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ray, in array, in order stood as included, at and rank.

joined himself. Read, the Read, the inscrip- Reliven, to live again. tion.

Remercied, thanked.
Read, Reed, to advise, Rencounter,accidental fight

warn pranounce, de or adventure.
clare, interpret, guess, Renforst, reinforced.
divine. Likewise coun- Renfierst, reinfierced, a-

sel, advice, prophesy. gain made fierce ard. Ro-allie, to rally.

bold. Reame, realm.

Renns, for runs. Reave, to bereave, or Renverst, turned upside

take away violently. down; overturned, reReædifyde, rebuild.

verst. Rebut, rebound, recoil, re- Replevie, to redeem, to repel.

cover by a replevy. Reck, care, reckon, ac- Repriefe, reproof.

Reprize, to make reprisals. Reclayme, call back. Reseized, reinstated, in Recoure, recover.

possession again. Recule, Recuile, to recoil, Resiant, lodged, placed, go back, or give way.

resident. Recreant, out of hope, un- Retrate, Retraitt, picture,

trusty, cowardly. portrait; air of the face. Redisbourse, repay.

Also retreat, fall back, Redoubted, reverenced, ho give ground.

noured, feared. Retyrd, drawn out. Rede, precept, maxim. Retyre, retirement. Redounding tears, abound. Reverse, recall, return;

ing and flowing over. to cause to return. Regiment, rule, govern- Revest, dress again, to ment,

clothe again. Relate, bring back. Rew, rue, pity. Rew, a Relent his pace, to slacken, row. In a Rew, in a row.

Ribauld, a debauched fel. Relent, to soften, to abate. low. Relide, joined; and some- Rife, frequent; fully, a

times himself is under bundantly.

to stay.

Rift, gap, cleft, chink, or Salve his burts, to cure, to crack.

remedy. Rivage, the shore. Salved, Salewd, saluted. Rive, to cleave asunder. Sam, same; sometimes it

Riven, rent, split, torn signifies together.

Samite, satin.
Rode, inroad.

Saw, decree, sentence. Ronts, young bullocks. Say, a thin sort of silk Roode, a cross.

stuff. A sword of better Rosiere, a rose tree.


of better proof, Rote, harp, or crowd.

assay. Rove ,didst rove, i. e. didst Scarmoges, skirmishings.

shoot thyroving arrows. Scath, harm, mischief, Rowndel, a round bubble. loss. Royne, to growl, to bite or Scatterlings, scattered rognaw.

vers or ravagers. Ruddock, the red-breast. Scerne, discern. Rue. Vide Rew.

Sclave, slave.
Ruffs, ornaments for the Sclaunders, slanders.

neck of plain or ruffled Scord, marked, engraved.

muslin or cambrick. Score, reckoning. Ruinate, brought to ruin, Scorse, exchange. overthrown.

Scrine, Scryne, chest, cofRuing, pitying. Ruefully, fer. pitifully

Scruze, squeese out, press Rütb, pity.

out. Ruther lambs, lambs ewed Scryde, descried.

early in the year. Sdaine, disdain. Sdeigned, Rutty, full of roots.

disdained. Rybauld. Vide Ribauld. Seare, dry, consumed, - Ryfe. Vide Rife.

burning, parching Ryved. Vide Řive. See, seat, habitation. S.

Seely, silly.
Sad, grave, heavy. Selcoutb, uncommon.
Safe her, her excepted. Sele, a seal-fish.
Salewd, saluted.

Select sbapes, chosen eleSaliaunce, sally, or gant. sault.

Sell, saddle.


Semblaunt; show, pretence, șike, such. appearance.

Siker, sure, surely. Seminary, a nursery. Sikerness, sureness, safety. Seneschall, a president, go- Simpless, simplicity. vernor, or steward.

Sin, used for since. Sens, used for since. Singulfes, Singults, sighs, Sent, the scent, the smel sobbings. ling out.

Sit, sits not, suits not. Ill Sere, withered.

it sits, it ill agrees, ill Sew, follow. Sewing, fol. becomes.

lowing. Sewde, follow- Sith, since that. ed.

Sith, time. Shallop, a boat.

