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Taken from the Glossaries

And more comprehensive than either.

A. ABACÉ, to lower, to let Accoied, daunted. fall.

According, granting. Abase. See Abace. Accoste, to approach. Abear, to bear, carry, de- Accosting, in falconry, to mean, behave.

crouch or stoop. Abet, to vindicate, and, to Accoy'd, soothed, appeasmaintain.

ed, caressed. Abide, to abide, suffer, en- Accoyled, stood around, dure.

gathered together. Abode, abiding, staying, or Accrewed, increased, unitdelay.

ed, collected. Aboord, from the bank. Achates, 1st and 2d quarAbray out of sleep, raise, tos. The folios Cates,

awake; Abrayd, awak i.c. provisions. ed.

Adaw, to daunt. SomeAbus, the river Humber. times signifies to abate, Abusion, fraud, abuse. to awake. Abyde. See Abide.

Addeme, adjudge, vleem. Abye. See Abide.

Address, to dress, prepare, Accloy, to cloy, fill up. order, make ready. Accloyes, chokes up, fills Admirance, admiration. up:

Adoe, business.

Adore, adorn.

greatly; to astonish, to Adorne, (substantively) a give abhorrence.

dorning, ornament. Aguisd, accoutred. Adredd, Adrad, frighten- Aguise, to put on an ap

ed, to be afraid, to pearance; to set off afdread.

ter a new manner. Advance, to hasten, to set Albe, albeit, although. forward.

Alew, howling, lamentaAdvise, to consult, deli tion.

berate, consider. Alyates, by all means, any Advisement, counsel, ad way, wholly; nevervice, circumspection.

theless. Adward, award, judg- All, altogether, wholly; ment, sentence.

also used for although. Affect, affection, passion. All be he, although he is. Affrat, to encounter, to Alla Turchesca, in the strike down.

Turkish manner. Affray, terror, tumult. Allegge, alleviate, lighten, To Affray, to terrify. Alleggeaunce, alleviation, Affrended, made friends. ease, comfort. Affret, rencounter, hasty Alma, an allegorical exmeeting

pression meaning the Affronting, opposing front mind. to front; meeting face Aloofe, at some distance. to face.

Alow, low; the a added. Affy, betroth. Affide, be- Amate, 1. To subdue, to

trothed, affianced. daunt, to distress, to Aggrace, favour, kindness. terrify. 2. To associate Aggrate, to gratify, to

with, to keep company. please.

Amears'd, fined. Aghast, frightened, asto- Amenage, manage, carnished.

riage. Aglet, a tag of lace. Amenaunce, carriage, beAgraste, did so much ag

haviour. grace; showed so much Amis, apparel, garment. grace and favour.

Amoves, moves; the parAgrise, to dread and fear ticle a is added.



at one.

hold on.

Annoyes, annoyances. Astond, astound, astonishAnticks, antique odd fi ed.

gures of men, beasts, Assot, to besot, deceive, birds, &c.

make a fool of. Apall, discourage, Astart, to startle.

daunt, terrify. Atchievement, enterprise, Apay, to pay, content, sa or performance. tisfy, requite.

Ate, did eat. Appeach, impeach, accuse, Atone, i. e. friends again, Appele, to accuse.

Atoned, reconciled. Appellation, appeal. Attacht, apprehended, laid Arayd, assaulted. Areare, backwards; a Attaint, it did attaint; it

lagging or backward seemed to absorb it, and pace

to put it out by its suAread, Areed, show, ad perior splendor.

vise, declare, tell. Attonce,once for all; at one Areeds, advices, discourses. and the same time. Arew, in a row, together, Attone, bereaved, taken all together.

away all together. Arke, chest or coffer.

Attrapt, attrapped, adornArraught, did reach, seize ed.

on; reached, snatched, Atween, between. seized.

