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Often together have we talked of death :

How sweet it were to see

All doubtful things made clear!
How sweet it were, with powers
Such as the cherubim,

To view the depth of Heaven!

Beloved! thou hast first

Begun the travel of Eternity!
I gaze amid the stars

And think that thou art there,

Unfetter'd as the thought that follows thee!
And we have often said, how sweet it were,
With unseen ministry of angel power,

To watch the friends we lov'd.

We did not err.

Sure I have felt thy presence! Thou hast giv'n A birth to holy thought;

Hast kept me from the world's enticing smile. Oh, no! we did not err !

Our best affections here,

They are not like the toys of infancy;
The soul outgrows them not;

We do not cast them off.

Oh! if it could be so,

It were indeed a dreadful thing to die!

Not to the grave, not to the grave, my soul,

Follow thy friend beloved!


But in the lonely hour,

And in the evening walk,

Think that he companies thy solitude,
Think that he holds with thee

Mysterious intercourse;

And though remembrance wake a tear,

There will be joy in grief.



"I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.”

SUPPORT me, O blessed Lord, by thy sustaining grace, in these moments of anguish. Uphold me, I beseech thee, by thy Holy Spirit, that my faith fail not! Let thy precious blood cleanse and heal me; let thy Spirit renew and comfort me; let thy love constrain and console me; let thy free grace strengthen and establish me, thy blessed promises purify and perfect me, and let my faith victoriously triumph over sin and sorrow, through Him that loved me, and gavehimself a ransom for rebellious sinners, even Jesus Christ, my Redeemer. Amen.

"Being, all merciful! my sinking heart
In thine appointed trials, oh, sustain;
Infuse thy Spirit, and thy strength impart,
Patient to bear whate'er Thou shalt ordain."


ALL his perfections, all his procedures are but so many modifications of this love. What is his omnipotence? The beam of his love. What is his omniscience? The medium through which he contemplates the objects of his love.

What his wisdom? The scheme of his love. What the revelations of the gospel? The invitations of his love. What the threatenings of his law? The warnings of his love; saying, Man, do thyself no harm! A fence thrown around the pit of destruction and perdition, to prevent man from rushing into ruin! What was the incarnation of the Saviour? The richest illustration of his love! What were the tears of Christ? The beautiful developement of his love. What were the miracles of Christ? The condescensions of his love. What were the prayers of Christ? The pleadings of his love. What is this earth on which we are pilgrims? The theatre

of the divine displays of his is Love!

love :-God

DR. WAUGH, freely.


Он, I would speak

Of light from darkness, good from evil, brought
By an Almighty Power; and how all things,
If we will not refuse the good they bring,
Are messages of an Almighty love,

And full of blessings. Oh, be sure of this-
All things are mercies while we count them so :
And this believing, not keen poverty,

Nor wasting years of pain, or slow disease,
Nor death, which in a moment may lay low

Our pleasant plants;-not these, if they should


Shall ever drift our bark of faith ashore,

Whose steadfast anchor is securely cast

Within the veil-the veil of things unseen,

Which now we know not, but shall hereafter


Rev. R. C. FRENCH.

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