Sitbes, times. Shawmes, musical instru- Sithens, since that time.

ments, Psal. xcviii. 7. To Slug, to grow sluggish. Sharm, is thought to Smouldry, hot, sweltering.

signify a hautboy. Snar, to snarl. Shene, fair and shining. Snar!ed baire, i. e. entangSbend, to disgrace, to led, as a skain of silk.

blame, to spoil. Sieb, to snub or check. Shere, pure, clear. Snubbes, knobs or knots To Sbrieve, to act the part

in wood. of aconfessor. Shrift,or Sods, turfs, clods of earth. Shriwing, confession. Sold, salary, hire; a solSbrifts, confessions. Sbright, shrieked. Somedele, somewhat, in Shrightes, shriekings. some degree Shrill, to sound shrilly. Summe, the sum, substance. Sbrowd, to shelter. Sbroud- Soote, sweet, or sweetly.

ed in sleep, covered, Sootblich, soothly, true. sheltered.

Sort, company. In sort, in Shyne, shining, brightness. such sort or manner. Sib, related, of kin. Soucing, plunging, falling. Sich, for such.

Soudan, Soudan, Soldan, a Siege, seat, bench, throne. king, tyrant, Sient, a graff, sprig, or reign.

Sovenaunce, remembrance, Sight, sighed.


dier's pay.


young shoot.

shut the gate.


Sowndes, inlets of the sea Steemed, had exhaled.

between headlands. Steemed, esteemed. Sowne,sound. With sbriek- Stent, stint, stay, stop.

ing sowne, B. iii. C. 4. Stept, steeped, socked, St. 30.

wetted. Soyle, the prey, the soiled Sterne, tail. beast.

Sterve, to perish, to die. Space, walk about, range Steven, sound, noise. about.

Stire, stir or move. Spalles, shoulders.

Stole, a garment, a maSperre the gate, bar, or tron's robe.

Stond, stand, station. Spersed air, for dispersed Storied, astonished, air.

stunned. Spill, to spoil, to destroy. Stoond. Vide Stonied. Spilt, shed, scattered over, Stound, Stownd, space, moinlaid.

ment, season, hour, Spire, to breathe.

time. Sprent, sprinkled: Stoup, in falconry, when Springal, a youth, a strip the hawk on wing ling.

strikes at the fowl. Spyals, espials, spies. Stour, Stowre, fight, stir, Spyre, it doth spire forth, trouble, misfortune, fit.

or grow up to the fair- Straine, Strene, race, deest flower.

scent, family, origin. Stadle, staff.

Strayt, B. ii. Č. 7. St. 40. Stales, incitements, de- Stresse, distress. vices, tricks.

Studde, a stock or trunk. Stank, weary or faint. Stye, to ascend, to mount Starke, stiff with cold.

up. Star-read, doctrine of the Subverst, subverted, overstars; astronomy.

thrown. Steale, the handle or shaft Successe, succession.

of a weapon or thing. Suffused eyes, bedewed, Steane, for stone.


with tears. Sted, place, seat, station, Suppressing, keeping un. situation.

der. Steeme, smoke.

Supprest, ravished



Surbet, wearied.

Thewes, manners, qualifiSurcease, stop.

cations, customs. Surprise, to seise.

Tbilk, this, that. Surquedry, pride, pre- Tho, then.

sumption, fierceness. Thralled, enslaved. Sute, suit, petition, re- Thralls, slaves. quest.

Thrill, to pierce through. Swart, swarthy, black. Tbrow that last bitter Swarving, swerving, giv throw, pain, pangs. So ing way, going from.

mighty throwes, strokes, Sway, management, di blows. To sleep atbrowe, rection, rule, motion.

a small while or space. Sweath-bands, swathe or Thrust, Thirstie, thirst.

swadling-bands. Thryse, not so yellow. Swelt, burnt, suffocated Thryse, not a third part so

with heat, fainted. yellow, B. üi. C. 8. St. Swerved, moved, wander 7.

ed out of his place. Tickle, slippery, unstable, Swinck, labour.

ticklish. Swound, a swoon or faint- Tide, a while, time, seaing fit.

son, an hour. Syte, situation.

Tight, tide.

Tind, kindled, excited. Targe, a buckler or shield. Tire, rank, row, as a tire Tassel, Tossel, a twisted or of ordnance,

bushy ornament of silk, Tort, wrong, injury.

gold, or silver. Totty, dizzy, tottering, Tassel gent, a gentle, tame wavering male hawk.

Touzd, tugged and hauled Teade, a torch.

about. Teene, Tine, Tyne, trouble, Tract by tract, by tracing, mischief, injury.

by tract and footing. Tine, Teen, to stir, excite. Trade, tread, trace, Tenor, the middle part footstep. Do Trade, do next the base.

walk. · Thee, thrive, prosper. Well Train, Trayn, the train or

mote ge thee, B. ii. C. 1. tail. Likewise used for St. 33.

treachery, deceit.


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