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Navigation and Registration of Ships: 652. Bill to amend the Laws in force for the Encouragement of British Shipping and Navigation

P. 495

New Zealand Government : 31. Bill to suspend, for a limited Time, the Operation of certain Parts of an Act of the

Tenth Year of Her present Majesty for making further Provision for the Government of the New Zealand Isiands, and to make other Provision in lieu thereof


Nuisances and Contagious Diseases :
604. Bill to renew and amend an Act of the Ninth and Tenth Years of Her present

Majesty for the Removal of Nuisances and the Prevention of Contagious

511 660. Same (as amended by the Committee]


Officers of Courts of Justice (Ireland) Assimilation of Appointments : 630. Bill, intituled, An Act to assimilate the Mode of appointing the Principal Officers

in the Courts of Queen's Bench, Common Pleas and Exchequer in Ireland, to that of appointing the Principal Officers in the Superior Courts of Common Law at Westminster


Outgoing Tenants (Ireland):
155. Bill to secure the Rights of Outgoing Tenants in Ireland



626. Bill to amend the Acts for rendering effective the Service of the Chelsea and Green

wich Out-Pensioners, and to extend them to the Pensioners of the East India Company


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To amend an Act of the Tenth Year of Her present Majesty, for

rendering valid certain Proceedings for the Relief of Distress
in Ireland, by Employment of the Labouring Poor, and to
indemnify those who have acted in such Proceedings.

[Note. — The Words printed in Italics are proposed to be inserted in

the Committee.]



HEREAS by an Act passed in the tenth year of Her Preambie :

Majesty, intituled, “An Act to render valid certain Pro- 10 Vict., c. 10, ceedings for the Relief of Distress in Ireland, by Employment of the < 3.

Labouring Poor, and to indemnify those who have acted in such Pro5 ceedings,” it is amongst other things enacted, that all Undertakings

therein recited, which had been or should be accepted and acted upon, and all presentments for works mentioned and referred to in such Undertakings respectively made at any Sessions called and held before the passing of the said Act, under the provisions of the Act therein recited, in whatever form or at whatever time or times such Undertakings respectively might have been or should be so given or accepted and acted upon, and in whatever form or at whatever time or times such presentments respectively might have been made, should be rati

fied and confirmed to all intents and purposes, and such Undertakings 25 respectively should be valid and binding upon the person or persons

respectively giving the same, and upon the lands therein respectively specified, and the money mentioned in any such Undertaking, or so much thereof as by an award to be made by the said Commissioners of

Public Works, or any Two of them, and which said award the said Com30 missioners or any Two of them were authorized and required to make,

should appear to have been expended upon any of the lands specified in any such Undertaking, should be a charge on the lands specified in such 640.


Undertaking and award, and the money mentioned in any such award, with interest thereon at the rate of Three Pounds Ten Shillings per centum per annum, should be charged upon, raised and levied from and out of the lands so specified in such award, and should be payable at the time or times appointed in such award by the person or

5 persons who, under the provisions of the Act passed in the sixth year of the reign of Her Majesty therein mentioned, and of the several Acts for the amendment thereof, would be liable for the repayment of the same; provided the same bad been expended and charged on the said lands for works of drainage executed under the provisions 10 of the said last-mentioned Acts, and should be raised, levied and recovered by such persons as the Commissioners of the Treasury should from time to time appoint, in the same manner, and by the like remedies, and with the like powers and authorities, and subject to the like provisions as by the said last-mentioned Acts 15 is provided for the recovery of money for works of drainage, in so far as the same might be applicable for the purposes of the said Act: And whereas no provision is made by the said recited Act for giving notice of such awards to the parties interested therein, or for the registry of the same; and it is advisable that the said Act 20 should be amended in that and other respects; BC it therefore Enacted, by The QUEEN's most Excellent MẠJESTY, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and

Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the AuthoThe Commisrity of the same, THAT in all cases in which the said Commis- 25 notice of and sioners of Public Works in Ireland shall make or have already made Awards under any award under the provisions of the said Act of the tenth


of recited Act.

Her Majesty's reign, the said Commissioners of Public Works shall
cause a copy of such award to be transmitted by post, or in such other
manner as they shall think fit, to the proprietor or proprietors, as in
the said Act mentioned, of the lands which shall be the subject of such
award ; and the said Commissioners shall execute a copy or duplicate
of every such award, as and for a memorial thereof for the purposes of
registry, and forth with cause such award to be registered in the office
for the Registry of Deeds in the city of Dublin; and the Registrar of the
said Registry Office, his deputies and assistants and other officers, shall
and he and they are hereby required to register every such award in
the same manner as any deed or instrument is registered in the said
office, and to file, retain and enter such duplicate or memorial in the
abstract books and indexes of or relating to deeds and memorials regis- 40
tered and kept in the said office; and no fees whatsoever shall be pay-
able for or in respect to such registration, anything in any former Act
to the contrary notwithstanding.




2. Lands mentioned in the Award to be

And be it Enacted, That the lands specified in that behalf in every such award shall, from and after the registry thereof as aforesaid,


become and the same are hereby charged with the amount mentioned come chargein such award, with interest thereon at the rate of Three Pounds Ten Award to be Shillings per centum per annum, such interest to be calculated from conclusive.

the Tenth day of October One thousand eight hundred and Forty5 seven, and to be payable by half-yearly instalments, on the days and

times in such award mentioned ; and such amount and interest shall have priority over all charges affecting the same lands; and every such award in respect of the lands therein specified shall be binding

upon all persons having any estate or interest in such lands, or lien 10 or incumbrance thereon ; and every such award shall be conclusive

evidence that all requisites by the said last-mentioned Act and this Act with respect thereto have been fully complied with; and it shall not be lawful for any person to question the validity of such award

of the said Commissioners of Public Works in respect of any thing 15 whatsoever done or omitted to be done, or for any other reason


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3. And be it Enacted, That no such award, or memorial thereof, shall Award free

of Stampbe liable to any stamp-duty whatever.


Any Pro


And be it Enacted, That it shall and may be lawful for the Pro20 prietor for the time being of the lands specified in any such award, prietor pay

at any time within the period fixed by such award for repayment, cipal&c to pay off in one sum the amount of principal and interest charged period fixed

for Repay. upon the said lands, and which may then be due and payable ment. thereout.



5. 25 And be it Enacted, That upon payment of the sum mentioned in

Upon paysuch award, or such portion thereof as may from time to time be ment of

Amount due, due on foot thereof, together with the interest due thereon, and also Lands to be upon payment of all costs, charges and expenses (if any) incurred

in proceeding to recover the same, or in relation thereto, the Pay30 master of Civil Services in Ireland for the time being shall and he

is hereby required, at the request of the party paying the same, to execute a release of the lands so charged as aforesaid, at the cost and expense of the party to whom such release shall be granted.

6. And be it Enacted, That this Act may be amended or repealed by Act may be

amended, &c. any Act to be passed in this present Session of Parliament.

this Session.

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