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This experience, and this need, have led me to

publish "The Publicans' Manual."

In a time like the present, when it is so essential

for the Publican to exercise the greatest care, not

only in the conduct of his house, but in a variety

of other points connected with his business, far too

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the majority of the important sections of the Acts.

[blocks in formation]

Occasional Licenses, Extensions, &c., &c. ; setting out

Tables of Excise Duties; dealing with On, Off, and

Six-day, and Early Closing Licenses separately ; Re

freshment Houses, Grocers' Licenses, Qualification of

Persons and Premises, Disqualifications, &c., &c., &c. ;

and appending a full index to the whole work.

As far, as possible, too, I have endeavoured to

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with, I have stopped at the stage where nice techni

calities and intricacies begin.

It must be clearly understood that only ordinary

daily business duties and liabilities of a publican-as

nearly as these are definable—are here given.

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Licensing Laws, any attempt to treat of each and

[blocks in formation]

care has, however, been taken in its preparation, and I hope, taken as a whole, it may find favour for its

usefulness amongst the class for whose edification it

is specially intended.

H. J.



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