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Tramels, nets.

Twyfold, twofold. Translated, turned them Tydes, seasons. to.

Tyned, died. Transmew, to transform, Tyranne, tyrant. transmute.

V. U. Transverse, awry, out of Vaded, gone, dispersed, order.

vanished. [lour. Trast, followed as by tract Valew, value, worth, vaor footing

Vantage, profit. Traveile, labour.

Vauncing, advancing. Treachour, Treachetour, Vaunt, to boast. traitor.

Vellcnage, rather villenage, Treague, a truce, cessation the meanest and lowest of arms; agreement.

of tenure. Treen, of a tree, wooden. Vellet, velvet. Trenchand, Trenchant, cut- Venery, hunting 'of wild ting, sharp.

beasts, B. i. C. 6. St. Trentals, a course of 30 22. masses for the dead.

Venger, revenger. Troad, path, footing: Ventayle, the fore part of Trow, believe, imagine, the helmet, to give conceive.

vent or air to the face Truss, a term in falconry, by lifting up

when the hawk raises Vetchie, of pease straw. his prey aloft, and then Venteth into the wind, descends with it to the snuffs the wind. ground.

Vere the maine shete, turn, Turnament, Turneyment,

shift. Turney, a sort of single Vetchy bed, (Shep. Cal.) combat on horseback, bed of pease straw.

commonly with lances. Vilde, vile. Turribant, a turban. Virelays, a kind of songs. Tway, two ; in Tway, in Visnomie, physiognomy,

two. His Twaine, his visage, aspect. couple.

Umbriere, the visor of the Twight, twit, upbraid. helmet. Twitin, to blame, to up- Uncouth, unusual, strange, braid.

harsh; odd, deformed.



Underfong, to attempt by Unwist, not thought of,

unfair and indirect unknown.

means, to entrap. Upbrast, burst open. Undertime, the morning Upbrayes, upbraidings, reabout 9 o'clock.

proaches. Undight, not dight, disor- Uprureaked, unrevenged.

dered; loosened, un- Urchin, hedgehog. tied.

W. Uneath, difficult, scarcely, Wae,

with difficulty. Some- Wege, a pledge ; likewise

times it signifies almost. reward, wages. Unbeale, to uncover, to Wagmares, quagmires.

bewray, to expose to Waift, a stray. view.

War, worse. Unberst, took them from War-bable,able or power. the herse or temporary

ful in war. monument where they Ware, wary, cautious. were usually hanged, Ware, did wear

B. v. C. 3. St. 37. Wareless, stupified. Urkempt, unadorned, or Warre, worse.

void of grace or ele- Warre-old, old in war or gance.

strife. Unkend, not known, un Warray, to make war kent.

upon, to harass with Unlich, unlike. Unnetbes. See Uneath. Warriouresse, a Unprovided, sometimes un warrior, an Amazon. foreseen.

Watchet, pale, blue. Unpurvaide, unprovided, Wawes, waves, Upton. not furnished.

Wawes, waves, perhaps Unrest, disquiet, uneasi for woes, Hughes.

to weigħ, value, Unsoot, unsweet.


[ment. Unwares,unexpectedly,un- Wayment, to bewail, lacautiously, unwarily.

Wayne, Waine, chariot. Unweeting, unknowing, Weal-away, Welo-away,

una wares, ignorant. alas.





W.eanel waste, a weaned Whist, hushed, silenced.' yongling

Whit, a little part. Ween, Weenen, imagine, Wbot, hot. judge.

Whyleare,erewhile, someWeet, to know. Weeten, to time before. wit.

Wicked herbes, noxious, Weetless, unknowing. poisonous. Wefte, wafted.

Wefte, Wield, Weld, manage, waved, avoided, put handle, govern, direct, off,

turn, sway, & C. Wefte, (noun) a stray; Wight, creature, person,

whatever wanders and Wightly, quickly. is lost.

Wimble, shifting to and Weld, did well, spring, fro.

flow. To Weld, to move, Wimble and Wight, quick to wield, to govern.

and deliver, Wele, weal, welfare. Wimpled, folded over like Welke, to set, decrease,

a vail, wither; to grow faint. Wise, guise, appearance. Welkin, the sky, firma. Wis, to know. Wist, Welter, to wallow. (ment. thought, knew. Wend, to go. Wend, for Wite, blame, reproach. Weened, imagine.

Withbault, withholden, Went, way, journey, Up withdrew,

Going, course, Woe begonne, far gone in Hugbes.

woe, overwhelmed. West, to set in the west. Wonne, is used in two senWex, to increase, to grow. ses; in the first, tor to Whally, full of whales.

overcome, gain the vicWhatso, whatsoever.

tory, from to win. In Wbelky, from whilk or the second place, for to

welk, a pearl fish-thus, dwell, to inhabit, from whelky pearles, Virg. the German wonen. Gnat, St. 14. C. 1. Won, to use, to be wont. W beńso, whensoever. Wont, custom, manner. Whilome, W bylome, for- Woo, to court, or win by

merly, some while ago. courting.





Wood, mad. Woodness, Yfere, in company, togemadness.

ther. Woon, to dwell,

Y fostered, fostered, nouWot, to know. Wotest, rished, brought up: knowest.

Yfraught, freighted, loadWowed, wooed, for the

[fretted. rhyme.

Yfretted, the same Woxed, waxed.

Ygoe, gone. Wrack, ruin.

Virks, lashes. Wrast, wrest, for the rit, yets for the rhyme. rhyme.

Ylike, alike, Wreake,

revenge. Ylke, that or, the same. Wroke, revenged. Y magery, images, figures. Wreakful, revengeful. Y molt, molten, melted. Wrest, wrist.

Ympe, Impe, offspring. Wrizled, wrinckled. Ympt, grafted on, fixed on Wroken, wreaked,reveng as a graff. ed.

Yod. Vide reed.
Wyle, beguile.

Yold, yielded.
Wyte. Vide Wite. Yond, beyond, furious.

Yore, of yore, anciently, Ybet, beaten.

formerly. Ybent, bent, inclined, ad- Youngth, youth. dicted,

Younker, a lusty young Yblent, blinded, or confounded.

Y paid. Vide Apaid. Y brent, burnt.

Ypent, pent up, or folded Yolad, clad, clothed.

like sheep. Ycliped, cailed, named. Ypight, placed. Ydlesse, idleness.

Y plaste, placed. Ydrad, Ydred, dreaded, Yplight, plighted. feared.

Yrapi, rapt in an ecstasy. Yearne, earn, get, procure. Yre, ire, anger. Yede, l'eed, reade, to go. Y rent, rent. Yeoman, sometimes signi- Prived, rived, riven. fies servant.

Yrkes, grieves. Yerks, yerks, jerks, lashes. Proke, Ywreaken, I wroken, Yewen, given.

wreaked, revenged.

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Y same, collected, toge- Twis, I wis, truly, indeed; ther.

to my own knowledge. Ysbend, to spoil, to dis Sometimes used explegrace.

tively, sometimes ironi. Yvie todde, a thick bush. cally


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