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Alleluia ! sing to Jesus .

W. C. Dir. 377
And now, O Father.

W. Bright. 382
Author of life Divine

C. Wesley. 380
Behold Thy servant J. M. Neale (altered). 384
Be still, my soul Bishop W. D. Maclagan. 402
Body of Jesus

Bishop A. C. Coxe. 401
Bread of heaven

Josiah Conder. 379
Bread of the world

Bishop Heber. 385
By Christ redeemed

George Rawson. 385
Come, Holy Ghost. Latin tr., Bishop J. Cogin. 75
Come, let us sing James Montgomery (altered). 403
Come, O Jesu

R. Brown Borthwick. 386
Draw nigh and take . Latin tr., J. M. Neale. 374


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God the Father, God . Sir H. W. Baker. 409
God the Lord Greek tr., R. F. Littledale. 393
Great and glorious Bishop W. W. How. 387

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Hail, festal day . Latin tr., G. Moultrie. 396
Hath He died to save us Bishop W. W. How. 388
Here, O my Lord

H. Bonar. 404

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I am not worthy

Sir H. W. Baker.




Jesu, ever present

G. H. Smyttan. 389
Jesu, gentlest Saviour

F. W. Faber. 384
Jesu, to Thy table led

.R. H. Baynes. 390
Jesu, Word of God Incarnate . Latin tr. Cento. 401

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Laud! O Sion S. Thos. Aquinas, tr. Cento. 398
Lo, the angels' Food . S. Thos. Aquinas, tr. Cento. 400
Lord, I cannot seek Thee . . V. S. S. Coles. 139

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O Body broken. Bishop W. D. Maclagan. 403
O Food that weary

Latin tr., Hymns A. & M. 375
O God, unseen yet ever near

E. Osler. 380
O Holy Jesu, Prince . R. Brown Borthwick. 391
0 King of Beauty.

Caroline Sellon. 396
O let us on Thy fulness feed

C. Wesley. 408
O Living Bread from Latin trans. Cento. 375
O Lord, refresh Thy flock Joseph Anstice. 392
Once, only once

W. Bright. 376
O Saving Victim S. Thos. Aquinas, tr. Cento. 373
O Thou Eternal Victim.

C. Wesley. 406
O Thou, whom sinners German tr., J. Wesley. 407


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The Heavenly Word S. Thos. Aquinas, tr. Cento. 372
Thee we adore

S. Thos. Aquinas,
tr. Bishop J. R. Woodford

Therefore we, before S. Thos. Aquinas, tr. Cento. 372
Thou standest at the altar

E. W. Eddis. 393
To our brother sinners

Bishop W. W. How. 388

We pray Thee, heavenly Father V.S.S. Coles. 381
With lips unclean

S. John Damascene,
tr. J. H. Lupton


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The Eburchman's Manual


Private and Family Devotion.

Compiled from the Writings of English Divines, with Graces and Devotions for the Seasons,

Litanies, and an entirely new

Selection of Hymns.

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Young Communicant's Manual.

Containing Instructions and preparatory Prayers in accordance with the Church's directions for Preparation; Form for Self-Examination; the Service for Holy Communion, with appropriate Devotions, Intercessions and Thanksgiving ;

Collects, Hymns, &c.

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Churchman's Altar Manual.


THREE EDITIONS of this Manual are now printed;

the following are the sizes, with prices :

Royal 32mo., with Rubrics and Borders in Red, on Superfine Paper.

8. d. Cloth, red edges

2 with Photographs

4 0


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Large Type, 24mo., Black only.
Cloth, red edges

2 0

Cheap Edition, 32mo., for Distribution.

Cloth flush


Cloth extra, red edges.


The above are kept in a variety of Leather Bindings.

Price Lists may be had upon application to


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