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When Jesus therefore had received the vinegar, he

said, It is finished : and he bowed his head, and gave up the ghost."

What was finished ? Suffering was finished, Type and Prophecy were both finished,Atonement was finished, - and a plenary redemption, a perfect righteousness, a complete salvation wrought out and brought in for believing Jew and Gentile, when Jesus uttered His emphatic death-cry, “ It is finished.” And in proof that all was accomplished; that He


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had fulfilled the gracious errand of reconciling mercy; that the sacrifice had been accepted, the satisfaction made, the ransom-price received, the debt paid to the uttermost farthing; in proof that the Law's demand had been met to the full, the Law's curse for ever rolled away, bowed His head," and as the victorious warrior expiring on the won battle-field, rather than as the Man “ crucified in weakness," "gave up the ghost.”

Beloved Brethren, apart from the circumstances under which these words were uttered, apart from the awful and mysterious accompaniments of the scene of Calvary, the darkened sun, the rent veil, the heaving earth, the opened graves, the dead startled from their sleep of centuries, there is a grandeur and a sublimity in this last utterance of our Lord upon the cross, which makes us feel that we are listening to more than a human voice, though the lips from whence the voice proceeds are quivering in the agony of the death-struggle. There is a Divine majesty in the words, which seems to tell us that the Being who utters them is the Lord of Life, though the Victim of Death. Nor is the impression weakened, when we pass on to the remainder of the verse. Surely there is Divinity here too ;

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