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GRAY is spoken of in the 69th page as a believer, and on the

307th page, as a deist. His character seems to have been
ambiguous. He was an ingenious, but whimsical man, yet a
poet of no ordinary rank.

The Methodists are mentioned in several parts of the fore-
going pages; particularly on the 77th there is a general account
of the state of their societies. I add here, that Aikins in his
Tour through North Wales, page 148th, laas paid that body of
people a very high compliment. Nor has Mr. PALEY done
less in his Evidences, vol. 1, page 38th, where he says,—“ After
men became Christians, much of their time was spent in prayer
and devotion, in religious meetings, in celebrating the eucha-
rist, in conferences, in exhortations, in preaching, in an affec-
tionate intercourse with one another, and correspondence with
other societies. Perhaps their mode of life, in its form
habit, was not very unlike the Unitas Fratrum, or of modern

Mr. CECIL, in his pleasing Memoirs of the honourable and
reverend W. B. CADOGAN, pp. 29-36, has given a pretty
fair account of this body of people, which is every where spoken
against, and has honestly and ably defended them from the ob-
loquy which is usually cast upon all seriously religious charac,
ters by the world. The single circumstance, of their being ge-
nerally, I might almost say universally, reviled and abused by
all other denominations of professing Christians, is to me a cer.
tain sign, that there is something peculiarly good and excellent

The criterion, whereby to judge, which our
Saviour has given us, is, If ye were of the world, the worid
would love his own; but because ye are not of the world, but I have
chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you, John xv. 19,

among them,

Livings, church, general account of,

Locke, John, Esq. anecdote of,

Advert. 26
an advocate for toleration,

on the morality of the gospel,

serious declaration of, on the New Testament, 312
edifying death of,

London, brief account of,

234, 235
Bishop of, an exception to most other prelates, 93
Longinus, praises Moses and Paul,

Lord's prayer, frequent repetition of, wrong,

Lowman, Moses, on Revelation, recommended,

Lowth, Bishop, on the excellence of the Prophets, 266, 267
Luc, M. de, confirms the bad end of Voltaire,
Lust, long indulged, deliverance from,



Macclesfield, some account of,

Earl of, devoted himself to prayer,

Maclaurin, on the Prophecies, quoted,

Madrid, superstitious state of,

172, 173
Magazine, Gentleman's, records the death of an atheist, 253
Mahomet and the Pope rose the same year,

Mahometans, number of, in the world,

Maintenon, Madame de, experience of,

249, 250
Mainwaring, Rev. John, on the grandeur of scripture,

Malachi, fine passage of, on religious conversation, Advert. 26
Man of fashion, character of,

101, 102
Manchester, some account of,

Manufacturers, 200,000, always drinking,

Marlborough, James, Earl of, penitent letter of,

46, 47
Markham, Rev. G. smartly treated by the Quakers,

Mason, Sir John, dying declaration of,

Maurice, Rev. Mr. neglected by his superiors,

quotation from,

Mazarine, Cardinal, dying lamentation of,

Mede, Joseph, on the Cruelty of the Catholics,

Mediatorship of Christ, doctrine of,

188, 189
Melanethon, a persecutor,

Men, black, no valid objection to scripture,

Messiah, divine mission of, proved,

108, 130
Methodist, a term of reproach for religious people, 89, 90
Methodists, number of,

76, 77
making great exertions,

upon the increase,

how to check the

account of, by Cecil,

Mexico, Archbishop of, possesses 70,0001. a year,


Middleham, Dean of, on education,

Mill, Dr. enumerates 30,000 variations in the New Testament,

Milton, John, a noble champion for toleration,

a devout admirer of the bible,

quotations from, 67, 95, 265, 293, 309, 326, 340,

348, 351.-

Advert. 26
Minister, prime, presents to many livings,

Mirandula, Picus, a great lover of the bible,

advice of, to his nephew,

Mirabeau, Mons. affecting death of,

254, 255
Missions, carried on chiefly by the poor,

Advert. 22
some account of,

278, 280
Montesquieu, Mons. quotations from,

203, 336, 337
Monopolizers of livings, infidels in disguise,

Moore, Dr. John, on the manners of Italy,

More, Miss Hannah, quotations from,

258, 259, 277
an ornament to her sex, and a blessing to

Moses, character of, vindicated,

books of, authentic and genuine,

189, 190
confirmed by the history of the East Indies, 192
Musculus, soliloquy of, before death,

Mutineers, some account of,

Pref. 6

her country,

Nantz, murders at,

Naples, superstition of,

Nations, of Canaan, destruction of the, vindicated, 191, 192
of Europe, which already subverted,

