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unto God.


us :

The apostle commendeth Titus, CHAP. IX.

and exhorteth to charity. 17 For indeed he accepted the

being but a kind of sowing of seed, 10 which

shall return a great increase to them, 13 and exhortation ; but being more occasion a great sacrifice of thanksgivings forward, of his own accord he went unto you.

TOR as touching the minis18 And we have sent with

tering to the saints, it is him the brother, whose praise superfluous for me to write to is in the gospel throughout all you: the churches;

2 For I know the forwardness 19 And not that only, but of your mind, for which I boast who was also chosen of the of you to them of Macedonia, churches to travel with us with that Achaia was ready a year this grace, which is administer- ago; and your zeal hath proed by us to the glory of the voked very many. same Lord, and declaration of 3 Yet have I sent the brethyour ready mind :

ren, lest our boasting of you 20 Avoiding this, that no man should be in vain in this beshould blame us in this abun- half; that, as I said, ye may be dance which is administered by ready :


4 Lest haply if they of Mace21 Providing for honest things, donia come with me, and find not only in the sight of the you unprepared, we (that we Lord, but also in the sight of say not, ye) should be ashamed

in this same confident boasting. 22 And we have sent with 5 Therefore I thought it nethem our brother, whom we cessary to exhort the brethren, have oftentimes proved diligent that they would go before unin many things, but now much to you, and make up beforemore diligent, upon the great hand your bounty, whereof ye confidence which I have in you. had notice before, that the same

23 Whether any do inquire of might be ready, as a matter of Titus, he is my partner and fel bounty, and not as of covetouslow-helper concerning you: or our brethren be inquired of, 6 But this I say, He which they are the messengers of the soweth sparingly, shall reap also churches, and the glory of sparingly; and he which sowChrist.

eth bountifully, shall reap also 24 Wherefore shew ye to bountifully. them, and before the churches, 7 Every man according as he the proof of your love, and of purposeth in his heart, so let our boasting on your behalf. him give; not grudgingly, or CHAP. IX.

of necessity: for God loveth a 1 He yieldeth the reason why, though he knew cheerful giver.

their forwardness, yet he sent Titus and his 8 And God is able to make
brethren beforehand. 6 And he proccedeth
in stirring them up to a bountiful alms, as


abound toward you ;



Almsgiving recommended. II. CORINTHIANS. Paul's spiritual power that

ye, always having all suffi- gentleness of Christ, who in ciency in all things, may abound presence am base among you, to every good work :

but being absent am bold to9 (As it is written, He hath ward you: dispersed abroad; he hath given 2 But I beseech you, that I to the poor: his righteousness may not be bold when I am remaineth for ever.

present with that confidence, 10 Now he that ministereth wherewith I think to be bold seed to the sower, both minister against some, which think of us bread for your food, and mul- as if we walked according to tiply your seed sown, and in the flesh. crease the fruits of your righ- 3 For though we walk in the teousness ;)

flesh, we do not war after the 11 Being enriched in every flesh: thing to all bountifulness, which 4. (For the weapons of our causeth through us thanksgiv- warfare are not carnal, but ing to God.

mighty through God to the pul12 For the administration of ling down of strong holds ;) this service not only supplieth 5 Casting down imaginations, the want of the saints, but is and every high thing that exabundant also by many thanks- alteth itself against the knowlgivings unto God;

edge of God, and bringing into 13 While by the experiment captivity every thought to the of this ministration they glorify obedience of Christ; God for your professed subjec- 6 And having in a readiness to tion unto the gospel of Christ, revenge all disobedience, when and for your libéral distribution your obedience is fulfilled. unto them, and unto all men; 7 Do ye look on things after

14 And by their prayer for the outward appearance? If any you, which long after you, for man trust to himself that he the exceeding grace of God in is Christ's, let him of himself you.

think this again, that, as he 15 Thanks be unto God for is Christ's, even so his unspeakable gift.


8 For though I should boast Against the false apostles, who disgraced the somewhat more of our authorhe setteth out the spiritual might and authority, which the Lord hath given ity, wilh which he was armed against all adver- us for edification, and not for sary powers, 7 assuring them that at his com. ing he will be found as mighty in word, as he your destruction, I should not is now in writing being absen!, 12 ana withal be ashamed : taxing them for reaching out themselves beyond their compass, ard vaunting themselves into

9 That I may not seem as if

I would terrify you by letters. NOW TOW I Paul myself beseech 10 For his letters (say they) you, by the meekness and are weighty and powerful; but



other men's labours.

unto you.

and authority.

CHAP. XI. He excuseth his self-boasting. his bodily presence is weak, and

CH AP. XI. his speech contemptible.

i Out of his jealousy over the Corinthians,

who seemed to make more account of the 11 Letsuch an one think this,

false apostles than of him, he entereth into that such as we are in word by a forced commendation of himself, 5 of his letters when we are absent,

equality with the chief apostles, 7 of his

preaching the gospel lo them freely, and such will we be also in deed without any their charge, 13 shewing that he

was not inferior to those deceitful workers in when we are present.

any legal prerogative, 23 and in the service of 12 For we dare not make Christ, and in all kind of sufferings for his

ministry, far superior. ourselves of the number, or com


with a measuring themselves by them- my folly: and indeed bear with selves, and comparing them- me. selves among themselves, are 2 For I am jealous over you not wise.

with godly jealousy: for I have 13 But we will not boast of espoused you to one husband, things without our measure, but that I may present you as a according to the measure of the chaste virgin to Christ. rule which God hath distributed 3 But I fear, lest by any to us, a measure to reach even means, as the serpent beguiled

