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mists ......


1858 Harrison & Taylor, maltsters,

1854 Levy M. clothier........... Final 4 d.-- Pennell, London. &c...... ... Final 2d. and 2-5ths of ld.

Lewis G, leather-seller...... First 48. 2d.-Stansfeld, London. Stansfeld, London.

1858 Lisett G busk-manufacturer. First ls. 1.d.- Brewin, Sheffield. 1837 Harrison, Watson & Pease,

1859 Mabbs R, milkman.. First 5 d. --Graham, London. bankers....

First 88. 9d.; first sep. of Harri- 1857 M.Bean J. shoemaker, &c...71d.-Miller, Bristol.

son 20s.; first sep. of Watson 1857 M'Cartney J. provision-mer-
20s.-Carrick, Hull.


.Fourth 23d. (in addition to 78. 5d. 1858 Harrop & Tatham, worsted

previously declared) — Baker, manufacturers . First 1s. 3d.-Young, Leeds.

Newcastle. 1857 Hassell S. T. merchant..... First 21d.-Carrick, Hull. 1858 M'Eachen M....... ..6.d. (on account of the first divi1852 Head T. apothecary.... ...First 2š. 2d.-Kinnear, Birming

sion, 3s. 10.d.)-Morgan, Liverham.

pool. 1856 Heathfield & Aburrow, che

1858 M'Intyre T. tailor....... Second 18.-Young, Leeds. .... Third 7-16ths of ld.- Edwards, 1859 M.Kinstry W.

.First 35.- Morgan, Liverpool. London.

1858 Manchin E. M. tailor, &c....First 2s. 10d.--Hirtzel, Exeter. 1858 Hedley J. W. plumber, &c... Second 8d. (in addition to 28. 4d. 1859 Mannion W. leather-dealer.. First 3s. 6d. — Turner, Liverpool.

previously declared) — Baker, 1859 Marchant A. clothier....... First 48.--Pennell, London. Newcastle.

1857 Marks J. coach-builder..... Second 6d.-Whitmore, London. 1841 Heron & Sons, cotton-spin

1858 Mason E. commission-agent. First 3s. 5d.-Pott, Manchester. .Final 15-64ths of 1d.-Pott, Man- 1855 Meears J. W. chemist...... Second 78. 8d.-Pennell, London. chester.

1858 Meeks J. upholsterer.......First 10s. 10d.-Kinnear, Birming1859 Hicks J. shoemaker... First 38.-Carrick, Hull.

ham. 1847 Higginson J. merchant.. Fifth sep. 11d.— Turner, Liver- 1858 Melliss R. MʻH. merchant.. First 11d.-Pott, Manchester. pool.

1858 Mellor J. money-scrivener.. First ld. — Hernaman, Man1857 Hirst W. silk-manufacturer.. First 3s. 6d. - Harris, Notting

chester. ham.

1854 Merington G. W. draper.... Second ed.- Pennell, London. 1856 Hodgson & Atcheson, timber

1858 Middleton J. ironfounder... First 23. 7d.-Kinnear, Birmingmerchants... .... Third 2d. and 1-15th of ld. (in

ham. addition to 1s. 4d. previously 1858 Miles J. grocer..... Second 8d.- Pennell, London.

declared)-- Baker, Newcastle. 1857 Mitchell T. coal-dealer..... First 24d. — Hernaman, Man1858 Hogg E. H. shipowner...... First 74d.-Baker, Newcastle.

chester. 1841 Holdsworth, Hunt Smith,

1856 Monroe W. H. pawnbroker. Second Is. 6d.--Harris, Nottingmercbants .Second sep. of Smith ld.- Whit

ham, more, London.

1858 Monument H. victualler.... First ls. Id.-Nicholson, London. 1855 Holland W. C. grocer, &c...On new proofs, first 28. 6d.-Car- 1857 Moorhouse J. jun. cottonrick, Hull.

spinner .

First 7d.-Pott, Manchester. 1857 Holmes T. bookseller....... Second 1s. 63d.–Stansfeld, Lon- 1858 Mootham R. G. H... . First ls. 31.- Pennell, London.


1856 Morgan E. provision-mer1858 Horne J. hatter...... . First 18. 2 d.–Stansfeld, London.

chant.. ..

... Second 4şd.-Whitmore, London. 1855 Houghton H. merchant..... Third 31d.; on new proofs, first, 1853 Morgan H. M. shipowner... First 1s. 4.d.-Stansfeld, London.

second, and third ls. 10d. - 1858 Moyle, Hunter & Hunter,
Edwards, London.

glove-manufacturers....... First 108.; first sep. of Moyle 2s. 1858 Howard F. J. grocer, &c....First 28. 4.4d. — Graham, London.

– Harris, Nottingham. 1857 Hubbard J. R.wool-merchant First 38. 4d.; second 41d.-Hope, 1858 Moyle, Hunter & Hunter, Leeds.

glove-manufacturers....... First sep. of A. Hunter 2s. 60.1859 Huggins F. W. & C. W. wine

Harris, Nottingham. and spirit merchants...... First 68.; first sep. of F. W. Hug. 1859 Munkenbeck J. B. tailor.... First 1s. 6d.-Baker, Newcastle.

gins 58.-Harris, Nottingham. 1845 Murcott C. factor and coal1858 Hughes D. grocer..... Second 10d.-Acraman, Bristol.


..First 8 d. - Kinnear, Birming1858 Hundy J. timber-merchant..First 1s. 4 d.- Whitmore, Bir

ham. mingham.

1857 National Deodorizing and 1857 Hutchings T. contractor.... First 4.d.-Cannan, London.

Manure Company (limited) First 48. 1856 Hyde J. spindle-maker..... Second 1-16th of'ld.- Fraser, Nazer D. hatter....

