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all and every demand by appearing Himself as your Surety, and answering in Person the Accuser's challenge. He has hushed the thunders of Sinai by the still small voice of Calvary; He has stilled the clamours of conscience by the soft and silver sound, " There is no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus."

O how that single word “finished,contracts and condenses the whole Gospel, and sweeps away the clouds and thick darkness with which some would fain obscure the splendours of the “Sun of Righteousness!” Woe, woe to the Church, and woe to the teaching that shall so corrupt “ the simplicity that is in Christ,” that shall so cloud the sinner's gaze by placing before him “another Gospel,” that he cannot “ look up steadfastly into Heaven, and see the glory of God, and Jesus standing on the right hand of God.”+ I have heard it said that it was a common expression of the venerated man who for many years was the minister of the adjoining parish, I and who though “dead, yet speaketh” in the hearts of many among you ; I have heard it said that he was wont to

* Rom. viii. 1. + Acts vii. 55. | Dr. Hawker, formerly Vicar of the Parish of Charles.

exclaim, as the anniversary of the Saviour's death came round, " Thank God, on this day Christ will be preached in every pulpit in the National Church.” Ah! Brethren, when he so spake out of the fulness of an “ honest heart burning with love to the Redeemer, he forgot that Christ may be preached, but preached not as the sinner's Surety, preached as a Teacher, but not as an Atoner, preached as a Prophet, but not as a Priest. I do however thank God, that on this day Christ has been preached in every reading desk in the National Church. I could not engage in our beautiful service to night, I could not take part in our solemn service this morning, without a deep feeling of thankful rejoicing, that amid much that saddens, and much that alarms in the teaching of many in this our day, we belong to a Church which reiterates, not reserves the doctrine of the Atonement.

May each returning Good Friday find us assembled around the cross of the Redeemer, with an increase of faith, hope, and love.

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For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again,

even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with Him.

NEVER while the Lord has a Church upon Earth, will the anniversary of His glorious resurrection come round without exciting a thrill of holy gladness in the hearts of His believing and blood-bought people. Even after the day more especially assigned to its commemoration has passed away, our thoughts go back again to the resurrection, and linger around the scenes of lofty interest with which it stands connected. Like the loving Mary, cannot tear ourselves


from the sepulchre in which reposed the body of our


Lord, though assured as if by an Angel-voice that “He is not there, but is risen." And why is it, Beloved, that we delight to dwell on this familiar topic, this elementary truth ?Why is it that a subject which haunted us in our cradles in infancy, becomes dearer and more precious as we advance in years ? O is it not that in the assurance of the resurrection of Jesus, is wrapped up the germ of hope for us? The resurrection of Jesus! What truth so simple, so self-evident ? What child is there but believes and confesses that “ Jesus died, and rose again? And yet how much of deep, vital, all-important truth lies hidden beneath the surface of this simple declaration, “I believe that Jesus Christ, the God-man, who suffered, was crucified, dead, and buried, rose again from the dead.” Suppose that Jesus had not been raised again, suppose He had not burst away the barriers of the tomb, and come forth again to the light of Heaven : suppose He had not “ascended up on high" and “led captivity captive," then, where were our justification, where were our sanctification, where were our promise of glorification, where were all His ascension-gifts, gifts of grace, grants of glory? Buried in the tomb which held His body. O remember, Beloved, that

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