Eve through his subtilty, so 14 For we stretch not our your minds should be corruptselves beyond our measure, as ed from the simplicity that is in though we reached not unto Christ. you;

for we are come as far as 4 For if he that cometh preachto you also in preaching the eth another Jesus, whom we have gospel of Christ :

not preached, or if ye receive 15 Not boasting of things another spirit, which ye have without our measure, that is, of not received, or another gospel, other men's labours; but hav- which ye have not accepted, ye ing hope, when your faith is might well bear with him. increased, that we shall be en- 5 For I suppose I was not a larged by you, according to our whit behind the very chiefest ,


in 6 the regions beyond you, and speech, yet not in knowledge ; not to boast in another man's but we have been thoroughly line of things made ready to made manifest among you in our hand.

all things. 17 But he that glorieth, let 7 Have I committed an ofhim glory in the Lord.

fence in abasing myself that 18 For not he that commend ye might be exalted, because I eth himself is approvech but have preached to you the goswhom the Lord commendeth. pel of God freely?

you service.

Paul's sufferings and II. CORINTHIANS.

labours for Christ. 8 I robbed other churches, | after the flesh, I will glory taking wages of them, to do also.

19 For ye suffer fools gladly, 9 And when I was present seeing ye yourselves are wise. with you, and wanted, I was 20 For ye suffer, if a man chargeable to no man: for that bring you into bondage, if a which was lacking to me the man devour you, if a man take brethren which came from Ma- of you, if a man exalt himself, cedonia supplied: and in all if a man smite you on the face. things I have kept myself from 21 I speak as concerning rebeing burdensome unto you, and proach, as though we had been so will I keep myself.

weak. Howbeit, whereinsoever 10 As the truth of Christ is any is bold (I speak foolishly), in me, no man shall stop me of I am bold also. this boasting in the regions of 22 Are they Hebrews? so am Achaia.

I. Are they Israelites ? so am I. 11 Wherefore? because I love Are they the seed of Abraham? you not? God knoweth.

so am I. 12 But what I do, that I will 23 Are they ministers of do, that I may cut off occasion Christ? (I speak as a fool) I am from them which desire occa- more ; in labours more abunsion; that wherein they glory, dant, in stripes above measure, they may be found even as we. in prisons more frequent, in

13 For such are false apos- deaths oft. tles, deceitful workers, trans- 24 Of the Jews five times reforming themselves into the ceived I forty stripes save one. apostles of Christ.


25 Thrice was I beaten with 14 And no marvel; for Satan rods, once was I stoned, thrice himself is transformed into an I suffered shipwreck, a night angel of light.

and a day I have been in the 15 Therefore it is no great deep; thing if his ministers also be 26 In journeyings often, in transformed as the ministers of perils of waters, in perils of righteousness; whose end shall robbers, in perils by mine own be according to their works. countrymen, in perils by the

16 I say again, Let no man heathen, in perils in the city, think me a fool; if otherwise, in perils in the wilderness, in yet as a fool receive me, that I perils in the sea, in perils among may boast myself a little. false brethren;

17 That which I speak, I 27 In weariness and painfulspeak it not after the Lord, but ness, in watchings often, in hunas it were foolishly, in this con- ger and thirst, in fastings often, fidence of boasting.

in cold and nakedness. 18 Seeing that many glory 28 Beside those things that

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His visions and revelations. CHAP. XII. He glorieth in his infirmities. are without, that which cometh 4 How that he was caught upon me daily, the care of all up into paradise, and heard unthe churches,

speakable words, which it is not 29 Who is weak, and I am lawful for a man to utter. not weak? who is offended, 5 Of such an one will I glory: and I burn not?

yet of myself I will not glory, 30 If I must needs glory, I but in mine infirmities. will glory of the things which 6 For though I would desire concern mine infirmities.

to glory, I shall not be a fool; 31 The God and Father of for I will say the truth: but our Lord Jesus Christ, which now I forbear, lest any man is blessed for evermore, know- should think of me above that eth that I lie not.

which he seeth me to be, or that 32 In Damascus the governor he heareth of me. under Aretas the king kept the 7 And lest I should be exaltcity of the Damascenes with a ed above measure through the garrison, desirous to apprehend abundance of the revelations, me:

there was given to me a thorn 33 And through a window in in the flesh, the messenger of a basket was I let down by the Satan to buffet me, lest I should wall, and escaped his hands. be exalted above measure.

8 For this thing I besought CHAP. XII.

the Lord thrice, that it might 1 Por commencing of his apostleship, though

he might glory of his wonderful revelations, depart from me. 9 yet he rather chooscth to glory of his infirm- 9. And he said unto me, My ities, 11 blaming them for forcing him to this vain boasting: 14 promiseth to grace is sufficient for thee: for the afection of a father, "20 walisongen het my strength is made perfect in feareih he shall to his grief find many offend- weakness. Most gladly thereers, and public disorders there.

fore will I rather glory in my IT T is not expedient for me infirmities, that the power of

doubtless to glory. I will Christ may rest upon me. come to visions and revelations 10 Therefore I take pleasure of the Lord.

in infirmities, in reproaches, in 2 I knew a man in Christ necessities, in persecutions, in about fourteen years ago, (wheth- distresses for Christ's sake: for er in the body, I cannot tell; when I am weak, then am I or whether out of the body, strong. I cannot tell: God knoweth ;) 11 I am become a fool in such an one caught up to the glorying; ye have compelled third heaven.

me : for I ought to have been 3 And I knew such a man, commended of you: for in noth(whether in the body, or out of ing am I behind the very the body, I cannot tell: God chiefest apostles, though I be knoweth ;)


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