First 43. 10?d.- Stansfeld, LonManchester.

don. 1858 James & Evans, coopers, &c. Second 3d.-Pennell, London. 1858 Neville J. H. currier, &c....First 1s. 3fd.-Cannan, London. 1857 Jewell G. S. builder... .Second 35. 4d.-Lee, London. 1859 Oswald G. corn-merchant, &c. First 1s. 9d.

Baker, Newcastle. 1858 Johns T. C. printer... . First ls. 11 d.-Cannan, London. 1858 Page R. coal-owner........

.. Second 4d.-Graham, London. 1858 Johns W. N. printer.. First and final Is. 6d. - Acraman, 1857 Papineau W. manufacturing Bristol.


. First 5.d.- Pennell, London. 1859 Jones P. haulier..... 3s. 6d.- Acraman, Bristol. 1858 Parker G. copper-merchant. First 75. 6d.—Carrick, Hull. 1859 Jones W. B. ship-builder.... First sep. 8s.—Turner, Liverpool. 1855 Parkinson J. sen. and jun. 1859 Jones & Dempsey, ship-build


.. Second sep. of J. P. sen. 10d. ers, &c. First 28. 6d.-Turner, Liverpool.

Harris, Nottingham. 1857 Keitley R. ship-builder.....Final 7s. 02d.-Carrick, Hull. 1857 Pavitt G. miller...

First 98.- Nicholson, London. 1858 Kemp T. maltster, &c....... First 10d.-Whitmore, London. 1857 Pavitt W. miller.. ..Second 1s.-Nicholson, London. 1855 Kingdon T. cyder-merchant,

1859 Pearson J. grocer.. ..First 23. 3d.-Baker, Newcastle. Further ${d.-Hirtzel, Exeter. 1857 Pelling G. carpenter and 1858 Kirkup L. iron-ship builder. Third 3d. and 1-5th of id. (in builder.

First 38. 73.-Stansfeld, London. addition to 28. 6d. previously 1858 Perry H. W. builder. First 9d.-Hirtzel, Exeter.

declared)— Baker, Newcastle. 1854 Philps G. J. hosier.. . Second 14d.- Pennell, London. 1854 Lambourne G. timber-mer

1858 Philps H. draper... . First 1s. 8fd.--Stansfeld, Lonchant.. ...... First 2s. 5d.-Graham, London.

don. 1857 Law J. boot and shoe maker Second 5.d.-Young, Leeds. 1853 Pickering W. bookseller, &c. Sixth 1s.; on new proofs 20s.1859 Leake J. wine and spirit mer

Edwards, London. chant. ..First 68.-Harris, Nottingham. 1858 Plumridge G. grocer.......

. First 54d.-Nicholson, London. 1858 Lee E. ironmonger. .First 23. 11.d.-- Whitmore, Bir- | 1857 Porter E. grocer.. . Second 4.d.-Whitmore, London.


1859 Potter G. lime-merchant. ... First 2s. Ad.-Pennell, London. 1837 Lee W. stockbroker........Final 3s. Ozd. - Acraman, Bristol. 1857 Pringle, Thurman & Palmer, Leicester Spinning Company,

lace-manufacturers ........

.....First 1s. 2d. - Harris, Notting(limited). First 4s.6d.--Harris, Nottingham.

ham. 1858 Leslie R..

First 3.d.-Nicholson, London. 1859 Pritchard W. builder....... First 48. 6d.–Stansfeld, London. 1858 Levy J. general dealer...... First 8(d.-Pennell, London, 1856 Rawson T. tailor and draper First 6d.-Hope, Leeds.

&c. ...



1852 Reeves John Fry, J. Frede

1858 Thompson J. publican, &c... First 58. 5d. and 2-15ths of 1d. rick & O. and A. Reeves,

Baker, Newcastle. scriveners

. First sep. of J. Frederick 28.0}d.; 1858 Thompson W. coal-dealer... First 23. 7d.-Kinnear, Birmingfirst sep. of 0. Reeves 1s. 5 d.;

ham. first sep. of A. Reeves 1130.-1857 Thorburn J. bookbinder.... First Is. Ojd. -Whitmore, LonHirtzel, Exeter.

don. 1858 Render H. oil-merchant, &c. First Is. 6d.- Fraser, Manchester. 1858 Thorne W. artificial flower 1858 Richardson C. F....... .. First 45.-Graham, London.


First 53d.-Nicholson, London. 1845 Robinson R. spirit and beer

1858 Thornton J. G. watchmaker, merchant ... Final 20s.- Whitmore, London.


. First 4s. 8d.-Young, Leeds. 1845 Robinson R. spirit-merchant. First 20s.- Whitmore, London. 1854 Thynne J. F. dealer in musi1856 Rock J. jun. factor and cut

cal instruments..

..On new proofs, first 2s. 4d.nail maker,... .Second 7d.; on new proofs, first

Hirtzel, Exeter. 123.--Kinnear, Birningham. 1855 Tomkys W. plumber, &c....First 2s. 104d.-Whitmore, Lon1859 Rogers H. milliner..... . First 78. 2d.-Cannan, London.

don. 1858 Rolle A. timber-merchant... First 4s. 98.-Nicholson, London. 1858 Tomson F. W. engineer, &c.. First 1s. 2d.-Kinnear, Birming1857 Rollinson G. J. silk-merchant Second 2d. - Harris, Nottingham.

ham. 1859 Roots G. stone-inerchant....First 1s. 6 d.- Pennell, London. 1858 Tonks J. printer and stationer First 1s. 2d.- Kinnear, Birming1855 Rose S. & R. W. drapers....On new proofs, first 4s. 100.

ham. Hirtzel, Exeter.

