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relatives and friends, and the reason- Birmingham was visited by the Rev. ableness of its being met. The Word R. Storry, and though the services had when properly examined would be found been announced only from the desk, to contain many instances of angels who were attended by large congregations. had been seen, and all appeared in the In the afternoon the teachers and friends human form,-hence, it followed that of the Sunday School met in the schoolthere was a spiritual as well as a natural room, to the number of eighty. Tea body. After proving that the former is was provided, and an address delivered a real substantial form, adapted to the on subjects of interest suited to the world in which it has to dwell eternally, occasion. Altogether we have reason to he proceeded to argue that the nature of believe that these visits, which were the life to come is dependent upon some warmly appreciated by our friends, will thing done here,—that all men who be found useful in building up the have been removed decided by their own church in this part of the kingdom. free-will their future lot,—those who had obeyed the divine teachings, now ex- EXCURSIONS DURING THE CONFERENCE periencing endless bliss, while those

WEEK. who had wilfully refused to observe Among the other sources of enjoy. them were enduring everlasting misery. ment provided by the Derby friends were The sermon was concluded by a power- a trip to Matlock on the Saturday, and ful appeal to the audience to so live to Chatsworth and Haddon Hall on the whilst on earth as to finally become Wednesday. The weather on both days inhabitants of the heavenly kingdom. proved highly favourable, and the friends

Besides the services at Derby, there enjoyed themselves in a proportionate were special services at Melbourne, degree. After visiting the mansion at conducted by the Revs. E. Madeley and Chatsworth, and beautiful gardens atR. Edleston. We have not been fortu- tached to it, the friends sat down under nate enough to obtain an account of the shadow of a spreading beech, and parthese services, beyond the fact that took of refreshments, our friend, Mr. they were attended by numerous and Austin, having foregone the pleasure of deeply-interested audiences, and that a visit to the interior to prepare a store the friends were much gratified and of sandwiches, which kind forethought refreshed by them.

on his part greatly added to the comfort Baptismal and Sacramental services of the friends. The tree under which were held in the afternoon, when nearly the party was seated was designated thirty communicants (we believe) par

“ The Conference Tree.” Tea was protook of the Holy Supper, and an adult vided at Haddon, after which the party baptism took place.

returned, and reached Derby shortly Nottingham was visited by the Rev. before nine. We omitted to mention in J. B. Kennerley, who preached in the our last that the refreshments at the small chapel belonging to this society. preliminary meeting, on the WednesIn the morning the chapel was well day previous to the Conference, were attended, while in the evening the place supplied gratuitously by the kindness of was crowded. This society is using every the Derby friends; also, that the Meleffort to obtain a more suitable and con. bourne friends not only supplied the venient place of worship, and a very entertainment of the members of Coneligible plot of ground, in an excellent ference, but also the carriages which situation has been purchased for this pur- conveyed them to and from that interestpose. The members are vigorously en- ing village. deavouring to raise the needful means amongst themselves, but being a small THE LATE CONFERENCE AND THE DERBY band, the assistance of the church gener

SOCIETY. ally would greatlystrengthen their hands, We have been favoured with a letter And could not be given to a more worthy in which the writer speaks in very object. It would be very little incon- gratifying terms of the effect of the late venience, probably, were each society in Conference on the Derby Society and the church to make a collection on a neighbourhood. As respects the friends Sunday set apart for the purpose, the themselves, it has infused new life into proceeds of which should be given to our them; and has also excited considerable Nottingham brethren. When all CO- attention in the neighbourhood. The operate, difficulties are soon removed. different services and meetings during

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the Conference have been attended with together with the admirable arrangehappy effects, and, as regards the meet- ments of the committee, greatly heighing at Melbourne, nothing has ever tened the pleasure of the party. Tea occurred to give the cause there so great was provided in the conservatory at an an impetus. Every one, even the oppo- early hour, which left the cooler part of nents of the church, was delighted, and the day for out-door recreations, which it has often been spoken of in terms of were kept up with greet spirit and goodgratification or approval. An account will till within a few minutes of the of the Conference, occupying more than departure for home. The only drawhalf a column, also appeared in the two back experienced by the party was the Derby newspapers, whose combined unavoidable absence of their beloved circulation is not less than 5,000, and pastor, Mr. Bruce, through the illness by this means the existence of the New from which he has now for some time Church and its progress are brought been suffering. before many who would not otherwise Failsworth.-Re-opening of their place have heard of it. On the Sunday after of Worship after Enlargement.-It will the Conference Mr. Hyde, jun., preached, probably be remembered that some much to the gratification of the friends, months since a course of violent oppowho were deeply interested with his sition to the New Church doctrines was discourses. In short, they feel that the carried on in the neighbourhood of aggregate results of the Conference have Rhodes and Middleton, and that the been beneficial, and they have reason to result at Middleton was the building & hope will be permanently so. It only new and much larger place of worship. remains for our friends to make an effort We have the pleasure of announcing in to obtain the services of an efficient another part of this number, that the minister, and the church will doubtless Rhodes friends also contemplate the progress.

