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29. MESSIAH was to converse and preach the gospel in the region of Galilee. -JESUS CHRIST lived and conversed so long in that obscure and despicable part of the land of ISRAEL, that he was, by way of contempt, denominated a Galilean*.

30. MESSIAH was to have a temple, to which he should come when he made his appearance in human flesh.— JESUS CHRIST, as the Son of GOD, claimed the temple of Jerusalem as his own, in a sense no mere mortal could presume t

31. MESSIAH was to be the Servant of God, whosè name is the Branch.-JESUS CHRIST was emphatically the Servant of GOD, and the Day-Spring from on high f.

32. MESSIAH is spoken of by the ancient Prophets under the characters of an Angel-a Messenger-a Redeemer-an Interpreter-One of a thousand-a Plant of renown--a Captain---the Beloved of GoD---the true DAVID -JESUS CHRIST was all these, and whatever else was peculiar to the character of that august Being; as will more fully appear from the following instances §.

33. MESSIAH was to be the Messenger of the covenant between GOD and his people.-JESUS CHRIST was that Messenger.


+ Compare Malachi iii. 1, with Luke ii. 49; and Matthew xxi. 12,

bit 13.

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34. MESSIAH was to sustain the office of a Prophet, when he came to redeem mankind.-JESUS CHRIST SUStained that office in all its extent **.


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Compare Isaiah ix. 1, 2, with Matthew ii. 22, 28; and Matthew iv. 23---25.

Compare Isaiah iv. 2; xi. 1; Jeremiah xxiii. 5: Zechariah iii. 8; vi. 12; Isaiah xlii. 1; Matthew xii. 18; and Luke i. 78.--It should be observed here, that the word translated Branch signifies also the East, or Day-Spring.

Compare Genesis xlviii. 16; xxxii. 24---30; Hosea xii. 3, 4; Ex. xxiii. 20---23; Malachi iii. 1; Job xix. 25; xxxiii. 23; Ez. xxxiv. 23, 24, 29; Joshua v. 13, 14; Isaiah xlii. 1; Rev. i. 1; Matthew iii. 17; Hebrews ii. 10.

Compare Jeremiah xxxiii. 20, 21; Malachi iii, 1; Isaiah lxiii. 9; Hebrews viii. 7--13; x. 9; xiii. 20, 21.

**Compare Deuteronomy xviii. 15, 18; Acts iii. 22; Luke xxiv. 19; Matthew xxiv.

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35. MESSIAH was also to sustain the office of a Priest when he appeared upon earth.-JESUS CHRIST was a Priest, and offered, not indeed the blood of bullocks and of goats, but his own most precious blood *.

36. MESSIAH, though a Priest, was not to be of the tribe of Levi, and after the order of AARON, but after the order of MELCHIZEDEK.-JESUS CHRIST was of the tribe of JUDAH, and had an everlasting priesthood, after the order of MELCHIZEDEKT.

37. MESSIAH was, moreover, to sustain the office of a King, when he took on him human nature for the salvation of his elect.-JESUS CHRIST was a King, even while upon earth; and, now that he is in heaven, his dominion extends over all worlds t

38. MESSIAH was to be a righteous King, and emphatically the Prince of peace.-JESUS CHRIST was eminently 'distinguished as a righteous person, and the great peacemaker both on earth and in heaven §.

39. The kingdom of MESSIAH was to be universal and everlasting.-JESUS CHRIST has a kingdom, that, in due time, shall be universal in its extent, and eternal in its duration .

40. MESSIAH was to be the Sun of Righteousness, who should arise upon the world with salvation in his rays.JESUS CHRIST was the Light of the world, who illuminateth every man that cometh into it.

MESSIAH was also to be the East, or Morning Star. -JESUS CHRIST is called the Day-Spring from on high, and the bright and Morning Star **.

41. MES

* Compare Zechariah vi. 13; Hebrews ix. 11--14. + Compare Genesis xiv. 18; Psalm cx. 4; Hebrews vi. 20; vii.


Compare Psalm ii. 6; Zechariah vi. 18; ix. 9; with Luke i. 32, 33; John xxiii, 36, 37; and Rev. xix. 16.

Compare Isaiah xxxii. 1; Psalm xlv. 1---17 ; lxxii. 1---19; Jeremiah xxiii. 5; Zechariah ix. 9; Isaiah ix. 6; Luke ii. 14; Ep. ii.


Daniel vii. 27; Luke i. 32, S3; Rev. v. 12-.-14.

** Compare Malachi iv. 2; 46; Is, lx, d, 2; Luke i. 78;

John i. 5, 9; viii. 12; ix. 5; xii. 85, and Rev. xxii. 16.

41. MESSIAH was to be emphatically the Just One--JESUS CHRIST not only answered the description, but is repeatedly called by that name *.

42. MESSIAH, to whom belonged the land of JUDEA, was to be denominated Emanuel.-JESUS CHRIST was the proprietor of that holy land, and was expressly called by the name of Emanuel †.

43. MESSIAH was to be a great Shepherd, and to lay down his life for the sheep.JESUS CHRIST was the great and good Shepherd, and shed his blood in defence of his flock +.

44. MESSIAH was not only to be a righteous King, and execute judgement and justice in the earth, but his name was to be Jehovah our righteousness.—JESUS CHRIST is made of GoD righteousness to every one that believes in his name §.

45. MESSIAH was to be, like the lion, which is the king of animals, of a noble and generous spirit. JESUS CHRIST was the lion of the tribe of JUDAH ||.

