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Both the COVENANT OF Works, and the Cove.

NANT OF GRACE: with their Use and End,
both in the time of the Old Testament, and in the
time of the New, Clearly defcribing the WAY
to eternal life aby. Jesus CHRIST.

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To'a DiALOGUE Betwixt
Evangelista, a Minister of the Gospel.
Nomista, a Legalist.
ANTINOMIST A, an Aotinomiao. · And,
NEOPHITUS, a young Christian.



By the late eminent and faithful fervant of Jesus CHRIST,

Minister of the GOSPEL at ETTRICK,

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1 Cor. xii. 8. For we can do nothing against the truth,
but for the truth.

Prioted by John Bryce, and sold at lfis Shop

in the SALT-MARKET.' 1766.


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M. CARY L's Recommendation and Ime primatur.

I HAVE perused this ensuing Dialogue, and find it tending to peace and holiness; the author endeavouring to reconcile and heal those unhappy differences, which have lately broken out afresh amongst us, about the points therein handled and cleared: for which cause, I allow it to be printed, and recommend it to the reader, as a difcourse stored with many necessary and seasonable kuths, confirmed by scripture, and avowed by many approved writers: all compofed in a familiar, plain, moderate stile, without bitterness against, or uncomely reflections upon, others: which flies have lately corrupted many boxes of (otherwise precious) ointment.

May 1. 1645.



THOSOEVER thou art to whose hands this

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verse 31.

mind of the divine command, binding on thy conscieace, Deut. i. 17. ' Ye hall not respect persons in judgment, but you shall bear the small as well as

the great.' Reject not the book with contempt, nor with indignation neither, when thou findest it intiçuled, The Marrow of Modern Divinity, left thou do it to thine own hurt. Remember, that our blessed Lord himself was accounted a friend of publicans and

lippers,' Mat. xi. 19. Many said of him, He hath * a devil, and is mad; why hear ye him ?' Joho x. 20. The apostle Paul was flanderously reported to be an Antinomian; one who, by his doctrine, encouraged men to do evil, Rom. üri. 8. and made void the law,

And the first martyr, in the days of the gospel, was stoned for pretended' blasphemous words against Moses, and against the law,' Acts vi. 11, 13.

The gospel method of sanctification, as well as of justification, lies so far out of the ken of natural rea. fon, that if all the rationalists in the world, Philofophers and divines had consulted together to lay down a plan, for repairing the loft image of God in man, they had never hit on that which the divine wisdom hath pitched upon, viż. That finners should be fanctified in Christ Jesus, i Cor. i. 2. by faith in him, Acts xxvi. 18. Nay, being laid before them, they would have rejected it with disdain as fooliness, i Cor. i. 23.

to all views which fallen man hath, towards the means of his own recovery, the patural bent is to the way of the covenant of works. This is evident in the case of the vast multitudes throughout the world embracing Judaism, Paganism, Mahometaoism, and Popery. All these agree in this one principle, " That


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“ it is by doing men must live,” tho’ they hugely differ as to the things to be done for life.

The Jews, in the time of Julian, the apoftate, attempted to rebuild their temple, after it had lain many years in ruins, by the decree of heaven Dever to be bullt again; and ceafed pot, till, by an earthquake, which shook the old foundation, and turned all down to the ground, they were forced to forbear, as Socrates the historian tells us, lib. 3. cap. 20. But the Jews were never more addicted to that temple, than mankind naturally is to the building on the first covenant: aod Adam's children will by no means quit it, until mount Sinai, where they defire to work what they do work, be all on a fire about them. 0 that thefe, who have been frighted from it, were not fo ready to go back towards it.

Howbeit, that can never be the channel of fancti. fication, what way foever men prepare it, and fit it out for that purpose; because it is not, by divine appointment, the miniftration of righteousness and life, 2 Cor. ii.

And hence it is always to be observed, that as the doctrine of the gospel is corrupted, to introduce a more rational fort of religion, the flood of loose ness and licentiousness swells proportionably; info. much that morality brought in for doctrine, in room and stead of the gospel of the grace of God, never fails to be, in effect, a figoal for an inundation of immorality in practice. A plain instance hereof is to be seen in the grand apostasy from the truth and holiness of the gospel, viz. Popery. . And on the other hand, real and thorow reformation in churches is always the effect of gospel-light, breaking forth again, from under the cloud which had gone over it ; and hereof the church of Scotland, among others, hath oftner than once had comfortable experience.

The real friends of true holiness do then exceedirgly mistake their measures, in affording a handle, on any occasion whatsoever, for advancing the prin. ciples of Legalism, for bringing under contempt the


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