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several other medicines enumerated by our Author, are indispensable articles in a medicine chest, especially when the family reside at a distance from any medical practitioner; but they should be kept under lock and key. When the liver be

comes affected by a residence in hot climates, or by the unhappy fondness for spirituous liquors,' we agree with our Surgeon, that calomel is prodigiously effective. But as our present business is with young mothers and their infants, in whom the liver is not likely to be affected by such causes, we have only to recommend most earnestly, that calomel be never taken from the medicine-chest, but under specific medical directions. As. to wine of antimony, given by our Author under the head of Emetics, we must protest against its use for any such purpose. On this point, we are directly at issue with our Author, who prefers it to the far more innocent and wholly unobjectionable medicine, the powder or wine of ipecacuanha. He gives a curious reason for preferring the wine to the powder - as they'(the wines) “are less nauseous, and produce vomiting (i. e. nausea) 'sooner.' We prefer the powder.

We should throw some other medicines out of his domestic catalogue, as either superfluous, or proper only to be kept in reserve for medical directions. · But we have, we hope, said enough to induce our Author to reconsider his advice, and to caution our readers against the best intentioned anonymous general directions.


Gentlenen and Publishers who have works in the Press, will oblige the Conductors of the Eclectic Review, by sending information (post paid) of the subject, extent, and probable price of such works which they may depend upon being communicated to the public, if cousistent with its plan.

1 Napoleon in Exile. This interesting work is expected to appear in the ensaing month. It consists almost entirely of Napoleon's own remarks, in his own words, written down at the moment, during three years of the most uurestrained cominunication, and furuishes, in a way that could probably never have been anticipated, details of all the remarkable events of his life, public and private; characters of his Ministers and Generals; state secrets of the various Courts of Europe; the development of his foreign and domestic policy, anec. dotes of his campaigns, and illustrations of most of the extraordinary occurrences and persons which have astonished the world, during the last half century, in a style which carries with it its own evidence, and is sustained by facts known only to the distinguished individual by whom they were related. His death has removed the delicacy which naturally restrained the publisher during his lifetime.

The third Part of Mr. Rhodes, “ Peak Scenery, or Excursions in Derbyshire,” will be published in the course of the ensuing month. These Excursions are illustrated with a series of beautiful En. gravings by W. Cooke, from Drawings recently made by R. Chantrey, R.A. (60s. 345. and 24s, each part).

Preparing for publication, Scholastica Doctrina : or Lectures to Young Gentlemen at Boarding School, on the various branches of a liberal education ; with a characteristic view of the most approved elementary books of instruction ; also on the Conduct and Duties of Life. By J. K. Kent, Royston Seminary, Herts.

A new edition of The Jesuit's Newton may be expected in a few days, printed at the Glasgow University Press, and corrected by a Gentleman of Trinity Coin lege, Cambridge.

Preparing for publication, Bibliotheca Biblica: a Select Descriptive Catalogue of the most important British and foreign Works in the departments of Biblical

Criticism and Interpretation ; with brief notices of their Authors, and remarks on tbeir theological and critical merits. By William Orme, Author of Memoirs of the life, writings, and religions connexions of John Owen, D.D.

Shortly will be published, Cumnor, and other plays and Poems. By E. B. Impey, M.A. Studeut of Christ Church, Oxford.

Speedily will be published, in the same size as the Introduction to Geology by the Rev. D. Coneybeare, and W. Phillips, An Introduction to the Study of Fossils, in a compilation of such informa. tion as may assist the Student in obtaining the necessary knowledge respecting these substances and their connexion with the formation of the earth. By James Parkinson, Author of the Organic Remains of a former World.

Professor Dunbar is preparing for pub. lication, the Second Volume of Dalzel's Collectanea Græca Majora : the Text of Honier, Hesiod, and Apollonius Rhodius, will be corrected according to the principles stated in the Essay upon the Versification of Homer ju the 2d. part of the Professor's Prosodia Græca. The whole of the Text will undergo the most careful revision, and will be augmented by one of the Nemean Odes of Pindar; and a very considerable number of additional notes, explanatory of different passages, &c. will be given.

