The Acts of the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia Passed in the Session of ..., 22. köide

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Printed and published for the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia by R.S. Brain, Government Printer for the State of Victoria, 1924
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Page 58 - The shipper shall be deemed to have guaranteed to the carrier the accuracy at the time of shipment of the marks, number, quantity, and weight, as furnished by him, and the shipper shall indemnify the carrier against all loss, damages, and expenses arising or resulting from inaccuracies in such particulars. The right of the carrier to such indemnity shall in no way limit his responsibility and liability under the contract of carriage to any person other than the shipper.
Page 59 - III, shall for the purpose of this article be deemed to constitute a "shipped" bill of lading. 8. Any clause, covenant, or agreement in a contract of carriage relieving the carrier or the ship from liability for loss or damage to, or in connection with, goods arising from negligence, fault, or failure in the duties and obligations provided in this article or lessening such liability otherwise than as provided in these Rules, shall be null and void and of no effect.
Page 60 - Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding Articles, a carrier, master or agent of the carrier and a shipper shall in regard to any particular goods be at liberty to enter into any agreement in any terms as to the responsibility and liability of the carrier for such goods, and as to the rights and immunities of the carrier in respect of such goods, or his obligation as to seaworthiness, so far as this stipulation is not contrary to public policy, or the care or diligence of his servants or agents...
Page 59 - Neither the carrier nor the ship shall be responsible for loss or damage arising or resulting from — (a) act, neglect, or default of the master, mariner, pilot, or the servants of the carrier in the navigation or in the management of the ship; (b) fire, unless caused by the actual fault or privity of the carrier; (c) perils, dangers and accidents of the sea or other navigable waters...
Page 59 - The shipper shall not be responsible for loss or damage sustained by the carrier or the ship arising or resulting from any cause without the act, fault or neglect of the shipper, his agents or his servants.
Page 60 - Nothing in these Rules shall be held to prevent the insertion in a bill of lading of any lawful provision regarding general average.
Page 60 - A carrier shall be at liberty to surrender in whole or in part all or any of his rights and immunities or to increase any of his responsibilities and liabilities under the Rules contained in any of these Articles, provided such surrender or increase shall be embodied in the bill of lading issued to the shipper.
Page 58 - The carrier shall be bound, before and at the beginning of the voyage, to exercise due diligence to — (a) Make the ship seaworthy...
Page 58 - ... make the holds, refrigerating and cool chambers, and all other parts of the ship in which goods are carried fit and safe for their reception, carriage, and preservation in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 1 of article III.
Page 59 - ... unless the nature and value of such goods have been declared by the shipper before shipment and inserted in the bill of lading.

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