building a new and larger church. From

Mr. Thos. Robinson having taken part GENERAL CHURCH INTELLIGENCE. in the defence of the church at Mid

dleton, our opponents carried the warfare The Metropolis.—The strike among into Failsworth and the neighbourhood, the builders has retarded the com- with similar results; the Failsworth pletion of the Argyle-square Church, friends having considerably enlarged which otherwise would ere this have their place of worship, the re-opening been opened for the use of the congre- of which took place on the 1lth ult, gation. As many of the men on strike when the opening services were conhave returned to their employment, and ducted by the Revs. Dr. Bayley, of the alterations in the church are again London, who preached morning and progressing towards completion, we afternoon, and R. Storry, of Dalton, who hope to announce shortly that the preached in the evening. The morning arrangements for the opening are com- service was well attended, and the after. pleted. At present the congregation noon and evening were crowded to overcontinue to meet with the Cross-street flowing. The collections amounted to friends.

the handsome sum of £50. within a few Excursion of the New Church Mutual shillings. Lectures were also given, Improvement Society, Cross-street. on Monday night, by Mr. Storry, and On the 27th July, the members of this on Tuesday and Wednesday by Dr. society and their friends made an ex. Bayley., cursion to Rye House. The fineness of Kersley.- Charity Sermons. — Two the weather, and especially the truly sermons in aid of the Sunday-school New Church spirit of desiring to con- funds were preached, on Sunday the tribute as much as possible to the com- 18th ult., by the Rev. Dr. Bayley. As fort and happiness of each other, con- this was the first collection since the curred to make the excursiun á very removal of Mr. Crompton, who was the delightful one. The vast extent of the largest contributor, some interest was grounds, the numerous natural beauties felt in the result; and it is exceedingly of the surrounding country, the flowing gratifying to know that the amount of stream, the flowery walks, and the in- these subscriptions was larger than that nocent sports and games provided for of the subscriptions of the preceding the general amusement of the party, year, when the society had the liberal aid

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of our departed friend; and it is hoped give an account in our next. Subscripthat it may be received as an earnest of tions in furtherance of this useful object the determination of the society that the may be sent to Edwin Moorhouse, Esq., loss of our friend will not be even ap- Burlington House, Ashton-under-Lyne. parently felt. The amount collected, Since the above was in type we have including £l. ls. 5d., the contributions received the following account, by which of the Sunday scholars, in the morning, it will be seen that the foundation-stone was £28. 16s. The services were well of the proposed building has been laid. attended, especially that in the after- Laying of the Foundation Stone of a noon, and the congregations seemed New Jerusalem Church at Ashton-undermuch interested with the discourses. Lyne.-On Saturday afternoon, SepThey certainly responded nobly to the tember 3rd, about 150 scholars, teachers, powerful appeals made to them in behalf and friends assembled in the New Jeruof the object they were met to promote. salem Meeting-room, Fleet-street, AshThe doctor also visited the Sunday- ton, and walked in procession to a plot school in the morning, with which he of land in Catherine-street, for the purexpressed himself highly gratified. The pose of laying the foundation stone of a scholars were addressed by the Rev. W. New Jerusalem Church, now in the Woodman and Dr. Bayley, and appeared course of erection. A suitable bymn much interested. The whole of the pro- was sung on the occasion, and an exceedings were not only satisfactory, but cellent address delivered by Mr. David delightful, the enjoyment being also Whitehead, showing the beautiful truth heightened by the excellent singing, ac- of the New Jerusalem. After the cerecompanied by the splendid organ, at mony the procession returned to the which Mr. George Broadfield, of Man- school-room, where an ample tea was chester, kindly and efficiently presided. provided. After tea a pleasant evening

