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church. We therefore trust that every aid will be rendered to Dr. Tafel to enable him to complete the work he has undertaken. Should the sum of £525., already so generously given for this purpose, not be sufficient, we doubt not, that when more is required, it will, under the Lord's providence, be forthcoming. For the reader of Swedenborg to have everything that the author has said on any subject of importance brought under one point of view, will, we are certain, be a great advantage to the improvement of his spiritual intelligence, and enable him to take an enlightened view of the subject he is considering. In order to give an idea of the nature of this Index, we have selected the article “ EGYPT" by way of illustration. By observing the brackets, it will be seen what the Editor has supplied from the printed works of Swedenborg, in order to render the Index as complete as possible, and which will be found necessary additions to complete the author's intention of producing an Index Biblicus, or a Dictionary of Correspondences to the entire Bible.

EGYPT.—By “ Egypt” is signified the natural man as to his scientific (principle], or the scientific which is of the natural man. A.E.513, page 178.* Since by Egypt is signified the natural man in both senses, namely, when conjoined with the spiritual man as well as when separated from him, thus in a good sense as well as in a bad sense, therefore by Egypt are also signified various things which are of the natural man, and which in general relate to knowledges and scientifics; for the truths and falses of the natural man are called knowledges and scientifics ; but truths themselves, when they have acquired life, which is effected by the life of faith, which is of charity, are of the spiritual man. [A. E. 654, p. 469, seq.], whence Egypt, Gen. x. [6. by Mizraim or by Egypt are signified sciences or various scientifics. 4. C. 1163] 13. § [= science. A.C. 1195.] Abram went down into Egypt, Gen. xii. 10, seq. (=instruction in knowledges from the Word. A.C. 1461. Egypt is the science of knowledges in respect to the Lord, but science in general in respect to all other men. A. C. 1462.

And it came to pass, when he came near to enter into Egypt, in verse Il= when he began to learn. 4. C. 1465, 1466.

And it came to pass, when Abram was come into Egypt, verse 14= when the Lord had begun to be instructed. A. C. 1478, seq.

Abram went up out of Egypt, Gen. xiii. l= from scientifics which left the Lord. A.C. 1543.] Egypt, as thou comest unto Zoar, like the garden of Jehovah, xiii

. 10. [= scientifics from the affections of good as his rational things. A.C. 1583, 1588, seq.]

Bela is Zoar, near Jordan, for the kings dwelt there (xiv. 2.) [= a genus of the persuasions of the false. A. C. 1663.]

The boundaries of the promised land, from the river of Egypt to the great river Euphrates, xv. 18 [to the river of Egypt = the extension of

* The pages refer to the Latin Edition.
$ This mark is put instead of is or signifies.

spiritual things; to the river Phrath (Euphrates) = the extension of celestial things. A. C. 1866.

His mother took for him (Ishmael) a wife from the land of Egypt, Gen. xxi. 21= the affection of truth, the affection of sciences, which belongs to the man of the spiritual church. A.C. 271).]

The posterity of Ishmael dwelt from Havilah unto Shur, which is before (juxta facies) Egypt, as thou goest towards Assyria, xxv. 18 [= the extension of intelligence, namely, of the Lord's spiritual kingdom. A. C. 3277. The land of Havilah is the mind. A. C. 110. Shur signifies such a scientific (principle] as is still, as it were, in the desert, that is, which has not yet acquired life. A. C. 1928. Ashur is reason and ratiocination. A. C. 1186.]

Isaac was forbidden to go down into Egypt—"Dwell in the land which I shall tell thee of” (xxvi. 2.), [= that he should not enter into scientifics, but into rational things, which, illustrated by the Divine, are appearances of Truth. A. C. 3368.]

Joseph being brought down into Egypt, xxxvii. 25 [= consultation respecting Divine Truth from scientifics, which is to see from them whether it is so; but this takes place otherwise with those who are in the affirmative, that truth is truth, who when they consult scientifics confirm Truth thereby, and thus strengthen their faith. A. C. 4760.]

Gen. xxxvii. 36. The Midianites sold him (Joseph) into Egypt = those who are in any truth of simple good, that they consult scientifics. A. C. 4788.

Gen. xxxix. 1. Joseph was brought down into Egypt = the celestial of the spiritual from the rational [brought down) to the scientifics which are of the church. A. C. 4962.

Gen. xl. 1. The butler and the baker of the king of Egypt offended their lord the king of Egypt = the inverse order with those things in the body, which are subject to the intellectual part and to the voluntary part, against the new state of the natural man. A. 0. 5073

Gen. xl. 5. They dreamed a dream * * * the butler and the baker of the king of Egypt, who were bound in the house of the prison vidence concerning those sensual things of both kinds [of the understanding and the will] which are subordinate to the interior natural, which are among falses. A. C. 5090.

