrates herself before the throne of thy grace for a continual renewal of the spirit of holiness, of fortitude, of love, and of obedience.

From thee only, O gracious Lord, can it proceed. O turn not away from my petition which with earnestness and sincerity of heart I now most humbly make unto thee. Let the experience of thy love and favour towards me during my past life, teach me to resign myself to thee, to choose thee as my only support and comfort, to rely steadfastly on all thy promises, and to wait with patience till thou shalt, in thy wisdom, relieve me from my sorrows.

I ask this, O my God, in perfect submission to thy blessed will, and through the intercession of the adorable Saviour, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

The Lord bless me and keep me, the Lord lift

up the light of his countenance upon me. The Lord give me peace, even that peace of his which passes all understanding, through the merits and mediation of my dear Redeemer, Jesus Christ our Lord; to whom with the Father and the eternal Spirit, be all honour, glory, love, service and obedience throughout all ages. Amen. Amen.


J. Rickerby, Printer, Sherbourn Lane.

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