Social Arrows

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Longmans, Green, 1886 - 368 pages

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Page 37 - God made the country, and man made the town. What wonder then that health and virtue, gifts, That can alone make sweet the bitter draught, That life holds out to all, should most abound And least be threatened in the fields and groves...
Page 42 - In all places, then, and in all seasons, Flowers expand their light and soul-like wings, Teaching us, by most persuasive reasons, How akin they are to human things. And with childlike, credulous affection We behold their tender buds expand ; Emblems of our own great resurrection, Emblems of the bright and better land.
Page 255 - workshop " means any premises, room or place, not being a factory as above defined, wherein any manual labor is exercised by way of trade or for purposes of gain in or incidental to any process of making, altering, repairing, ornamenting, finishing or adapting for sale any article...
Page 219 - All true Work is sacred ; in all true Work, were it but true hand-labour, there is something of divineness. Labour, wide as the Earth, has its summit in Heaven. Sweat of the brow ; and up from that to sweat of the brain, sweat of the heart ; which includes all Kepler calculations, Newton meditations, all Sciences, all spoken Epics, all acted Heroisms, Martyrdoms, — up to that 'Agony of bloody sweat,' which all men have called divine!
Page 255 - ... which any manual labour is exercised by way of trade or for purposes of gain in or incidental to the following purposes or any of them ; that is to say, (a) in or incidental to the making...
Page 364 - Svo. price 6s. each. Cabinet Edition of Stories and Tales by Miss Sewell. Crown 8vo. cloth extra gilt edges, price 3s. 6d. each :Amy Herbert. Cleve Hall. The Earl's Daughter. Experience of Life. Gertrude. Ivors. A Glimpse of the World. Katharine Ashton. Laneton Parsonage. Margaret Percival. Ursula.
Page 366 - ENCYCLOP/EDIAS, DICTIONARIES, AND BOOKS OF REFERENCE. Acton's Modern Cookery for Private Families. • Fcp. 8vo. 4*.
Page 158 - Interest at the rate of six per cent. per annum shall be charged on all past due instalments. a. The party shall, within five years from the date of the contract, colonize its tract. b. Such colonization shall consist in placing two settlers on homesteads on each even-numbered section, and also two settlers on each odd-numbered section. c. The party may be secured for advances made to settlers on homesteads according to the provisions of the 10th section of the Act 44 Vic., chap.
Page 155 - Except where it may be necessary, out of them, to provide wood lots for settlers ; (c). Except in cases where the Minister of the Interior, under provisions of the Dominion Lands Acts, may deem it expedient to withdraw certain lands, and sell them at public auction, or otherwise deal with them as the Governor in Council may direct. 3. The odd-numbered sections in Class A are reserved for the Canadian Pacific Eailway Company.
Page 35 - POPLAR. 57 others; the employment is not only conducive to health and peace of mind, but probably more good-will has arisen, and friendships been founded by the intercourse and communication connected with this pursuit than from any other whatsoever...

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