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On Monday Evening, a Public Meeting of the members and friends of the Society was held in Grosvenor-street Chapel, where Samuel Fletcher, Esq., the Treasurer, presided, and read the Financial Report of the Auxiliary for the past year. Several resolutions, declaratory of faithful attachment to the cause of Missions, were moved and seconded and powerfully advocated by the Rev. H. Allon, Rev. Jas. Sherman, Rev. J. B. Brown, Rev. R. Knill, Rev. Jas. Hill, of Clapham, Rev. C. M. Birrell, and Rev. Dr. Fletcher. The collection amounted to 601.

On Tuesday Evening, two Juvenile Missionary Meetings were held : one in Rusholme-road Chapel, J. M. Wells, Esq., in the chair; and the other in Hope Chapel, Salford, at which James Carlton, Esq., presided. The attendance at both Meetings was numerous, and the addresses highly interesting to the young, who appeared deeply affected with the various details presented and appeals made to them.

On Wednesday Morning, the Services of the Anniversary were concluded with a Public Breakfast in the Roby School-room, Grosvenor-street Chapel, when James Sidebottom, Esq., presided, and the following gentlemen addressed the Meeting :-Rev. J. B. Brown, Rev. Dr. Fletcher, Rev. H. Allon, Rev. J. Moore, Rev. N. Hall, and Rev. F. Tucker. The Secretary, the Rev. Dr. Clunie, reported the amount of the collections at the several Ser: vices and Meetings, so far as it was ascertained. The collections amounted to about 18481., and 1241. had been received from various Associations, making a total of 1972. ; shewing an increase of nearly 1001. in the collections, as compared with those of the previous year. Thanks were voted to the Deputation for their very efficient services, on the motion of Professor Mason, seconded by Rev. Dr. Halley, and supported by the Rev. Jas. Gwyther and Rev. R. Fletcher, and the Meeting then terminated.

EMBARKATION, &c., OF MISSIONARIES. EMBARKATIONS.—On Saturday, June 30, the Rev. Carl Buch, D. Ph., and Mrs. Buch, at Portsmouth, per Barham, for Calcutta ; the Rev. George Christie, with Mrs. and Miss Christie, per Agincourt, July 19, for Cape Town. -ARRIVALS.The Rev. William Milne, Mrs. Milne, and family, at Liverpool, from Jamaica, April 28 ; Rev. James Scott and Mrs. Scott, at Liverpool, from Demerara, May 18; Mrs. Lechler, from Salem, via Madras, June 25; Rev. E. A. Wallbridge, with Mrs. Wallbridge and family, and Mrs. Giles, from Demerara, July 6; Rev. Robert Jones, Mrs. Jones, and family, from Jamaica, July 3.

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Contributions in aid of the Society will be thankfully received by Sir Culling Eardley Bardley, Bart., Treasurer

and Rev. Ebenezer Prout, at the Mission Ho Blo -street, Finsbury, London; by Mr. W. F. Watson, 52, Princes-street, Edinburgh ; J. Risk, Esq., 108, Fife-place, Glasgow; and by Rev. John Hands, Society House, 32, Lover Abbey-street, Dublin. Post Ofice Orders should be in favour of Rev. Bbenezer Prout, and payable at the General Pos Office.


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For the long period of forty-nine | about fourteen years of age; he passed years, the Rev. Thomas Stark, of Forres, into the divinity hall three years after was one of the brightest ornaments of his entrance on college studies, and atthe United Presbyterian Church; and tended the usual time, studying under one of the most honoured and effective | Mr. Bruce of Whitburn, who was then Christian pastors in the North of Scot- Professor of Theology in connection land. A man of large and catholic with the General Associate Synod. He heart, he embraced, in the arms of his was licensed to preach the gospel by Christian love, the whole “household of the Presbytery of Stirling, on the 27th faith ;" and was, in return, sincerely of July, 1801, and preached his first esteemed and regarded by good men of sermon at Buckly vie. He was very all other religious communities. We popular as a preacher. After his settlecannot soon forget a sermon he preached ment at Forres he was called to Kirkin Trevor Chapel, when he last visited wall, one of the largest congregations in the Metropolis. His text was Matt. the Church, and also to Edinburgh.. xxi. 33–44. The discourse was full of “His settlement at Forres took place pathos and theological power. Very in 1802, the parish church having been gladly do we avail ourselves of the granted for the purpose, as his own was following interesting sketch of our late too small to contain the people who revered friend, which appears in the were expected to be present. The late funeral sermon preached on occasion of Mr. Munro, of Chapel-hill, preached the his death, by the Rev. A. L. Simpson, ordination sermon. The cause of the of Forres, on the afternoon of Sabbath, Secession was in a very weakly state in the 18th February, 1849.-EDITOR. Forres at that time, of which there is

“ The late Mr. Stark was born about sufficient evidence in the fact, that, alLammas, 1779; the place of his birth though an unanimous call,only seventeen was Glenrigg, in the parish of Falkirk, | individuals had signed it, two of whom his father being a farmer there. He were not members. To him, therefore, was brought up in the congregation of under God, must be ascribed the merit the Rev. Mr. Stewart of Falkirk (of of gathering the congregation, which whom I have heard him often speak). now represents no inconsiderable portion He studied at the University of Glas- of the intelligence and piety of the town gow, which he attended during five and surrounding district. sessions--entering on his course when “ With respect to his ministerial gifts VOL. XXVII.

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