1858 Tonks J. printer and stationer First 1s. Id. (and not le. 22. as 1856 Ross J....... ...Second ls. 021.- Pennell, Lon

before advertised) – Kinnear, don.

Birmingham. 1858 Ruddock J. D. upholsterer.. First 78. 6d.-Nicholson, London. 1857 Townsend M. hosiery-manu. 1857 Sadgrove & Rags, cabinet


. Third 3d.-Harris, Nottingham. makers

.Fourth 5 d. (making on the joint 1856 Towse J. B. shipowner, &c... Second ld.—Whitmore, London.

estate 10s. 9 d.); first sep. of 1856 Tregellas J. draper, grocer,
Sadgrove 10s. Id.; first sep. of &c...

Further 5d.-Hirtzel, Exeter.
Ragg 38.-Lee, London.

1855 Trowse A. E. coach and tyre 1859 Sampson J. picture-dealer...28.--Miller, Bristol.


...Second Is. 4d.-Nicholson, Lon1857 Seale B. coal-owner... First 34d.-Brewin, Sheffield.

don. 1856 Seville J. cotton-cloth manu

1853 Turfrey F. brewer.... Third {d.- Acraman, Bristol. facturer...

. Third 3d.--Pott, Manchester. 1859 Turnell T. B. draper... . First 28. 104d.-Brewin, Sheffield. 1858 Scampton R. worsted-spinner First 4.1.-Harris, Nottingham. 1859 Turner J. miller... .. First 83. 6d.- Brewin, Sheffield. 1858 Scott H. draper, grocer, &c.. Second 4d.- Pennell, London. 1857 Turner J. oil-merchant.....Second 3d. (in addition to 38. 6d. 1859 Scott J. cloth-manufacturer. First 108.-Hope, Leeds.

previously declared) - Baker, 1858 Scully A. ironmonger......First 4s. - Hope, Leeds.

Newcastle. 1859 Sharp J. cattle-dealer....... First 2s.6d.--Harris, Nottingham. Turton T. lace-manufacturer. Second 1s. ld.-Harris, Notting1858 Shaw W. bookseller, &c. ....First 1s. 9d.-Carrick, Hull.

ham, 1858 Sheard J. corn-factor... . First Is. 5 d.--Hope, Leeds. 1855 Underwood R. hosier....... First 2d.-Harris, Nottingham. 1858 Sheppard J. victualler... .First 18. 8.d.-Edwards, London. 1858 Vialou I. R. builder........ .Second 6d.—Pennell

, London. 1856 Shipinan W. baker, &c......First 8d.-Pott, Manchester. 1858 Vipond U. flour-niiller......On new proofs, first, second, and 1859 Slator T. grocer.... .First 1s. 6d.- Pennell, London.

third 28. 21d. — Baker, Nex1858 Sinith D. corn-factor... First 4d.-Brewin, Sheffield.

castle. 1858 Smith G, cabinet-naker.... Second 4d.-Nicholson, London. 1858 Walter C. pawnbroker...... Second 2d.-Whitmore, London. 1856 Smith H. J. coal-master..... First 90.- Brewin, Sheffield. 1858 Walton C. & W. shipowners, 1858 Smith J. paper-manufacturer First 2s. 3d.-Young, Leeds.


First 4d.-Cannan, London. 1859 Smith J. P. G... .... First 3£d.-Morgan, Liverpool. 1859 Watson M. innkeeper......First 43. 3 d.- Baker, Newcastle. 1857 Smith, Hilder, Scrivens &

1858 West H. upholsterer....... . First 1s. Sid. - Whitmore, LonSmith . . Second sep. of T. Smith 18.; third

don. sep. of F. Smith Is. 6d.— Whit-1858 West J. ironmonger........ First 6s. 8d.-Hirtzel, Exeter. more, London.

1858 Westrop J. K. glove-manufac1857 Smith, Hilder, Scrivens &


...... Second 1s.-Nicholson, London, Smith, bankers... .Final sep. of Hilder 20s.—Whit- 1857 Wheals C. woollen-draper, &c. First 4şd.-Stansteld, London. more, London.

1858 Wheatley J. farmer and baker Final 18.- Acraman, Bristol. 1857 Solomon S. tailor...... .First 6d. and 1-7th of ld.-Stans- 1857 Whitwill G. shipowner.....Is. 6d.-Acraman, Bristol.

feld, London,

1858 Widdowson & Clarke, lace1852 Sparks D. surgeon, &c......4s. (with first on new proofs 28.6d.) manufacturers ..

First sep. of Widdowson 38. 6d.and on new proofs 8.d.-Miller,

Harris, Nottingham.

1858 Wild W. carman... ... First 28. 2.- Pennell, London. 1859 Squire John F. lace-manu

1858 Williams J. grocer, draper, facturer. First 28.-Harris, Nottingham.


111d.-Acraman, Bristol. 1858 Stanley E. R. jeweller... First 45.-Lee, London.

1856 Williams T. grocer.. Second 11d.- Acraman, Bristol. 1858 Stephenson J. timber-mer

1858 Williams William, innkeeper First 28. 6d.-Harris, Nottinghamn. chant.

First 5 d.-Baker, Newcastle. 1858 Wilson J. corn-merchant.... First 1s. 24d.-Young, Leeds. 1858 Stone F. J. builder.. .. First 794.-Lee, London. 1856 Winfield & Clarke, factors, . Second 1s.; first sep. of Winfield 1858 Stuart S.grocer and provision.

20s.-Kinnear, Birmingham. . First 4d.- Whitmore, Birming- 1858 Woodmancy G. corn and coal ham.