Social Meeting.-On Monday the 19th was spent in mutual congratulation upon ult., being the occasion of the annual the event. wakes, the teachers of the Sunday- Shields.--Mr. Gladwell.-In addition school, with the view of providing for to the open-air services mentioned in a the young people amusement of a more previous Repository, a public discussion rational and instructive character than has been sustained by Mr. Gladwell, that supplied by the wakes, held a with a Mr. Holland, a secularist, in the social meeting, at which music and Temperance Hall, on the evenings of speaking were introduced. The music the 8th and 9th August. The subject consisted of selections from Mozart, was as follows:-" The Bible is a Book Haydn, Miss Stirling, Danby, Dr. Cooke, Divinely Inspired, and harmonizes in &c., viz. choruses, glees, songs, and in- its spiritual sense; and that such spiristrumental performances on the piano- tual sense is reasonable to man,"-Mr. forte, and was performed by the choir, Gladwell the affirmative, Mr. Holland all of whom, with one exception, are the negative. The hall was well filled young people, in a very superior man- each evening, at the charge of 2d. and

Some interesting remarks wereld., which cleared all expenses. Mr. made in the course of the evening, and Holland's “charge in chief” was, that though the assembly was not quite so the Bible was full of contradictions, numerous as it is sometimes on similar which Mr. G. admitted to be true to occasions, everyone seemed to be highly some extent in respect to the literal gratified with the evening's proceedings. sense, but insisted that the question

The intelligence which follows has, was the spiritual sense, not the literal ; from the pressure of Conference matter and Mr. Holland was bound thus to in the last number, been unavoidably shew the negative of a great principle, reserved for the present.

the affirmative of which he had never Ashton-under-Lyne.-The anniversary heard or considered. The secularist sermons at this place were preached on was often reminded of this during the Sunday, August 7th, by Mr. J. Robin- debate, but he could only flounder in son, of Failsworth: collection, £6. 14s. the literal sense, which he villified and As the present place of worshipis inade- blasphemed, but the interior spiritual quate, our brethren at Ashton-under- was above his reach. A large majority Lyne are about to erect a new and more of the audience fraternized with Mr. suitable building, of which we hope to Gladwell, who seems now to have got a


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footing in Shields and Tynemouth for we think it imprudent to commence a the heavenly doctrine, which will prove building until we shall have £250. in a blessing to many of the inhabitants, hand. Having briefly laid before you who will also form new centres for their our position, we commit our case to your distribution. The usual Sunday and favourable consideration, in the hope week-day evening services are well that it may call forth the liberality of attended, and in addition to those men. those who are blessed with the means, tioned last month, Mr. G. now “ speaks and are willing to contribute to the object to the people” every Tuesday night, at in view. For this purpose contributions the high part of South Shields, near will be thankfully received by Mr. Samuel Christ Church. Any one having a few Pilkington, Rhodes, near Manchester. Tracts to spare, would do well to send We remain, in the cause of the New them to Mr. Gladwell, 131, Linskill. Dispensation, and on behalf of the street, North Shields.

society, Yours, &c., Rhodes.-Appeal of the Rhodes So

DAVID BROWN, Leader. ciety to the Members of the New Jos. CLARKSON, Treasurer. Church.-Dear Brethren,-The object SAMUEL PILKINGTON, Secretary, of this appeal to your liberality is In connection with the above there is to enable us erect a building in preparation a bazaar, the proceeds of more suitable for a Sunday-school and which are designed for the same object. public worship than the one we at pre- Any of our friends who can in any way sent occupy. We are aware that our render assistance in this matter are brethren in the church have of late con- kindly requested to forward the same to tributed heavily to matters such as we Mrs. Mary Briggs, Mount Pleasant, now bring before your notice, and were Rhodes, near Manchester. it not that our numbers are few and in We, the undersigned, from our knowhumble circumstances, this appeal would ledge of the society at Rhodes, and of not have been made. The position of their want of improved accommodation our society in relation to the other so- for their Sunday-school and religious cieties in our village, and to the public services, cordially recommend the above generally, precludes the possibility of appeal to the favourable consideration obtaining any material assistance at of the church. their hands; so that when we have done RICHARD STORRY, Dalton, near all that we can for ourselves, we have no

Huddersfield. other resource but to appeal to the sym

JAMES Boys, Radcliffe. pathies of the church at large. Our

John B. KENNERLEY, Salford. society is under the disadvantage of J. H. SMITHSON, Manchester. having a place of worship too small to The ministers whose names are ataccommodate the numbers who attend. tached to this appeal have kindly conThe want of a chapel sufficiently large, sented to receive subscriptions in behalf with what else is indispensable to afford of the Rhodes Society. ease and comfort, has for a long time Nottingham.—The Nottingham New been a barrier against our progress. Church building committee have apThe oppressiveness of the heat of the pointed Mr. William Clarke, Forest room, which is a consequence of its Grove, Nottingham, to receive connarrow limits, is almost intolerable, and tributions from societies towards the is the means of keeping away many who contemplated new place of worship; would otherwise regularly attend. Other but isolated receivers and others disadvantages could be brought before who may feel desirous of renderyour notice, but we trust that what we ing assistance will please to forward have already adduced will be sufficient. their donations to the address already The following is the state of our pecu- given them in the circular. The comniary position

mittee gratefully acknowledge the folDeposits in a building fund, £20. lowing donations :-Mr. Bogg, £1. 13., Society and friends at Rhodes, £50. Mr. James Hall (London), £2., Mr. W. The surplus remaining by the sale of Newton, Skillington, Lincolnshire, 10s., our chapel, after paying off the debt, is Mr. Thomas Westcott