174, 175
Nature, volume of, to be studied,

324, 325
Nelson, Admiral Lord, piety of,

Advert. 22, 23, 310
Newcome, Archbishop, high opinion of, on the scriptures, 194
an high literary character,

Newport, Hon. Fran. miserable end of,

Newton, Sir Isaac, painful affliction and patience of,

fine anecdote of,

on the prophecies,

accounted the bible the most sublime philosophy, 243
entertained an awful sense of God,

found the strongest marks of truth in the bible, 306
Newton, Bishop, Dissertations of, recommended,

against the eternity of future misery,

on the rich endowments of the church,

on our national iniquities,

Newton, Rev. John, wickedness and conversion of,



Nineveh, prophecies concerning, conclusive,
Nobleman, affecting letter from a,

mortifying declaration of a,


103 50, 54


0. Objections to the scriptures, with answers,

to the common prayer, some frivolous,
Okely, Dr. recents his deistical principles,
Oldys, Fran. writes the life of T. Paine,
Oliver, Dr. conversion and death of,
Olympia, F. M. joyful death of,
Oxford, Earl of, an infidel and hypocrite,
Orleans, Duke of, declares in favour of piety,
Ormonde, Duke of, eminent for devotion,
Orrery, Earl of, a firm believer,
Ostervald, attributes great blame to the clergy,
Owen, Dr. John, an early advocate for toleration,
Oxenstiern, Chancellor, found rest in the bible alone,

187, 204

161 306, 307


34 55, 56 227 56

2 243

79 157 - 57

P. Pagans, number of, in the world,

277 Paine, Thomas, opinion of, on the gospel,

5 illiterate and immoral,

68, 69, 205, 305 on national churches,

340 Age of Reason of, quotation from,

142 challenged to produce morals equal to the New Testament,

305 on national Popes,

152 a man of some natural talents,

205 an ignorant and malignant person,

Ibid. insolently attacks the clergy on their learning,

206 37 objections of, to the scripture, answered, 205, 213 specimens of the insolence of,

214, 215 jests of Solomon recommended-to,

262, 263 persuasion of, that he was right, no proof, 273, 274 Paley, Rev. William, on subscription,

345 account of the Methodists by,

Addenda. Parishes in England and Wales,

75 Parsons, of all descriptions, too papistical,

87 Paris, murders at,

232 Pascal, spent his whold time in prayer and the bible

55 Patronage, of livings, brief view of,

150 sad abuses of the

158, 159 Patric, Bishop, endeavoured at a reformation,

147 Paul, St. triumphant death of,

22 Father, a great student in the scriptures,

298 Persecution,

Page Persecutiont, a sure mark of Antichrist,

219 sketch of, in England,

219, 220, 237 Peter, St. curious anecdote of,

93 Peterborough, Lord, Eulogium of, on Fenelon,

309, 310 Philosophers, French, of various sentiments,

280 Pluralities of livings, very common,

237 Pomfret's Poems, quotation from,

324 Pococke, high character of, by Locke,

91 Pope, Alexander, Esq declaration of,

7 quotations from,

49, 204, 248, 249, 269, 294 'a believer,

137 Pope, of Rome, duration of,

135 anecdote of,

337 cruelly treated by the French,

165 Popes, of Rome, number of, in all,

135, 136 however virtuous, to go into perdition,

144 Popery, a grievous curse to Christendom,

97 600 gross errors in,

145 P-t, Lord, infidelity and death of,

Prof. 7,8 Pope, William, infidelity and awful death of,

Pref. 8,9 Porcupine, Peter, Bloody Buoy of,

223, 232 democratic principles of,

229 writes the Life of T. Paine,

305 Porson's account of Gibbon's history,

18 Porteous, Bishop, quotation from, on the Atonement, 122

Discourses of, on Redemption, recommended, 275 on a Future State, recommended,

251 Prayers, for the King, too frequently repeated,

261 Prebends, Canons, &c. some account of,

77 Preferment, large, not necessary to our usefulness,

337 church, instances of shocking abuse in, 152, 153 Prediction, a curious modern one,

163, 164 Predictions, scriptural, conclusive,

Ibid. concerning the Pope of Rome,

164, 166 Prior, Matthew, Esq. quotation from,

6 opinion of, on the books of Solomon,

263 Pringle, Sir John, conversion of,

33 Priestly, Dr. considers all lively religion as enthusiasm, 317 Priests, by their folly, the curse of Christendom,

173 24,600 of, murdered in France,

232 Priesthood, in danger of being subverted,

174 Protestant states, to fall,

144 Protestants, number of, in the world,

277 Prophets, ancient, vindicated,

191 Prophecies, a wonderful chain of, in scripture,

166 a remarkable one, concerning the French, 254, 255


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