. First 5s. 11d.--Carrick, Hull. 1855 Swann J. hardware and gene

1858 Woolfv.jun.smallware-manu. ral dealer.... First Id.-Kinnear, Birmingham. facturer...

First 3s. 83d.-Hernaman, Man1856 Syers, Walker & Syers, mer

chester. chants.

... First 6d.-Nicholson, London. 1855 Wooster J. C. fancy-cabinet 1858 Taylor T.J.grocer and cheese

manufacturer.... 3d. (on account of ls. 102.) monger . First 13.6d.-Cannan, London.

Pennell, London, 1850 Teesdale J. D. horse-dealer

1858 Wright R. wharfinger......First 203.-Young, Leeds. and victualler..

. Second 5d.—Harris, Nottingham. 1858 Wright R. & G. E. whar1858 Tetley J. H. brewer.. . First d.--.Pott, Manchester.


..First 28.-Young, Leeds. 1857 Tetlow S. cotton-waste dealer First 4s. 104d. – Pott, Manchester. 1858 Wright S. grocer and pro1836 Thomas D. grocer..... . . Second 10 d.; on new proofs, first vision-dealer

.First 58. 4.d.-Kinnear, Birming. 6s. 8d. - Hirtzel, Exeter.

bam. 1855 Thomas J. newspaper - pro

Wullon R. buildcr.. First 38, 4.d. - Whitmore, Bir prietor... ..Second 32.-Whitmore, London,


dealer ......



TAYLOR Joshua Joseph Henry, manufacturer, Almondbury, near Gazette, Tuesday, July 26.

Huddersfield, in the county of York; surr. Aug. 8 and Sept. 5 at 11. Court, Leeds. Com. Ayrton. Official assignee, Hope.

Sols. Floyd & Learoyd, Huddersfield; Bond & Barwick, Leeds.BANKRUPTS.

Petition, July 19.

CERTIFICATES. TOWN AND COUNTRY PIATS. BRADLEY Henry, corn-dealer and cattle-food manufacturer, King. Aas Anthon Martin, ship-broker, Colchester-street-2nd class.

ston-upon-Hull; surr. Aug. 10 and Sept. 7 at 12. Court, Huli. Hunt William, sen., greengrocer and potato-salesman, William-street, Com. Ayrton. Official assignee, Carrick. Sols. Colbeck & Thomp Jennens Aaron, and John Bettridge, papier-mâché manufacturers

Lisson-grove-2nd class. son, Hull.- Petition, July 25.

and japanners, Birmingham- Ist class. BUSHELL John, licensed victualler, Wolverhampton, in the county Lovell Benjamin, currier and leather-seller, Northampton-2nd class

of Stafford ; surr. Aug. 8 and 29 at 11. Court, Birmingham. Com. suspended. Sanders. Official assignee, Kinnear. Sols. James & Knight, Bir- Price James Brent, mercer and draper, late of Horsham, now of mingham.- Petition, July 16.

Leicester-3rd class. FIELD John, boot and shoe manufacturer, Hackney-road, in the

county of Middlesex ; surr. Aug. 9 at half past 12, Sept. 7 at 11.
Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Fonblanque. Official assignee,

Gazette, Friday, July 29.
Stansfeld. Sol. J. H. Howard, Quality-court, Chancery-lane.-
Petition, July 25. Bankrupt's own petition.

FOOT William, builder, Victoria-terrace, New Cross, Deptford, in
the county of Kent; surr. Aug. 9 at 2, Sept. 7 at 12. Court,

BANKRUPTOY SUPERSEDED. Basinghall-street. Com. Fonblanque. Official assignee, Graham. TODD Mary, and William Waddell Todd, (filed April 8, 1859,) Sol. W. W. King, College - hill, Cannon-street-west. -- Petition,

merchants, Newry. July 25. Pet. Cr. Thomas Templeman, gentleman, Victoria

TOWN AND COUNTRY FIATS. terrace, Deptford. GLADWELL Henry William, manufacturer, importer of, and whole- GOODWIN Charles John, tavern-keeper, now of Hulme, in Mansale dealer in stereoscopes, stereoscopic slides, and photographs,

chester, in the county of Lancaster, formerly of Chesterfield, in the Poultry, in the city of London; surr. Aug. 5 at half-past 11, Sept 2

county of Derby ; surr. Aug. 11 and Sept. 15 at 12. Court, Man

chester. Com. Jemmett. Official assignee, Pott. Sols. R. Whall, at bali-past 12. Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Fane. Official assignee, Cannan. Sols. Davidson, Bradbury & Hardwick, Wea

Chesterfield ; Green & Payne, Manchester.-Petition, July 4. vers’-hall, Basinghall-street.-Petition, July 26. Pet. Cr. John HARRIS Josiah, coal-merchant, Highweek, in the county of Devon;

England, photographic cabinet-maker, Charlotte-street, Middlesex. surr. Aug. 10 and 31 at 12. Court, Exeter. Com. Andrews. HARMAN Robert, corn-dealer and coal-merchant, Littlewick, White

Official assignee, Hirtzel. Sol. J. Stogdon, Exeter.-Petition, Waltham, in the county of Berks; surr. Aug. 5 at 12, Sept. 2 at

July 25. half past 11. Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Fane. Official as. HOBBS Henry, and George Tilley, brickmakers and copartners, signee, Whitmore. Sols. Tucker, Greville & Tucker, St. Swithin's. St. George's-wharf, Cambridge-street, Old St. Pancras-road, and lane; Pulley & Clark, High Wycombe.- Petition, July 23. Pet. Southall, in the county of Middlesex, and of Victoria-wharf, EarlCr. George Darvill, corn-dealer, High Wycombe.

street, Blackfriars, in the city of London ; surr. Aug. 15 at halfHAYWOOD Robert, grocer and cheesemonger, High-street, Homer

past 11, Sept. 12 at 11. Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Goulburn.