, Sidmouth, 2s. 6d. estimated at £20. The cost of the build- Baildon, Bingley, and proposed to be erected is calculated The Rev. W. Woodman's Visit to Bailat £100. Considering our circumstances, don and Keighley, and two Visits to

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Bingley.-It has been intimated in the world of spirits. “If heaven (he said) Repository that the Rev. W. Woodman were so near as the lecturer had stated, had, through the circulation by Mr. and hell were equally near, where could Bowes of the report of the Bolton Dis- the world of spirits be?" Mr. Woodman cussion, been invited to deliver a course explained that the spiritual world was of lectures in Bingley, and on Sunday, equally near as were heaven and hell. the 31st of July, he made his first visit “ But perhaps (he added) the friend who into that locality. It will be also re- has propounded the question may have membered that early in the spring Mr. the impression that the other world, as Storry officiated at the opening of a we regard it, is a mere state, conseSunday-school at Baildon, a few miles quently a mere abstraction. Both heafrom Bingley, and the few friends there ven and hell, with the world of spirits, availed themselves of Mr. Woodman's are places as well as states; the intervisit to preach for them in the after- mediate state, for instance, was a place

The school is carried on in a viz., a spiritual place, like the others, cottage, which has been fitted up with growing out of the states of those who forms and a desk, which also serves for inhabit it. But it is not governed by the use of the person who officiates at the laws of space, but by those of affi. the services. On this occasion about nity and contrariety of state,—the imthirty or forty were present, the room passable .gulf' between heaven and hell being quite filled. We have not heard being thus the direct contrariety of the what impression was made; but from the two states, presented palpably, as it attention and interest of those present, were, to the spiritual senses." The it is to be hoped that the effort has had gentleman expressed himself satisfied, its use. We know that no effort can be since the lecturer did not deny that made without leaving some impress be- heaven was a place as well as a state. hind it, though its nature and extent We were informed that the same gentlemay not be seen at the time ;-“Cast man remarked of the lecture, that he thy bread upon the waters, and after agreed with very much of what was days it shall appear.” In the evening stated by the lecturer. “ But (added Mr. Woodman commenced his labours he) what an awful hell he (the lecturer) in Bingley, in the Odd Fellows' Hall, made !" which had been taken for the service Tuesday Evening. - The subject of and the subsequent lectures. From of this lecture was the “ Trinity and the one hundred and fifty to two hundred Atonement.” It appears the religious persons were present; many appear to parties not feeling themselves compehave gone to scoff, but the impressive tent to cope with Mr. Woodman, had nature of the service, and the character engaged a Mr. Fyfe, from Shipley, of the discourse, soon restrained any another large village, about two or spirit of levity; and if those who “went three miles from Bingley. This gento scoff" did not actually “remain to tleman was originally intended for the pray,” there were many who evidently Baptist ministry, and educated in one of left with very different feelings from their colleges, but turne to commerci those with which they entered. The pursuits in preference. He accordingly Keighley friends also greatly enhanced undertook to controvert Mr. Woodman's the interest of the worship by the effi- arguments. But he himself does not cient services of their excellent choir, by appear to be very orthodox on all points. which the hymns were very sweetly He would not, for instance, commit sung.

himself to a trinity of persons,-he would Monday Evening. This evening the not go beyond affirming that there were first of a series of three lectures was de- three “manifestations, which Mr. livered, the subject being, “Heaven, Woodman showed him might mean Hell, and the Intermediate State.” The anything or nothing, so that it was evilecture appeared to be favourably re- dent that he had no definite idea whatceived by & more numerous audience ever of the Trinity. He afterwards virthan met on the preceding evening, tually admitted this, stating that he nearly three hundred being present. A really knew little or nothing on the subfew questions were asked, one by the ject," the language of Scripture being principal party among Mr. Bowes's quite inadequate (!) to convey an idea !! friends, relative to the locality of the and in fact, he said it was not of much


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