Memoirs Read Before the Anthropological Society of London, 1. köide

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Page 7 - It is quite certain that the Ape which most nearly approaches man, in the totality of its organization, is either the Chimpanzee or the Gorilla...
Page 108 - They are the most onsartainest varmints in all creation, and I reckon tha'r not mor'n half human ; for you never seed a human, arter you'd fed and treated him to the best fixins in your lodge, jist turn round and steal all your horses, or ary other thing he could lay his hands on. No, not adzackly. He would feel kinder grateful, and ask you to spread a blanket in his lodge ef you ever passed that a- way.
Page 30 - Negroes were numerous in Egypt, but their social position in ancient times was the same that it now is, that of servants and slaves.
Page 38 - Many have oftentimes expressed the fond hope that the day is not far distant when we shall be able to control cancer.
Page 93 - As a general rule, it may be fairly said that they unite in themselves all the faults, without any of the virtues, of their progenitors ; as men they are generally inferior to the pure races, and as members of society they are the worst class of citizens.
Page 1 - ... facto science of man. No Society existing in this country has proposed to itself these aims, and the establishment of this Society, therefore, is an effort to meet an obvious want of the times. This it is proposed to do : First. By holding Meetings for the reading of papers and the discussion of various anthropological questions. Second. By the publication of reports of papers and abstracts of discussions in the form of a Quarterly Journal ; and also by the publication of the principal memoirs...
Page 15 - Occipital foramen and condyles placed farther back. 3. Large space for the temporal muscles. 4. Great development of the face. 5. Prominence of the jaws altogether, and particularly of their alveolar margins and teeth ; consequent obliquity of the facial line. 6. Superior incisors slanting. 7. Chin receding. 8. Very large and strong zygomatic arch projecting towards the front. 9. Large nasal cavity. 10. Small and flattened ossa nasi, sometimes consolidated, and running into a point above.
Page 44 - Thus, even the good qualities given to the Negro by the bounty of nature, have seemed only to make him a slave trodden down by every remorseless foot, and to brand him for ages with the epithet of outcast.
Page 229 - There were more than thirty loads of cotton cloth in addition. Among the articles was the Spanish helmet sent to the capital, and now returned filled to the brim with grains of gold. But the things which excited the most admiration were two circular plates of gold and silver,
Page 29 - Scybalen. erat unica custos, Afra genus, tota patriam testante figura, torta comam labroque tumens et fusca colore, pectore lata, iacens mammis, compressior alvo, cruribus exilis, spatiosa prodiga planta. 35 contiriuis rimis calcanea scissa rigebant.

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