Official assignee, Nicholson. Sols. Lawrance, Plews & Boyer, Old ton, in the county of Middlesex ; surr. Aug. 5 at half past 12,

Jewry-chambers, Old Jewry.- Petition, July 26. Pet. Cr. John Sept. 2 at 1. Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Fane. Official assignee, Whitmore. Sols. Lawrance, Plews & Boyer, Old Jewry

Bland, builder, Blackheath. ehambers, Old Jewry.–Petition, July 22. Pet. Cr. William James LANCASTER William, coal-merchant, Bury, in the county of LanWilliams, grocer, Pancras-lane.

caster ; surr. Aug. 11 and Sept. 1 at 12. Court, Manchester, HILES James, and David Walter Jenkins, coal-merchants and

Official assignee, Hernaman. Sol. R. Darlington, Wigan.-Peticopartners, Tipton, in the county of Stafford; surr. Aug. 5 and

tion, July 19. Sept. 23 at 1. Court, Birmingham. Com. Sanders. Official MOON John, jun., optician and nautical-instrument maker, West assignee, Whitmore. Sols. Hodgson & Allen, Birmingham.— Peti- India-road, Poplar, in the county of Middlesex ; surr. Aug. 8 at 12, tion, July 23.

Sept. 8 at half.past 12. Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Fane. LITCHFIELD Thomas, surgeon and apothecary, Twickenham, in

Official assignee, Cannan. Sol. R. Bastard, Philpot-lane.-Petithe county of Middlesex ; surr. Aug. 8 at half-past 1, Sept. 6 at 1.

tion, July 20. Pet. Cr. John Sampson Starnes, lamp-manufacturer, Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Fonblanque. Official assignee,

Cock-hill, Ratcliff. Graham. Sol. R. Peckham, Ludgate-street.- Petition, July 23. ORGILL Francis, maltster, Loughborough, in the county of Lei

cester ; surr. Aug. 9 and 30 at half past 1. Court, Nottingham. MOSS Fanny, milliner, Mansfield, in the county of Nottingham; Com. Sanders. Official assignee, Harris. Sols. Wadsworth & surr. Aug. 6 and Sept. 3 at 10. Court, Sheffield. Com. West.

Watson, Nottingham.- Petition, July 26. Official assignee, Brewin. Sols. Davidson & Co., Weavers'-hall, PEARSON John Morley, builder, Coatham, near Redcar, in the Basinghall-street; Upton & Yewdall, Leeds.-Petition, July 11.

county of York; surr. Aug. 15 and Sept. 6 at 11. Court, Leeds. PARSLOW George, timber-merchant, Old-street, St. Luke's, in the Com. Ayrton. Official assignee, Young. Sols. G. T. Allison, Dar.

county of Middlesex; surr. Aug. 5 at half-past 1, Sept. 9 at 1. lington; Cariss & Cudworth, Leeds.- Petition, July 26. Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Fane. Official assignee, Whit

RICHARDS William, licensed victualler, Lansdown Arms, Islington, Sol. J. A. Juckes, Bridgewater-square, Barbican.-Peti

in the county of Middlesex; surr. Aug. 8 at 1, Sept. 12 at 12. tion, July 25. Pet. Cr. John South, gentleman, Great Marylebone- Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Goulburn. Official assignee, Pen

nell. Sols. Shaen & Grant, Kennington-cross.-Petition, July 26. SALMON Vohs, wholesale boot and shoe manufacturer, Brick-lane, Pet. Crs. Messrs. Burnetts, distillers, Vauxhall.

Spitalfields and Baker's-terrace, East India-road, Limehouse, in TAPLEY Frederick, draper, Arbor-terrace, Commercial-road-east, the county of Middlesex, and Theatre-street, Norwich, in the

in the county of Middlesex: surr. Aug. 9 and Sept. 7 at 1. Court, county of Norfolk, under the firm of Salmon & Co.; surr. Aug. 8 Basinghall-street. Com. Fonblanque. Official assignee, Stansand Sept. 6 at half-past 12. Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Fon

feld. Sols. Sole, Turner & Turner, Aldermanbury. - Petition, blanque. Official assignee, Graham. Sol. J. Frost, Leadenhall- July 26. Pet. Cr. William Nevill, warehouseman, Gresham-street, street ---Petition, July 21. Bankrupt's own petition.

City. SMITH Robert, iron and brass founder, engineer, and agricultural- WARD James, jun., glass-dealer and lead-merchant, Queen-street,

implement maker, Swaff ham, in the county of Norfolk ; surr. Pimlico, in the county of Middlesex; surr. Aug. 11 and Sept. 8 Aug. 8 at 1, Sept. 6 at 12. Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Fon- at 12. Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Fane. Official assignee, blanque. Official assignee, Graham. Sol. J. V. P. Plimsaul, South- Whitmore. Sol. J. Weymouth, Clifford's-inn, Fleet-street.--Peti.. square, Gray's-inn.- Petition, July 23.

tion, July 27. Bankrupt's own petition. 8, BANKE.—1859.





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WOHLQUAST John, cigar-dealer, Oxford-street, in the county of Hughes Ann, lodging-house keeper, Northumberland-street, Strand,

Middlesex ; surr. Aug. 15 at 1, Sept. 7 at 2. Court, Basinghall- and Cannon-row, Westminster-3rd class suspended. street. Com. Fonblanque. Official assignee, Stansfeld. Sol. J. W. Josiffe Charles Henry, victualler, Strand-3rd class. Nicholson, Lime-street.--Petition, July 19.