46. MESSIAH was to be anointed with the HOLY GHOST, in a larger degree than any other man ever was. -JESUS CHRIST was favoured in this respect beyond all other persons that ever lived **.

47. MESSIAH was to be of a meek and lowly disposi tion, humbling himself for the redemption of the world. JESUS CHRIST was meek and lowly in mind, and answered the prophetic description in every respect tf.

48. MESSIAH was to teach mankind the doctrines of salvation without ostentation and noise. --JESUS CHRIST was quiet and unambitious in all his public as well as private deportment


49. MES

2 Samuel xxiii. 3; Isaiah xi. 5; Acts iii. 14; vii. 52 ; xxii. 14. + Compare Isaiah vii. 14; viii. 8; Matthew i. 23; and John i. il. Compare Zechariah xiii. 7; İsaiah ix. 11; and Ez. xxxiv. 23, 24 ; with John xa 1-18:

Compare Jeremiah xxiii. 5, 6, with 1 Corinthians i. 30.

Compare Genesis xlix. 9; and Rev. v. 5.


Compare Psalm xlv. 7; with Matthew iii. 16, 17; and John iii, 84. ++ Compare Zechariah ix. 9; Matthew xi. 28, 29; John xiii. 1---17; * Corinthians viii. 9.

Compare Isaiah xiii. 1 -4; Matthew xii, 14–21.


49. MESSIAH was to be endowed with a peculiar degree of wisdom and understanding.-JESUS CHRIST, his ene mies being judges, spake as never man spake, and taught a more pure and excellent doctrine than ever had been received among mankind before*.

50. The doctrine of MESSIAH was to be of the most healing, encouraging, and consolatory kind.The doctrine of JESUS CHRIST was singularly adapted to the healing of wounded minds †.

51. The doctrine which MESSIAH should preach was to have a powerfully transforming influence upon the minds of men. The gospel of CHRIST had all this effect upon the dispositions and conduct of every one of his genuine disciples .

52. MESSIAH was to be peculiarly kind and affectionate to young, distressed, and tender-spirited persons.--JESUS CHRIST was singularly attentive to all such characters §.

53. In confirmation of his divine mission, MESSIAH was to display many wonderful works among the people.--JESUS CHRIST Wrought abundance of miracles in confirmation of his pretensions, and the doctrines he taught.

54. MESSIAH was to have but little success in preaching the gospel among his countrymen the Jews.-JESUS CHRIST was almost universally rejected by them **.

55. The minds of the Jews were to be so veiled that they should not know their MESSIAH when he came among them.-The minds of the Jews were so sealed up, and enveloped in prejudice against JESUS CHRIST when he appeared, that he was treated by them as an impostor and deceivertt.

56. MES

* Compare Isaiah xi. 1-5; John vii. 46; Matthew xiii. 54-58; Matthew v. vi. and vii. ch.

+ Compare Isaiah lxi. 1-3; Matthew xi. 28-30; John xiv. 1—3. Compare Isaiah xi. 6-8; with Acts ii. 41-47.

xii. 20'; and

Mark x. 13—16.

Compare Isaiah xxxv. 5, 6; with Matthew viii. and ix. chapters, and John xxi. 25.

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**Compare Isaiah liii. 1; xlix. 4; Rom. x. 1-3, 21.

++ Compare Isaiah vi. 9—13; xxix. 9---14; 2 Cor, iii. 5-.-18.

56. MESSIAH was to be the chief corner stone in the building of his church, elect, precious. ---JESUS CHRIST was the chief corner stone, elect, and precious *.

57. MESSIAH was to be rejected by the builders, but yet made the head stone in the corner. ---JESUS CHRIST was almost universally rejected by the great men of his nation; but yet he was made both Lord and Christ†.

58. MESSIAH was to preach the gospel to the poor, and to be embraced by a considerable number of that description.---JESUS CHRIST preached the gospel to the poor, and various of that rank believed in his name‡.

59. MESSIAH was to be despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief.---JESUS CHRIST was despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief§.

60. MESSIAH was to be seen riding into Jerusalem, sitting upon a young ass, as a token of the humility of his mind.---JESUS CHRIST answered this prediction, as well as every other that went before concerning him, in the most minute circumstance .

61. When MESSIAH should enter Jerusalem in this meek and humble manner, great crowds of the common people should welcome him with shouts and rejoicings.When JESUS CHRIST rode into that proud metropolis in low disguise, the general cry of the mob was, Hosanna to the Son of DAVID! blessed is he that cometh in the name of the LORD: Hosanna in the highest ** !

62. MESSIAH was to be actuated with such a burning zeal for the house of God, as even to be endangered by it.-JESUS CHRIST displayed that zeal upon various occasions tt.

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63. MES

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Compare Isaiah xxviii. 16; Acts iv. 11, 12; 1 Peter ii. 6---8. + Compare Psalm cxviii. 22; Isaiah viii. 13, 14; John vii. 48; Mat. thew xi. 25, 26; 1 Corinthians i. 26---31; 1 Peter ii. 7, 8.

Compare Isaiah lxi. 1; Luke iv. 18; Matthew xi. 5; James ii. 5.
Compare Isaiah liii. with Matthew xxvi. and xxvii, ch. and Phil. ii.

7, 8. See too CHANDLER's Defence, p. 178---194.

|| Compare Zechariah ix. 9, with Matthew xxi.-1---11.

** Ibid. See CHANDLER'S Defence, p. 102---197. ++ Compare Psalm lxix. 9; John ii. 17.

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