Speedily will be published, beautifully printed in one volume, 8vo. The Morning and Evening Sacrific. This work is divided into the four following parts : - 1. Prayers for Private Persons, adapted to the different days of the week, aud to Sacramental Sabbaths and Days of Humiliation 2. Family Prayers for the Sabbath-Day.-3. Prayers for Persons who are in peculiar Circumstances.-4. A copious Selection of Prayers entirely in the Language of Scripture.—The work is introduced by two Discourses explanas tory of the Lord's Prayer. It has been the object of the Author, by combining

şisplicity of language with elevation and Lorough. I Vol. 12mo. Christian fervour of sentiment, to render In the press, Plain Dialogues, designed this yolume a suitable Manual of Devo to relieve from various difficulties contjon for persons of all ranks.

pected with the Doctrines of Election, Enthanasia ; or the State of Man af- the Inability of Sinners to perform Spiter Death ; by the Rev. Luke Booker, ritual Acts, Christian Perseverance, and LL.D. Vicar of Dudley; will be pub- the Law of God in its relation to the Be. Jished in the course of the next month. liever, and to correct some popular

To the press, a new edition of Thomas abuses of the same subjects. Coles on Regeneration, Faith, and Re The eighth Edition of " Female Scrip. pentance ; to which will be prefixed, his ture Characters,” by the late Mrs. King; two Sermons on imputed righteousness : with a Sketch of the Life of the Author edited by the Rev, John Rees of Rod: prefixed, will shortly be published.



An Account of a Plan, which has been Star Tables for 1823, (No. II.) for

successfully pursued for three years, in

the conducting of a Penay Savings Bank, more readily ascertaining the Latitude aod Longitude at Sea, in the Twilight, and

for Children, with the additiou of a during the Night; with perpetual, and

working Fund for Females; including other useful Tables, which, with those of

Directions and Patterns for cutting out 1822, will be serviceable for many years.

every sort of wearing apparel for Girls,

Shirts and Pinafores for Boys, and Linen By Capt. Thomas Lynn, Royal 8vo.. 10s. sewed.

usually lent to the Poor ; together with Solar Tables; being the Logarithms of

the price allowed for making each Arti

cle. 5s. Half-Elapsed Tinie, Middle Time, and Rising, for every Second, to six places of

POETRY. Figures, useful in determining the Latic

Sir Andrew Halliday: a Dramatic tude by Double Altitudes, &c. and work-,

Sketch. By Sir Walter Scott, Bart. ing the Longitude by chronometers. By

8vo. 6s. Capt. Thomas Lyon. Royal dro. 10s.

Songs of Zion, or Imitations of the sewed.

Psalms. By James Montgomery. 12mo. EDUCATION.

43. The Teacher's Farewell ; intended as

The Poetical Monitor, consisting of a Parting Gift to the Elder Scholars,

Pieces, original and selected, for tbe imleaving Sunday Schools; comprisiog Provement of the young in virtue and Hints for their future Conduct in Life, piety. 3s. bound. adapted to both sexes. By a Sunday

The Remains of Henry Kirke White. School Teacher. 18mo.

With an account of his life, by Robert English Grammar in Verse; with

Southey. Vol. II). 8vo. 9s. Scripture Examples. By the Rev. T.

THEOLOGY Searle, Is. 6d.

The Works of James Arminjus. D.D. HISTORY.

Translated from the Latin. With an AcA View of the History, Literature, and

count of his Life and Character, 8vo. Mythology of the Hindoos; including a

Parts 1 and 2. 48. each. minute description of their Manners and Christian Fellowship, or the Church Customs, and Translations from their Member's Guide. By the Rev. J. A. principal Works. By William Ward of

James. 12mo. Serampore. A new edition, arranged

An Examination of the Remonstrance according to the original Work printed

addressed to the Bishop of St. David's, at Serampore. 3 vols. 8vo. 11. 16s. buls,

with Answers to the Questions addressed

to Trinitarians generally, by Captain MISCELLANEOUS,

James Gitford, R. N. By a Trinitarian. Hints towards the right Improvement 8vo. 8s. of the present Crisis. By Joseph Jones.