Nicholson John, watchmaker and keeper of a fancy repository, AnWOOD William Leigh, grocer and draper, Puckeridge, in the

dover-1st class. county of Hertford ; surr. Aug. 11 at 11, Sept. 8 at half past 11. Nunn Charles, innkeeper, Great Coggeshall—2nd class. Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Fane. Official assignee, Cannan. Schofield James, and Louis Horrie, grease-manufacturers, Blue Pits,

Reynolds William Charles, victualler, Aldersgate-street-2nd class. Sol. Cutler, Bell-yard, Doctors'-commons. — Petition, July 28. Bankrupt's own petition.

near Rochdale, and Keighley-3rd class.

Scott John, corn and flour dealer, Warrington-3rd class suspended. CERTIFICATES.

Smith Benjamin, victualler, Whitechapel-road-3rd class suspended.

Stringer Samuel, woollen-cloth merchant and woollen-waste dealer, Cox George, and George Cox, jun., butchers, Northampton-row, Longsight and Manchester-3rd class suspended. Holloway-2nd class.

Sumner George, plumber, glazier, and painter, Great YarmouthDavis Frederick, hairdresser and tobacconist, Melcombe Regis—3rd 1st class.

class. Duysters Gustave, glass and general merchant, Water-lane, Tower

street-2nd class.
Jenkins Sydney Dan, ship-builder, Cardiff, Bristol, and Newport-

Gazette, Friday, Augakt 5.
2nd class.
Stothard John Hutchinson, saddler, Swinefleet--3rd class.
Vanes John Hollis, tanner and leather-merchant, Stourport, and

Dudley-2nd class suspended.

TOWN AND COUNTRY FIATS. Wyatt John, victualler and butcher, Chipping Campden-3rd class.

AMOORE Ellen Ruth, common brewer, Court-house-street, and

Hallaway House, Hallaway-place, Hastings, in the county of Sus

sex; surr. Aug. 17 at half-past 12, Sept. 14 at half-past 11. Court, Gazette, Tuesday, August 2.

Basinghall-street. Com. Ponblanque. Official assignee, Graham.
Sols. J. & S. Langham, Bartlett's-buildings, Holborn.-Petition,

Aug. 4. Bankrupt's own petition.

EASTWOOD William, joiner and builder, Fairfield, near Liverpool,

in the county of Lancaster; surr. Aug. 16 and Sept. 12 at 11. BANKRUPTCIES SUPERSEDED.

Court, Liverpool. Com. Perry. Official assignee, Morgan. Sal. BRETTLE Thomas Pool, (filed March 14, 1859,) grocer, Walsall. T. Ety, Liverpool.- Petition, Aug. 2. TALLERMAN Harris, (filed April 5, 1859,) wholesale clothier and FRANKLIN Francis Guyver, plumber, painter, and house-decorator, outfitter, Houndsditch.

Bridge-street, Southwark, in the county of Surrey; surr. Aug. 17 TOWN AND COUNTRY FIATS.

at half.past 2, Sept. 14 at 1. Court, Basinghall-street. Corn. Fon

blanque. Official assignee, Stansfeld. Sols. Fitch & Fitch, UnionADAMSON George Johnstone, builder, Twickenham, in the county street, Southwark.-Petition, Aug. 2. Pet. Cr. John Skitt, colour

of Middlesex; surr. Aug. 13 at half past 11, Sept. 20 at half-past 2. manufacturer, Stockwell-place, Stockwell. Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Holroyd. Official assignee, Edwards. Sol. J. R. Chidley, Basinghall-street.-Petition, July 29. HUGHES Thomas, cattle-dealer, cowkeeper, and market-gardener, Pet. Cr. Richard William Moir, builder, Marlborough-road, Dal

Aberllolwyne, Aberystwith, in the county of Cardigan, also coalston.

merchant, at Preston New Colliery, North Shields, in the county

of Northumberland, in partnership with Margaret De Cardonel FLAMANT Louise, milliner and dealer in lace, Duke-street, Port- Lawson, under the firm of Hughes & Lawson ; surr. Aug. 16 and

land-place, and Somerset-street, Portman-square, in the county of Sept. 13 at 11. Court, Bristol. Com. Hill. Official assignee,
Middlesex ; surr. Aug. 15 at half-past 12, Sept. 14 at 11. Court, Miller. Sols. M. Brittan & Sons, Bristol.-Petition, July 27.
Basinghall-street. Com. Fonblanque. Official assignee, Graham.
Sols. G. S. & H. Brandon, Essex-street, Strand. --Petition, July 29. KENT Mary, widow, boarding-school keeper and boarding-house
Pet. Cr. Mietta Dumay, dealer in lace, Rue des Mathurins, Paris.

keeper, Upper Phillimore-place, Kensington, in the county of

Middlesex; surr. Aug. 12 and Sept. 15 at 12. Court, BasinghallFORD John Edward, stock and tye manufacturer, Aldermanbury, street. Com. Fane. Official assignee, Cannan. Sols. Fyson,

and Addle-street, in the city of London; surr. Aug. 15 at half- Curling, Walls & Son, Frederick's-place, Old Jewry.--Petition, past 1, Sept. 14 at 12. Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Fonblanque. Aug. 4. Pet. Cr. Alfred William Kiallmark, professor of music, Official assignee, Stansfeld. Sols. Lloyd & Rule, Milk-street. Springfield-bridge, Ealing. Petition, Aug. 1. Bankrupt's own petition.

