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the Fourth, and the second and third years of Her Majesty's reign,
with respect to the monies receivable by him under those Acts..

6. Repeal of 3 & 4 Will. 4,


c. 89.

And be it Enacted, That from and after the passing of this Act, the said Act passed in the fourth year of the reign of his late Majesty King William the Fourth shall be and the same is hereby repealed.

7. Act may be repealed.

And be it Enacted, That this Act may be repealed or amended in this Session of Parliament.

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Bill to consolidate the Metropolitan Commissions of


Constitution, &c. of Commission.


1. One Commission of Sewers for the Metropolitan Districts.
2. Duration of Commission, &c.
3. Style of Commissioners.
4. Lord Mayor and Four persons to be appointed by Common Council, to be Com-

missioners under Act.
5. Commissioners may act during vacancies.
6. Disqualifications.

Transfer of Property, Rights, Liabilities, &c. of former Commissions to Commis

sion under this Act.

7. Property of sewers, &c. vested in Commissioners. Transfer of debts and liabi-

8. Actions, &c. not to abate.
9. Rates made under a former Commission to be recoverable.
10. Officers under former Commissions to continue until removed.

Courts, Proceedings thereat, &c.

11. Courts of Six Commissioners to exercise powers. Place of meeting.
12. Lord Mayor and persons appointed by Common Council may vote on questions

affecting the city of London, such questions to be discussed only at Special

Courts, and notice to be given thereof.
13. Chairman of Courts.
14. Questions to be decided by majority of votes.
15. First Court. Adjournment of Courts.
16. Monthly Courts to be held.
17. No extraordinary business at monthly Courts unless notice given.
18. Special Courts.
19. Adjournment of Courts.
20. Notices of Courts, how given.
21. Committee may be appointed.
22. Powers of Committee.

23. Record of proceedings. 533.


Seal, Offices and Officers.

24. Common seal.
25. Commissioners to provide offices. Complaint book to be kept.
26. Power to appoint officers and servants.
27. Clerk and Treasurer not to be the same person.
28. Penalty upon officers, &c. interested in contracts, or taking fees improperly.
29. Officers, &c. entrusted with money to give security and account. Summary

proceedings in case of failing to account.
30. Power of removing officers from possession of property of Commissioners.

Mapping, &c. of Area, Division thereof into Sewerage Districts, and Jurisdiction of Commissioners.

31. Map of area.
32. Agreement for survey.
33. Separate sewerage districts.
34. Power to Commissioners to alter districts.
35. Power to Commissioners to postpone exercise of jurisdiction.
36. Subjects of jurisdiction.

Works, 8c. to be done by Commissioners, and Regulations for improved Drainage.

37. Repair, making, alteration and discontinuance of sewers, &c.
38. Main sewers and drains in city of London. Draining districts without the city.
39. Power to do works of improvement in sewers, &c., repairable ratione tenuræ, and

divide the cost between the party liable and district.
40. Cleansing and emptying sewers, &c.
41. No house to be built without drains. All houses to be properly drained.
42. Return to be made to Commissioners of notices of building, given under Building

Act, 7 & 8 Vict., c. 84. Building Act Surveyors to take notice of contraven

tion of directions of this Act. 43. Water-closets, &c. in case of new houses. All houses to be provided with water

closets, &c. 44. Commissioners to provide that drains, water-closets, &c. do not become a

nuisance. 45. Offensive ditches, drains, &c. to be cleansed or covered. 46. Power to cleanse streets, &c. for preservation of health. 47. Commissioners may fill up ditches alongside roads, &c. and substitute pipes. 48. Cominissioners to provide public necessaries.

Protection of Drainage Works.

49. Buildings not to be made in sewers. Cellars, &c. not to communicate with

sewers. Unauthorized drains not to be made. Hard rubbish not to be cast
into sewers.

Sect. 50.

50. Road and street drainage. Openings not to be made into sewers without con-

sent of Commissioners.
51. Notice to Commissioners of laying and relaying streets. Commissioners may

prevent admission of street sweepings.

Procedure before execution of Works, &c.

52. Commissioners may proceed on information of Surveyor.
53. Notice before works chargeable to special rates; meeting of Commissioners to

hear objections.
54. Proviso for works of urgent necessity.

Powers of entry, &c., for execution of Works.

55. Power to enter on lands for surveying, viewing sewers and inspecting house-

56. Power to stop up streets during progress of works, and to alter position of



57. Contracts by Commissioners. Composition for penalties in respect of breach of

contracts; estimates before commencing works of the value of 200l.; public
notice of such contracts.

Power to purchase Land, &-c., and Contract for supply of Water.

58. Power to purchase land and easements by agreement, and to contract for water

59. Incorporation of Lands Clauses Consolidation Act, 1845 (8 Vict. c. 18).
60. Power to sell lands not wanted.

Compensation to Persons damaged by exercise of Powers.

61. Compensation for damage.
62. Mode of referring to arbitration.
63, Death, &c. of one of the arbitrators-of single arbitrator.
64. Appointment of umpire.
65. Time within which award must be made.
66. Evidence and costs. Submission may be made rule of court.
67. Declaration to be made by arbitrator and umpire.


68. District sewers rate for apportioned part of general expenses of Commission,

and for the expenses special to the district.
69. District rates prospective or retrospective. Power to spread the charges of per-
manent works.

Sect. 70. 533

70. Commissioners may impose general and district rates in gross on parishes, or

assess occupiers.
71. Tenant not liable to sewers rate. To be repaid by landlord.
72. Assessment of district rate where not imposed in gross.
73. Special sewers rate.
74. Improvement rate. Proviso limiting amount of improvement rates, and charges

for default.
75. Commissioners to ascertain amount of expenses. Certificate of Surveyor evi-

dence of expense of special works.
76. Owner of unoccupied premises to pay special and improvement rates.
77. Landlord to be rated for tenements under the annual value of 10l., &c.
78. Description of owner or occupier in rates, if bis name be unknown.
79. Inspection, &c., of poor-rates.
80. Proportion of special and improvement rates may be deducted from rent.
81. Redemption of special and improvement rates.

Rates, Notice and Form of, &c.

82. Notice of district rate. Form of rate when not imposed in gross.
83. Notice of special and improvement rates.
84. Proposed rates, and rates to be open to inspection.
85. Amendment of rates.

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Rates, Appeals against.

86. Appeals against district rates imposed in gross.
87. Appeals against rates not imposed in gross.
88. Proceedings on appeals.

Rates, Collection of, where imposed in gross.

89. Collection of rates imposed in gross—from Guardians of unions; from Over-

seers of parishes not in unions; from other persons where part only of parish

in union is under the Commission, but that part is a district for rating.
90. Enforcement of precepts originally issued to Guardians.
91. Proviso for indemnifying parishes whose funds are anticipated from the default

of other parishes in the union.
92. Enforcement of precepts not originally issued to Guardians.

Rates, Collection of, where not imposed in gro88.

93. Power for Commissioners, where the rate is not made in gross, to collect it, or

to consolidate the assessment and collection with the poor rate or other rate,

and issue precept therefor.
94. Precepts and warrants to specify exemptions, &c.
95. Service of precepts.

Sect. 96.

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