The Clerical Guide or Ecclesiastical DiM.A. 8vo, 53,

rectory; contajning a complete Register rights, and their revenues from the ear of the present Prelates and other-Digni- liest ages to the present times, and sher. taries of the Church of Englaod ; of the ing the relation in which they stand to Heads of Houses, Professors, &c. of the the community and to the agriculturist. Universities, and other Colleges and By the Rev. Francis Thackeray, 8vo, Public Schools; a List of all the Bene- 58. 6d. fices and Chapelries in England and Part. II. of Lectures on the Doctrine of Wales, arranged alphabetically in their the Holy Trinity. By Edward Andrews, several Counties, Dioceses, Archdeacon. LL D. minister of Beresford Chapel, ries, &c. The Names of their respective Walworth. 8vo, 78. Incumbents, with the Date of their Insti- An Address from a Christian Pastor to tution, the Names of the Patrons, &c. his Church and Congregation upon Bap&c. And an Appendix, containing Al- tism; containing a statement of some phabetical Lists of those Benefices which essential points in which the systems are in the Patronage of the Crown, the both of Pædobaptists and Anti-Pædo, Bishops, Deans, and Chapters, and other baptists appear to differ from that of the Public Bodies. Second Edition, corrected.. New Testament.' By James Bass, 8vo. Royal 8vo. 11. 2s.

28. 6d. Eighteen Sermons intended to esta. Directions and Encouragements for blish the inseparable connexion between Travellers to Zion, By tbe late Rev. Jos. the doctrines and the practice of Chris.. Freeston, 3d edition. &vo. 7s. 12mo. 5s. tianity, 12mo. 58.

Sketches of Sermons. Yol. III. Part 2 Discourses chiefly doctrinal, delivered 12mo. 2s. in the chapel of Trinity College, Dublin A Funeral Sermon for Mrs. Goulty of By Bartholomew Lloyd, D.D.S.F.T.C.D. Henley. By Robert Winter, DD. Is. 6d. M. R. I. A. Professor of Mathematics in The Duty and Importance of Free the University, and Chaplain to his Ex.. Communion among Real Christians of cellency the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. every Denomination, especially at the 108. 6d.

present Period. With some notices of Proofs of Inspiration; or the Grounds the writings of Messrs, Booth, Fuller, of Distinction between the New Testa- Hall, &c. on this Subject. 16. 6d. ment and the Apocryphal volume, occa- The Duties of Churchwardens ex. gioned by the recent publication of the plained and enforced. A Charge deliApocryphal New Testament, by Hove. vered to the Clergy and Church wardens, By the Rev. Thomas Rennell, B. D. of the Archdeaconry of Colchester, in F. R. S. 6s.

the Dioccse of London, in the year 1821. A Defence of the Clergy of the Church By the Rev.J. Jefferson, A. M. and F.A.S. of England, stating their services, their late Archdeacon. 2s,

The Title-page, Contents, and Inder to Vol. XVII, will be given in the Number

for August,

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Art. I. Memoirs of the Court of King James the First. By Lucy

Aikin. 2 vols. 8vo. pp. 858. Price 11. 48. London. 1822. WORKS of this description, if executed with tolerable

ability and fairness, deserve well of the public. Occupying a middle rank between works of dry information and works of amusement, they answer a very useful purpose, in this busy but unlearned age, by making general readers better acquainted with what they ought to be ashamed to be ignorant of the history of their own country. On this ground, indeed, the Author of Waverley has some claims to the gratitude of his readers; for, although as an expositor of history, he is a most delusive guide, still, we are certainly indebted to him for a personal introduction to some of the most illustrious characters of former days. After reading the Abbot, and Kenilworth, and the Heart of Mid Lothian, we feel that we have not merely read of-we have seen Mary, Queen of Scots, have seen Queen Elizabeth, and Queen Caroline. Were the historical portraits executed with even less fidelity than they are, they would still be valuable as giving an impulse to curiosity respecting the events in which those personages were implicated. In the same manner as the Lady of the Lake sent all our tourists in search of the picturesque amid the scenery of the Trosachs, and Rokeby recalled them to the milder beauties of the Greta, the Tales of my Landlord put its readers upon looking into Scottish history; and the subsequent works of the same inexhaustible pen have tended to create a strong interest in the history of our own country. This interest, the more substantial productions of the memoir-writer are well adapted to gratify. The Memoirs of the Court of Elizabeth form an acceptable supplement to Kenilworth ; and the present work will, we doubt not, succeed all the better for the Fortunes of Nigel. VOL. XVIII. N. S.


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