MORGAN Samuel Whitfield, stock and share broker, ThrogmortonRUSHTON Yarker, draper, Wrexham, in the county of Denbigh ; street, in the city of London; surr. Aug. 8 at half past 1, Sept. 15

surr. Aug. 15 and Sept. 2 at 11. Court, Liverpool. Com. Perry. at half.past 11. Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Fane. Official Official assignee, Turner. Sol. R. K. Cooper, Manchester.- Peti. assignee, Cannan. Sols. Walter & Moojen, Southampton-street, tion, July 30.

Bloomsbury.- Petition, July 11. Pet. Cr. Philip Pensam, gentleSWAN Joseph, shipowner, ship-chandler, and coal-fitter, Quay-side, man, Stevens's Hotel, Bond-street, and Paris.

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and Bellevue, near Gateshead, in the county SHAW James, cotton-doubler and warp-maker, Huddersfield, in of Durham, carrying on business of a ship-chandler, at Newcastle- the county of York; surr. Aug. 16 and Sept. 9 at 11. Court, upon-Týne, under the firm of George Beldon, jun., & Co.; surr. Leeds. Com. Ayrton. Official assignee, Hope. Sols. T. W. Aug. 10 at half-past 11, Sept. 15 at 12. Court, Newcastle. Com. Clough, Huddersfield ; Bond & Barwick, Leeds.--Petition, Aug. . Ellison. Official assignee, 'Baker. Sols. J. T. Hoyle, Newcastle ; TAPLEY Frederick, draper, Arbor-terrace, Commercial-road-east

, Hill & Mathews, St. Mary-axe.-Petition, July 21.

in the county of Middlesex ; surr. Aug. 16 at half-past 11, Sept. 2 TITCHMARSH Charles, farmer and cattle-dealer, Wimpole, in the at 12. Couri, Basinghall-street. Com. Holroyd. Official assignee, county of Cambridge ; surr. Aug. 11 at 12, Sept. 8 at 1. Court, Lee.

Sols. Sole, Turner & Turner, Aldermanbury.- Petition, Basinghall-street. Com. Fane. Official assignee, Whitmore. Sols. July 26. Pet. Cr. William Nevill, warehouseman, Gresham-street, Parker, Rooke & Parker, Bedford-row; F. Adcock, Cambridge.- City. Petition, July 29.

Petition under the Joint-Stock Companies Act, 1856. CERTIFICATES.

ANGLO-FRENCH PORCELAIN COMPANY (limited); Aug. 16 Abram Robert, cabinet-maker, Manchester-3rd class suspended. Arnold Alfred and Henry, booksellers and stationers, Tottenham

at half past 1. Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Fane. -Petition, court-road-2nd class.

Aug. 1. Petitioners, Charles Doubble and Alfred Doubble. Cole James Ormond, rigger and stivedore, Montague-place, Poplar2nd class.

CERTIFICATES. *Frampton Benjamin, hairdresser and, Landport - 2nd Bingley Thomas Gyles, wholesale druggist, Manchester-2nd class. class.

Chalmers John, tea-dealer and draper, Cirencester-2nd class.




Edwards Edward, ironmaster, Abenbury Vichan, Wrexham - 1st class.

Gazette, Friday, August 18. Hedgcock Thomas, painter, plumber, glazier, &c., St. Helen's—2nd class.


Gazette, Tuesday, August 9.

PENNEY John, (filed April 23, 1859,) merchant, Lincoln.


ARACHTINGI Vincent, merchant, Austin Friars, in the city of

London, trading under the firm of F. & V. Arachtingi & Co.; surr.
Aug. 25 at 12, Sept. 23 at 1. Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Fane.

Official assignee, Cannan. Sols. J. & J. H. Linklaters & HackBATES Edward, and John Feltus, common brewers, in copartner- wood, Walbrook.-Petition, Aug. 10. Bankrupt's own petition.

ship under the firm of Bates & Feltus, Dundas-street, Ancoats Vale, in the city of Manchester; surr. Aug. 25 and Sept. 22 at 12. BATCHELOR Henry, chemical-manure manufacturer, Mark-lane, Court, Manchester. Official assignee, Hernaman. Sol. G. F.

in the city of London, and of Bull Head Dock Wharf, Rotherhithe, Wharton, Manchester.-Petition, Aug. 2.

in the county of Surrey; surr. Aug. 24 at 12, Oct. 1 at 1. Court,

Basinghall-street. Com. Holroyd. Official assignee, Edwards. BRYANT John, coal-merchant, Newport, in the county of Mon- Sols. Young & Plews, Mark-lane.—Petition, Aug. 11. Bankrupt's mouth; surr. Aug. 23 and Sept. 27 at 11. Court, Bristol. Com. own petition. Hill. Official assignee, Acraman. Sols. T. M. Llewellin, New- FREEMAN John, chemist and druggist, Blackfriars-road, in the port; Savory, Clarke, Fussell & Prichard, Bristol. - Petition, Aug. 5.

county of Surrey; surr. Aug. 26_at half-past 11, Sept. 23 at 12.

Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Fane. Official assignee, Cannan. COLES John, baker, Radway, in the county of Warwick ; surr. Sols. J. & J. H. Linklaters & Hackwood, Walbrook. --Petition, Aug. 19 and Sept. 16 at 11. Court, Birmingham. Com. Sanders. Aug. 10. Bankrupt's own petition. Official assignee, Whitmore. Sols. James & Knight, Birmingham; Holden Joseph, painter, plasterer, and builder, Bolton, in the B. W. Aplin, Banbury.–Petition, July 28.

county of Lancaster; surr. Aug. 26 and Sept. 23 at 11. Court, GUTTMANN Isaac, watchnraker, jeweller, and silversmith, Shef- Manchester. Official assignee, Hernaman. Sols. C. Briggs, Bolton;

field ; surr. Aug. 20 and Oct. 1 at 10. Court, Sheffield. Com. J. C. Rowley, Manchester. -Petition, Aug. 9. Ayrton. Official assignee, Brewin. Sols. Chambers & Waterhouse, MAYES William, grocer, Birmingham; surr. Aug. 22 and Oct. 3 Sheffield.-Petition, Aug. 6.

