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And be it Enacted, That where any house, warehouse, counting. In case of

Titles by dehouse or shop in any Borough shall come to any person by descent, scent, &c.,

how occupamarriage, marriage settlement, devise or promotion to any benefice or office, such person shall be entitled to reckon the occupancy thereof reckoned. by the person from or by whom such house, warehouse, countinghouse or shop shall have so come to him as his own occupancy and rating conjointly with the time during which he shall have since occupied and been rated for the same, and shall be entitled to be enrolled

a Burgess in respect of such successive occupancy and rating ; pro10 vided he shall be otherwise qualified as herein provided.

6. And be it Enacted, That from and after the passing of this Act, so Present mode much of the said recited Act of the third and fourth years of Her Aldermen. Majesty as relates to the election of a certain number of fit persons in

the different wards of every Borough named in the Schedule (A.) to 15

the said Act annexed shall be and the same is hereby repealed.


of Aldermen

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And be it Enacted, That from and after the passing of this Act, the As to election number of persons to be elected Aldermen in the said Boroughs shall in future. be the number of persons in that behalf mentioned with the name of

every Borough in the said Schedule ; and on the First day of De-
20 cember in this present year, and in every Third succeeding year, the

Council for the time being shall elect from the Councillors, or from
the persons qualified to be Councillors, the Aldermen of such Borough,
or so many as shall be nteded to supply the place of those who shall

then go out of office, according to the provisions in the said Act
25 contained, relating to the number of Aldermen who shall go out of

office every Three Years : Provided always, That the Aldermen so
going out of office shall not be entitled to vote in the election of a
new Alderman.

the Council


8. And be it Enacted, That the Mayor and Aldermen shall, during Aldermen to 30 their respective offices, continue to be members of the Council of the Members of

Borough, notwithstanding any thing in the said first-recited Act con- during their tained, as to Councillors going out of office at the end of Three Years.

9. AND whereas the present division of the Borough of Dublin into Present divi

wards may be improved; BE it Enacted, That from and after the lin into 35 passing of this Act, the present division of Dublin into wards, and

the number of Councillors assigned to each ward, shall cease and

sion of Dub

Wards to cease.



And be it Enacted, That within Six Weeks from and after the Dublin to be passing of this Act, the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland shall appoint into Wards, Two Barristers-at-Law, for the purpose of re-dividing the said Borough hors to be reof Dublin into wards; and it shall be lawful for such Barristers, and assigned. 147.


A 2


they are hereby required within the said term of Six Weeks, to de-
termine and set out anew the extent, limits and boundary lines of the
wards of the said Borough, and what portions of the said Borough
shall be included therein respectively; and after the said new division
of the said Borough, the said Barristers shall, within the said term,
apportion amongst such new wards the number of Councillors men-
tioned in conjunction with the name of the said Borough in the said
Schedule; and in assigning the number of Councillors to each
ward, the said Barristers shall, as far as in their judgment they may
deem it to be practicable, have regard, as well to the number of 10
persons rated to the relief of the poor in such ward, as to the
aggregate amount of the sums at which all the said persons shall be so
rated : Provided always, That the number of Councillors assigned to
each ward shall be a number divisible by Three ; and a copy of
the particulars of such new division of wards, and of the number 15
of Councillors assigned to each, shall be forthwith transmitted to
the said Lord Lieutenant, and if the said Lord Lieutenant, by
and with the advice of the Privy Council of Ireland, shall approve
such determination and assignment, the same shall be published in the
Dublin Gazette, and another copy of such particulars shall be delivered 20
to the Town Clerk of Dublin, to be by him safely kept amongst the
public documents of the said Borough ; and the said Borough shall,
after such publication as aforesaid, be deemed to be divided into
such wards, and to have such Councillors assigned to each ward, as
shall be so determined, set out and assigued as aforesaid; and such 25
division and assignment shall continue and be in force until the same
shall be altered by the authority of Parliament: Provided always,
That if the said Lord Lieutenant, by the advice of the said Privy
Council, shall not approve such determination and assignment, such
publication as aforesaid shall nevertheless be made, and such division 30
and assignment shall be in force for the purpose of any election under
the provisions of the said Act, and until such time as the said Lord
Lieutenant shall, by the advice of the said Privy Council, upon

further information and report from the said Barristers, definitively approve the division of the said Borough into wards, and the assignment of

35 Councillors to such wards in magner hereinbefore mentioned.

11. Certain Boroughs to elect Sheriffs.


And be it Enacted, That from and after the passing of this Act, in each of the counties of the cities of Cork, Dublin, Kilkenny, Limerick and Waterford, and in the counties of the towns of Carrickfergus, Drogheda and Galway, the Sheriff shall no longer be appointed by the Lord Lieutenant in the manner in the said first-recited Act provided; but the Council shall on the First day of December in every year appoint a fit person to execute the office of Sheriff in each of the said cities and towns, with the like duties and powers, and at and for the same term of office, as the Sheriff or the person filling the office of


Sheriff in the said cities and towns respectively would have had if
this Act had not passed ; and cvery person who, at the time of the
passing of this Act, shail hold the office or execute the duties of Sheriff
in the said counties and towns respectively, shall continue to hold
and execute the same until the first appointinent of a Sheriff therein,
under the provisions of this Act, and no longer.



And be it Enacted, That this Act may be amended or repealed by Act may be any Act to be passed in the present Session of Parliament.

amended this Session.

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To authorize, for a Time to be limited, the Regulation of

the Annuities and Premiums of the Naval Medical
Supplemental Fund Society.

[Note.— The Words printed in Italics are proposed to be inserted

in the Committee.]

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HEREAS under an Order in Council, bearing date the Preamble.

Thirteenth day of August One thousand eight hundred and Seventeen, the Naval Medical Supplemental Fund Society was esta

blished for the Relief of Widows of Medical Officers in the Royal 5 Navy, and certain Rules and Regulations were thereby made and

prescribed for the government, regulation and management of the said Society, and the Funds thereof:

And whereas certain Pensions and Annuities have been and are paid and payable by, and Premiums have been and are paid and 10 payable to, the said Society, and it is expedient that the rate of the said

Pensions, Annuities and Premiums now paid or payable should be continued during the continuance of this Act, unless it be found expedient to increase or reduce the rate thereof, as hereinafter men

tioned ; BE it therefore Enacted, by The QUEEN's most Excellent 15 Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual

and Temporal, and Conmons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the Authority of the same, THAT from and after the passing Amount or of this Act, the amount or rate of Pensions and Annuities now paid sions and and payable by, and the rate of Premiums now paid and payable payable by, to, the said Society, shall during the continuance of this Act and Pre

paycontinue to be paid and payable by and to the said Society, unless able to the 444



Rate of Pen

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