Avail, or Avale, to lower, Array, order, apparel, abate, bring down, dedress.

scend. Arret, sometimes signifies Avaunting, vaunting, the decree, appoint.

a superadded. AccordAskaunce, to look askance, ing to Hughes it signi

enviously, obliquely, fies advancing. sideways, awry: Avenge, vengeance.

AAslake, to appease:

vergement, revenge. Assay, proof, trial, at- Aventring, pushing fortempt, attack.

ward. Assoile, to free, to quit. Avize, Avyse, Avise, to Assoiled, absolved, dis perceive, to consider charged.

To behold, to observe, Astart, befall unawares. to be sensible of. Hughes

the legs.


Aumayld, enamelled. berd's Tale) i. c. extendAvoure, confession, ac ed as with wonder.

knowledgment. Basenet, a helmet. Awarned, warned, pre- Bases, any covering for

monished. Awhape, to astonish, to Basted, wrought, slightly terrify.

sewed. Ay, ever.

Bashd, abashed. Aye, evermore.

Bate, did beat. Hughes. Aygulets, tagged points.

Did bite. Upton.

Battel, to fatten. Bad, asked, entreated, Batton, a club. prayed.

Bauldrick, a belt; BauldBaffuld, baffled, beat, de rick of the heavens, the feated.

zodiac. Baisemains, complements Bay, to bark; Faery respects.

Queene, Booki. C.7. St. Bale, evil, mischief, mise S. it signifies to bathe, ry, sorrow, burden,

cherish, or foment. To Baleful, sorrowful, unfor

hold or keep at bay, is tunate, full of harm.

the hunter's phrase of Balke, to disappoint, baf the stag, when the fie, frustrate.

hounds are baying, or Bancke, the seat of honor. barking at him. Bardogs, great curs.

Beadmen, prayer-men. Bannes, curses. To Ban, to Beadroll, properly a cata

curse. Band, did curse. logue of prayer:; but Barbed, embossed.

used for a catalogue in Barbes; bosses or

general. ments in the trappings Beard him, affront him to of a horse.

his face; brave him. Barbican, an outerwork, Beare, a bier.

gate, or watch-tower. Beathd in fire, hardened in' Basciomani, kissing hands. the fire. Base, unto the base, be- Beauperes, equals, fair low, bottom.

companions. Basen, as, Big looks ba- Beavy, a company.

sen wide (Mother Hub. Bed, for bid, to pray.



bestow upon.

Bedight, dressed, adorned; Beseen, well beseen, i. e. called, named.

courtesy bearing a good Bedyde, dyed.


handsome treat. Bebest, commande

ment. Bebigbt, called, named, Besides, near. reckoned; and some- Besprint, or Besprent, betimes bid, promised, sprinkled. gave, committed.

Bestead, beset, oppressed; Bebote. See Bebight. ill-bestead, bad plight, Belamay, fair friend.

condition. Belamoure, a lover. Bet, did beat. Belay, to attack.

Betake, took into his hand, Belayd, laid over. Beldame, good lady, good Beteem, deliver, bestow. dame.

Betide, happen to, befal. Bell-accoyle, fair reception, Betight, happened.

kind salutations. Bever, the sight or visor Bellgards, beautiful looks.

of a head-piece, Bellibone, fair maid.

Bewray, to discover. Bend, band or knot. Bickerment, contention, Bends, bars placed cross strife. ways.

Bidding bis beads, saying Benempt, bequeathed, na

his prayers.

Bilive, forthwith, imme. Bent,propensityor inclina diately.

tion; sometimes yield- Bittur, a bittern.

ing or complying. Blacke, hell. Bents, rushes, bent grass; Blatant Beast, Detraction bulrushes.

represented as a monBere, sometimes signifies

weight, pressure, or Blaze, todivulge or spread bearing

abroad. Bereave, to 'bereave, to Bleard, dimmed,darkened.

Blemishment, blemish,stain Beseek, beseech.

Blend, not only to mix, Beseem, to become, to but to spoil with mix

grace, to look seemly. ing; to confound. It SPENSER. VOL. IX.



take away.


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