The Colonies and Imperial Unity, Or, The "Barrel Without the Hoops": Inaugural Address Delivered at the Conference on Colonial Questions Held at Westminster Palace Hotel in London, July 19, 20 and 21, 1871

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Strahan, 1871 - 30 pages

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Page 14 - Keep not standing fixed and rooted, Briskly venture, briskly roam ; Head and hand, where'er thou foot it, And stout heart are still at home. " In what laud the sun does visit, Brisk are we, whate'er betide : To give space for wandering is it That the world was made so wide.
Page 29 - By thus parting good friends, the natural affection of the colonies to the mother country, which, perhaps, our late dissensions have well nigh extinguished, would quickly revive. It might dispose them not only to respect, for whole centuries together, that treaty of commerce which they had concluded with us at parting, but to favour us in war as well as in trade, and, instead of turbulent and factious subjects, to become our most faithful, affectionate, and generous allies...
Page 28 - To propose that Great Britain should voluntarily give up all authority over her colonies, and leave them to elect their own magistrates, to enact their own laws, and to make peace and war as they might think proper...
Page 14 - Labour,' not doomed to perish unless we effected it within year and day ; — every willing Worker that proved superfluous, finding a bridge ready for him. This verily will have to be done ; , the Time is big with this. Our little Isle is grown too narrow for us ; but the world is wide enough yet for another Six Thousand Years. England's sure markets will be among new Colonies of Englishmen in all quarters of the Globe. All men trade with all men, when mutually convenient ; and are even bound to...
Page 24 - O navis, referent in mare te novi fluctus ! o quid agis ? fortiter occupa portum ! nonne vides ut nudum remigio latus et malus celeri saucius Africo 5 antennaeque gemant ac sine funibus vix durare carinae possint imperiosius aequor?
Page 14 - organisation of labour' not yet sufficiently advanced, might find likewise a bridge built to carry him into new western lands, there to 'organise' with more elbow room some labour for himself? There to be a real blessing, raising new corn for us, purchasing new webs and hatchets from us; leaving us at least in peace; instead of staying here to be a physical-force Chartist, unblessed and no blessing! Is it not scandalous to consider that a Prime Minister...
Page 28 - Under the present system of management, therefore, Great Britain derives nothing but loss from the dominion which she assumes over her colonies.
Page 14 - Harz-Rock,' arriving, in select samples, from the Antipodes and elsewhere, by steam and otherwise, to the ' season ' here ! — What a Future ; wide as the world, if we have the heart and heroism for it, — which, by Heaven's blessing we shall.
Page 30 - Entreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee: for whither thou goest I will go; thy people shall be my people and thy God my God.

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