Gen. xli. 8. And it came to pass in the morning, that his spirit was troubled ; and he sent and called for all the magicians of Egypt, and all the wise men thereof = in that new state he was troubled in consulting interior scientifics as well as exterior. A. C. 5220.

Gen. xli. 19. I have not seen such [cows] in all the land of Egypt for badness = such things as can by no means be conjoined with truths and goods. A. C. 5258.

Gen. xli. 29. Great abundance of food in all the land of Egypt multiplication of truth in both natural principles. A. C. 5276.

Gen. xli. 30. All the abundance shall be forgotten in the land of Egypt = the removal of truth and its apparent deprivation in both natural principles. A. C. 5278.

= Pre

= the

Gen. xli. 33. Let Pharaoh look out a man intelligent and wise, and set him over the land of Egypt= the prospection of the natural (principle] concerning the inflowing truth and good, which should arrange all things in the natural mind. A. C. 5285. Gen. xli. 34. Let him appoint officers over the land, and take up

the fifth part of the land of Egypt = the arrangement of general (principles) in the natural, which should be preserved and then stored up. Ib.

Gen. xli. 36. That food shall be for store to the land against the seven years of famine which shall be in the land of Egypt=that it may be there for all the uses of the natural principle, according to necessity in the defects which are in the natural principle. A. C. 5285.

Gen xli. 41. I have set thee over all the land of Egypt = dominion over both natural principles (internal and external). ' A. C. 5314; also verses 43, 44, 45. Ib.

Gen. xli. 46. And Joseph went throughout all the land of Egypt when he subordinated and submitted all things, even as to the minute particulars in the natural. A. C. 5338.

Gen. xli. 48. And he gathered up all the food of the seven years which was in the land of Egypt the preservation of good adjoined to truth, multiplied from the first times in the natural. Ă. C. 5340, seq.

Gen xli. 54. And in all the land of Egypt there was bread = remains of truths multiplied from good. A. C. 5363.

Gen. xli. 55. And all the land of Egypt suffered hunger=desolation in both the natural (principles]. A. C. 5364.

Gen. xli. 56. And he sold unto the Egyptians, and the famine in. creased in the land of Egypt = appropriation, and the grievousness of the desolation increasing in the natural. A. C.. 5371, seq.

Gen. xli. 57. And every land came into Egypt = that goods and truths are collated in the scientifics which are of the church. A. C. 5373.

Gen. xlii. 1. Jacob saw that there was corn in Egypt = that those things which are of the faith of the natural (principle) as to the truth of the church, have a desire of acquiring truths by scientifics where (they can be found). A. C. 5399.

Gen. xlii. ' 1, 2. Jacob said to his sons, why do ye look one upon another? Behold, I have heard that there is corn in Egypt = perception concerning truths in general, why they hesitate, since truths can be acquired by scientifics. A. C. 5403—5. Gen. xlii

. 3. And Joseph's ten brethren went down to buy corn out of Egypt = the endeavour and the act of such truths of the church as correspond, to appropriate to themselves the good of truth by scientifics. A. C. 5408-5410.

Gen. xliii. 2. And it came to pass when they had eaten up the corn which they had brought out of Egypt=when truths which are from scientifics were again deficient. A. C. 5578–80.

Gen. xliii. 15. They arose and went down into Egypt = elevation to acquire life for themselves from the interiors of scientifics. A. C. 5637. Gen. xlv. 4. And he said, I am Joseph your brother, whom ye

sold unto Egypt I manifestation by influx, as to the internal which they had

alienated. By Egypt here are signified the lowest things. A. C. 5885, seg.

Gen. xlv. 8. I rule in all the land of Egypt = that the good which flows from the internal arranges the scientifics in the natural mind. d. C. 5904.

Gen. xlv. 9. God hath made me lord of all Egypt [= that the celestial internal arranges all things and every particular iri the natural. A. C. 5908.]

That Jacob dwelt in the land of Goshen, xlv. 10.[= that it (Goshen) is a medium in the natural. A. C. 5910.]

Gen. xlv. 13. Ye shall tell my father of all my glory in Egypt the communication of the spiritual heaven in the natural with spiritual good. A. C. 5922.

Gen. xlv. 18. I will give you the good of the land of Egypt = the possession of scientifics. A. C. 5942.

Gen. xlv. 19. Take for you waggons out of the land of Egypt = doctrinals of scientifics. A. C. 5945.

Gen. xlv. 20. The good of all the land of Egypt is yours = that this (good) is the primary principle in their natural mind. A. C. 5949.