at 11. Court, Birmingham. Com. Sanders. Official assignee, HOULDEN Thomas, dealer in horses, Earls Colne, in the county of Whitmore. Sols. W. S. Poole, Kenilworth ; Hodgson & Allen,

Essex ; surr. Aug. 19 at half-past 1, Sept. 15 at 1. Court, Basing. Birmingham.-Petition, Aug. 11. hall-street. Com. Fane. Official assignee,

Whitmore. Sol. H. Jones, Colchester. - Petition, Aug. 5. Pet. Cr. Walier Garratt WINGAD Hezekiah, tailor and draper, Nettleham, in the county of Roofe, farmer, Colchester.

Lincoln; surr. Aug. 24 and Sept. 21 at 12. Court, Hull. Com.

Ayrton. Official assignee, Carrick. Sols. Brown & Son, Lincoln. JONES John Wilson, commission-merchant, Liverpool; surr. Aug. - Petition, Aug. 10.

26 and Sept. 9 at 11. Court, Liverpool. Com. Perry. Official assignee, Bird. Sol. J. Radcliffe, Liverpool.--Petition, Aug. 5.


, dealer in lamps, Regent-street, in the county of Bleackley George, common brewer, Salford-—2nd class. Middlesex ; surr. Aug. 19 at half.pasi 11, Sept. 15 at 12. Court, M'Parlin Patrick, milliner and laceman, Liverpool —3rd class susBasinghall-street.Com. Fane. Official assignee, Cannan. Sol. pended. S. B. Abrahams, Bloomsbury-square.- Petition, Aug. 8.

Priest William, sen., shipowner, Welton--1st class. THORNEYCROFT Charles, ale, porter, and cigar dealer, Alrewas,

in the county of Stafford ; surr. Aug. 19 and Sept. 23 at 11. Court,
Birmingham. Com. Sanders. Official assignee, Kinnear. Sols.

Gazette, Tuesday, August 16.
James & Knight, Birmingham; F. Crabb, Rugeley. - Petition,
Aug. 4.

WHITE Elizabeth, spinster, schoolmistress, and boarding house
keeper, Ellerslie House, Lewisham, in the county of Kent, late in

BANKRUPTCIES SUPERSEDED. partnership with Fanny Everest, in Soho-square, in the county of FARNAN Samuel, (filed Dec. 4, 1857,) indigo and colonial broker, Middlesex. spinster, as proprietors and venders of certain musical

Mincing-lane. works, called and known as the transparent music-slate notation puzzle and royal musical games, &c.; surr. Aug. 19 at 2, Sept. 15 LONGDEN Samuel, (filed Oct. 4, 1858,) grocer and tea-dealer, åt half past 1. Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Fane. Official


TOWN AND COUNTRY PIATS. assignee, Whitmore. Sols. Clark & Vyner, Cook's-court, Lincoln'sinn.--Petition, Aug. 8.

CLAYTON James, and Benjamin Lockwood, silk-spinners and co

partners, Rastrick, in the county of York; surr. Aug. 29 and CERTIFICATES.

Sept. 23 at 11. Court, Leeds. Com. Ayrton. Official assignee, Ayton Charles, builder, Attleborough—3rd class.

Hope. Sols. G. A. & W. Emsley, Leeds.--Petition, Aug. 6. Cheetham Thomas, Thomas Thornley, and Thomas Lomas Ingle, CROCKFORD Frederick,commission-agent and dealer in provisions, hosiers, Basford -- 1st class.

St. James's-street; surr. Aug. 26 at 1, Sept. 23 at half-past 1. Corless Richard, grocer and provision-dealer, and dealer in jute, Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Fane. Official assignee, WhitLiverpool-3rd class.

more. Sols. Beckitt & Livett, Moorgate-street.--Petition, Aug. 12. Coulthard Edward, bottle-merchant, Dowgate-wharf, Upper Thames- Pet. Cr. Cyrus Alexander Elliott, Esq., Henrietta-street, Coventstreet-2nd class.

garden. Frost Joseph, silk-throwster, Derby-2nd class. Hutchinson Thomas, joiner and builder, Nottingham-3rd class.

CUT MORE James, broker and furniture-dealer, High-street, Ware, Jeffs Charles, leather-cutter, Hockley, in Nottingham-Ist class.

in the county of Herts; surr. Aug. 26 at 12, Sept. 30 at 1. Court,

Sol. Koppel Ludwig William, commission agent and merchant, Bootle,

Basinghall-street. Com. Fane. Official assignee, Cannan.

F. Schultz, King-street, Finsbury.-Petition, Aug. 13. Pet. Crs. near Liverpool --2nd class. Pain Richard, ironmonger, Exeter and Brighton-1st class.

Joseph and Mary Elizabeth Nicholson, furniture-dealers, HighPatch John, grocer, Northampton-3rd class suspended.

street, Shoreditch. Potts Benjamin, victualler, Nottingham-3rd class.

FRANCE Ephraim, and Henry France, woollen-manufacturers, Redshaw Joseph, tanner and leather-dresser, Grange-road, Bermond- Linthwaite, Almondbury; surr. Aug. 29 and Sept. 23 at 11. sey-2nd class.

Court, Leeds. Com. Ayrton. Official assignee, Hope. Sols. J. J. Redshaw Thomas, and John Redshaw, saddlers and harness-makers, Freeman, Huddersfield; Cariss & Cudworth, Leeds. — Petition, Bourn-2nd class.

Aug. 12,

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