The Ancient Customs of the Manor of Taunton Deane;: Collected from the Records of the Manor, Presented by the Jury at the Law-day Court, the Twenty Fourth of April, 1817, and Published Under Their Sanction. To which are Prefixed, Some Introductory Observations on Copyholds in General, and Remarks on Those of this Manor in Particular, with the Origin, History, and Nature, of Courts Leet, and Courts Baron

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T. Parkhouse, Tiverton, 1821 - 132 pages

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Page xxiv - CD, his heirs, executors or administrators, do and shall well and truly pay, or cause to be paid unto the...
Page xv - Ireland any copyhold tenant (j ) of such manor may by his or her last will and testament dispose of or appoint his or her copyhold tenements, the same having been surrendered to such uses as should be declared by such last will and testament...
Page xvii - Force, or Effect, to any Appointment, than such Appointment would have had if a substantial Share of the Property affected by the Power had been thereby appointed to or left unappointed to devolve upon any Object of such Power.
Page 13 - A statute, which was a greater acquisition to the civil property of this kingdom than even magna carta itself: since that only pruned the luxuriances that had grown out of the military tenures, and thereby preserved them in vigour ; but the statute of king Charles extirpated the whole, and demolished both root and branches.
Page 19 - That nation is composed totally of shepherds and herdsmen ; and the elder sons, as soon as they are capable of leading a pastoral life, migrate from their father with a certain allotment of cattle, and go to seek a new habitation. The youngest son, therefore, who continues latest with the father, is naturally the heir of his house, the rest being already provided for.
Page 16 - For though in general they are still said to hold their estates at the will of the lord, yet it is such a will as is agreeable to the custom of the manor ; which customs are preserved and evidenced by the rolls of the several courts baron in which they are entered, or kept on foot by the constant immemorial usage of the several manors in which the lands lie.
Page 15 - holy fathers, monks, and friars, had in their confessions, and especially in their extreme and deadly sickness, convinced the laity how dangerous a practice it was, for one Christian man to hold another in bondage: so that temporal men, (e) FNB 12. i(/) Cop. s. 32. by little and little, by reason of that terror in their consciences, were glad to manumit all their villeins.
Page 42 - If any tenant die seised of any customary lands or tenements of inheritance within the said manor, and having a wife at the time of his death, then his wife ought, and hath used time out of mind, to inherit the same lands as next heir unto her husband by the custom of the said manor, and be admitted tenant...
Page 8 - Book, which was finished in the next year ; and in the latter end of that very year the king was attended by all his nobility at Sarum, where all the principal landholders submitted their lands to the yoke of military tenure, became the king's vassals, and did homage and fealty to his person (i).
Page xvi - Tenements, or of any right, title, or interest in or to the same, shall be as valid and effectual to all intents and purposes, although no Surrender shall have been made to the use of the Will of such person, as the same would have been if a Surrender had been made to the use of such Will.

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