Gen. xlv. 23. Ten asses carrying from the good of Egypt = scientifics with many things of service. A. C. 5958.

Gen. xlv. 25. And they went up out of Egypt: = recession from the scientifics of the church. A. C. 5964.

Gen. xlv. 26. And they told him, saying, Joseph is yet alive, and he is governor over all the land of Egypt = influx and perception, that the internal is not rejected, and that the natural mind is under its power. A.C. 5966-68.

Gen. xlvi. 3. Fear not to go down into Egypt = that natural truth, with all things belonging to it, shall be initiated into the scientifics of the church. A. C. 6004.

Gen. xlvi. 4. I (God) will go down with thee into Egypt = the presence of the Lord in that state. A. C. 6006.

Gen. xlvi. 6. And they came into Egypt = initiation into the scientifics of the church. A. C. 6018.

Gen. xlvi. 7. Jacob * * his sons and his sons' sons with him, his daughters and his sons' daughters, and all his seed brought he with him into Egypt = truths and goods in their order, and everything of faith and of charity collated in the scientifics of the church. A. C. 6020_23.

Gen. xlvi. 26. Every soul which came with Jacob into Egypt truths and goods initiated into the scientifics of the church. A.C. 6024.

Gen. xlvi. 27. And the sons of Joseph who were born to him in Egypt = celestial and spiritual things in the natural. Ibid.

Gen. xlvii. 6. The land of Egypt is before thee = the sciences of the natural mind under the auspices of the celestial internal. A. C. 6083. Gen. xlvii. 11. And Joseph made his father and his brethren dwell

, and

gave them a possession in the land of Egypt, in the best of the land®= the life of spiritual good and of the truths of the church from the celestial internal, in the inmost of the natural mind, where scientifics are. A. C. 6102, seq.

= all

Gen. xlvii. 13. And there was no bread in all the land, because the
famine was very sore; and the land of Egypt and the land of Canaan
fainted by reason of the famine = that good no longer appeared, be-
cause of desolation in the natural where scientifics are, and within the
church. A. C. 6109—12.

Gen. xlvii. 14. And Joseph collected all the silver found in the land
of Egypt, and in the land of Canaan = the celestial internal brings
into one every true and suitable scientific.

A. C. 6112, seq.
Gen. xlvii. 15. And when silver failed in the land of Egypt and in
the land of Canaan = that scientific truth and suitable was no more
conspicuous in the natural (principle] or within the church, on account
of desolation. A. C. 6116.

All Egypt came to Joseph = the application of the scientific to the
internal. A. C. 6117.

Gen. xlvii. 20. And Joseph bought all the ground of Egypt for
Pharaoh = that the internal appropriated to itself all the natural mind
where scientifics are. A. C. 6142.

Gen. xlvii. 21. As to the people, he removed them to the cities from
one end of the boundary of Egypt to the other end thereof = that
scientific truths were referred to doctrinals in extension through the
whole natural [principle) where scientifics are. d. C. 6146.

Gen. xlvii. 26. And Joseph made it a law over the land of Egypt
unto this day, that Pharaoh should have the fifth part = a conclusion
from consent, as an eternal decree, that remains should be under the
general principle which is under the auspices of the internal. A.C.
6164–66, comp. 6156.

Gen. xlvii. 27. And Israel dwelt in the land of Egypt, in the land of
Goshen = that spiritual good should live among scientifics, which are of
the church, in the midst of them. A. C. 6169, seq.

Gen. xlvii. 28. And Joseph lived in the land of Egypt seventeen.
years = the truth of the natural principle which is in scientifics, from
beginning to end, or from the beginning to a new [state]. A. C. 6173,

Gen. xlvii. 29. Bury me not, I pray thee, in Egypt = regeneration
not in scientifics. A. C. 6181.

Gen. xlvii. 30. Thou shalt carry me out of Egypt = that there be an
elevation out of scientifics. A.C. 6185.

Gen. xlviii. 5. Thy two sons born unto thee in the land of Egypt,
when I came unto thee into Egypt, are mine the good and truth in
the natural from the internal, before the truth of the natural was in
scientifics. A. C. 6234, seq.

Gen. 1. 7. There went up with him (Joseph) all the servants of

* and all the elders of the land of Israel =
celestial internal adjoined to itself the scientifics of the natural *
which agreed with the truth. A. C. 6521.

Gen. I. 21. And Joseph returned into Egypt, he and his brethren =
the life of the celestial internal, and of the truths of faith in scientifics.
A. C. 6553

Gen. 1. 22. Joseph dwelt in Egypt = the life of the scientifics of the
church from the internal. A. C. 6580.


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