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Lord Gardenftone's Temple of

Health, 525.
Poland, reflection on the fatal dif-
memberment of that country,


Poor, a benevolent regard for,
earnestly recommended, 115.
Pope's works, new edit. by Wake-
field, with illuftrations, 422.
Powder, for the hair, remarks and
calculations relative to the tax
on, 343. Poem on, by Peter
Pindar, 183.
Priestley, Dr. refutes Paine's ar-
guments against Christianity,
Palm 109th, the imprecations
therein afcribed not to David,
but to his enemies, 237-
Puyfay, M. fome account of, 498.
Pythagoras, his method of deli-
vering his lectures on mora-
lity, 1.


Read, Mr. his experiments, &c.
on the doubler of electricity,

Religion, ideas on, by a French

philofopher, 403.
Revelation, divine, authentic evi-
dence of, limited to the first
communication of it, 225.
Reveley, Mr. his attack on Sir W.
Chambers, with respect to his
opinion concerning Grecian
architecture, 170. Sir William
defended, 171.
Revolutions in governments, ef-
fected by the populace, always
dangerous, 91. Means of pre-
venting them, ib.
Richardfon, the painter, ridiculed
by Hogarth, 199.
Rigging, &c. of ships of war, art
of difcuffed, 273.
See alfo
Robespierre, his contemptible and
hateful character, 486.
Roland, M. a doubtful character,
but highly extolled by thofe
who were not his opponents in

politics, 484. His wife's re-
markable teftimony in favour
of his integrity and his patrio-
tifm, 491.
Madame, her great
lities for ftate affairs, 482. Her
courage and fortitude, 483.
Her appeal to pofterity, 485.
Account of her employment of
her time while under arreft,
487. Her fpirited letter to
Robespierre, 491. Her great
literary merit, 489.
tined, 499.


Saint George, the patron faint of
England, inquiry into the exift-
ence and character of, 476.
Salluft, who wrote concerning the
gods and the world, not the fame
with Salluft the celebrated hif-
torian, 149.

San Marino, the miniature re-
public of, defcribed, 443. Ex-
traordinary fituation of its only
Manners of the

town, 445.
inhabitants, 447.
Schiller, the German poet, his
literary character, 310.
Schmeiffer, Mr. his account of
Strontionite, 161.

Schroeter, Mr. his obfervations on
the great eclipfe of the fun,
on the 5th of September 1793,
Discoveries of mountains
in the moon, ib.
Seamanship. See Rigging.
Ships of war, theory of working,


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appearance of light, like a ftar,
in the dark part of the moon,
Strontionite, account of a mineral
fubftance fo called, 161.
Stuart, James, his great merit as
an antiquary, 45. Extracts
from his 3d vol. of the Anti-
quities of Athens, 46. Affo-
ciated with Mr. Revett in that
work, ib. His map of Attica,
161. Temple of Thefeus, 162.
Account of other temples, &c.
163. Aqueduct of Hadrian, 165.
Remarkable ruin at Salonicha,
167. Other antiquities, 169.
Sugar cane, account of a new
fpecies of, introduced in the
British West Indies, 193.
Sun, great eclipfe of. See

Switzerland, to what indebted for

its prefervation from the pre-
fent diftreffes of Europe, 561.


Torelli, M. his edition of Archi-
medes, printed at Oxford, 26.
Biographical account of this
learned editor, 27.
Traveller, imaginary adventures
of one, in a journey from
Turkey to France for the fake
of liberty, 553:
Treafon, conftructive, pernicious
tendency of the doctrine of, 335.
Troops, British, humourous de-
fcription of their march to
Greenwich, to embark for the
Continent, 93.

French, highly praised
by Gen. Dumouriez for their
bravery, 525.


Vifion, curious obfervationson, 60.
Volney, M. his opinion that the

antient Egyptians were negroes'
refuted, 132..


Wales, Prince of, publications
relative to the late application
to parliament for the regulation
of his affairs, 96, 97. 337.

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Mr. bis valuable account
of the method of finding the
longitude at fea by time-
keepers, 350

War, the prefent, led the late
king of France to the guil-
lotine, 560. The expence of,
impoffible to be much longer
fupported by France, 565.
The principle of, with refpett
to the conduct and views of
England, juftified, ib. Horrid
picture of the war, 569.
Wealth, thoughts on the forma

tion and distribution of, 571.
Weights and measures, new and
invariable ftandard of, decreed
by the French convention, 555.
Welsh, their mufic, 7. Their
bards, 8. Poetry, 9.
ous story of one of their poets,
Favourable account of the
manners of the inhabitants of
North Wales, 459.
White-lac, experiments on, 159.
Wimpfen, Gen. fome account of,



Xenophon on the condition of
royalty, 21.


Young, Mr.Arthur, inconfiftency of
his reprefentations of the Bri-
tifh conftitution, 430.
---, his versatility in regard
to his political conduct, 432.


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